7 Most Appealing Upgrades of WPL C14 (Accessories Included!)

WPL C14 is a 1/16 trail rig-style RTR truck. This has created a buzz among the RC fanboys and fangirls! can you get optimum performance out of them?

Can you get more out of the hobby-grade instrument? Is there room for upgrades? In short-YES! Whether you have the kit model or the ready-to-run (RTR) model, you can always upgrade the parts.

New to this? Don’t worry! I got you covered! This blog is a detailed description of which parts of WPL C14 you can upgrade, the costs, the best options, and more. So read on till the end!

WPL C14 Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

The entire upgrade will cost you about $105-300.

You can get front and rear axle shafts at $25-40, $2-30 on steering hubs and ball bearings, up to $6-20 on servo/steering, $20-80 on motor and esc, $5-28 on the motor, around $16-50 on transmitter-receivers and $35-90 on batteries.

You can upgrade other accessories for $30-100 dollars.

7 Redcat WPL C14 Upgrades:

The truck is a hobby-grade and toy-grade mutant! It is constructed of plastic parts mostly. The only metal part that comes with the RTR version is the frame rails.

Moreover, the kit version uses a servo as a steering mechanism. Whereas the RTR uses a motor for the same purpose.

Our goal will be to upgrade the parts to build a sturdy, more controlled steering and optimum-performing truck on the best budget.

1. Front and Rear Axle Shafts

The axles are bolted together to form one single rod structure. It runs a metal pinion plastic ring gear. Inside the plastic housing, there’s a lot of plastic going on in the axle.

We will replace the axles with a full metal ones. From the replacement of the axle, nothing old will go back into your truck. Keep the plastic housing and the bearings only. You can also use the steering linkages.

Tip: Make sure you are greasing the parts properly while replacing them. One suggestion is using waterproof marine long-lasting grease.

Another suggestion would be to change the axle case to a metal axle case. Especially if your plastic case wears down often. However, if the casing is interfering with some other customization in your truck, drop it!

2. Steering Hubs and Ball Bearings

Although an axle shaft kit will include these parts, it is necessary to mention that these parts will be in metal. Aluminum parts are available in those kits. Grease before sliding the ball bearings, ring gears in.

Here are some more suggestions for steering hub and ball bearing kits:

1st Option: Mayitr 1 Set Metal,

3. Servo/Steering

The C14 RTR comes with motor-controlled steering. This is disproportionate steering control.

A 9g servo can be your choice for replacement.

Preferred Option: ElectroBot 2X Pcs Sg90 Micro Servo Motor 9G Rc.

4. Motor and ESC

The RC comes with a 2-speed gearbox and 370 brushed motors. A 2435 size 4500kv brushless motor is the best in this case. A 2430 or 2445 size motor can also be used.

The shaft size of brushless motors is a bit larger (2.3mm) so make sure you drill the pinion gear to enlarge the fit.

Motor 1st Option: Dilwe 2435 Brushless 4500KV Motor + 25A Waterproof ESC Accessory,

, 20a and 30a ESCs are nice for your truck. You might get a few options and just play with them. It all depends on what other rig you are using. Here are a few options.

ESC 1st Option: 10 Brushed ESC,

5. Pinion Gear 

The default pinion gear that comes with the WPL has 8 teeth (8T). It has a diameter of 4.85mm (5mm will also do in case of replacements). 3 different-sized pinion gears will be needed for the upgrade we are aiming for in this blog. These are 8T, 13T, and 12T pinion gears.

13T is difficult in full throttle. 8T if 5mm, is the best in terms of noise control and smoothness.

Easy Option (8T): Tamiya Mini 4WD Pinion Gear,

Best Option (8T): 8T 0.5M Pinion Gear For 2mm Shaft Motor,

6. Transmitter-Receiver

If you are remodeling with the above-mentioned parts, a suitable transmitter is essential. You should aim for a 2.4GHz signal operation. The receiver should be around 3CH.

1st Option: Flysky FS-GR3E AFHDS,

7. Battery

The default battery is 7.4 V 500MAH Li-ion battery.

For better performance, go for 2S (15C 1500MAH) or 7.4V Lipo. 3S or 11.1V batteries will run faster in 12T pinion gear adjustments. 

You can also use two 18650 batteries. However, it will not be as fast as Lipo. The Onbo brand is faster because it has a higher C rating.

1st Option: Dynamite 7.4v 1500mah 2s Li-ion,

WPL C14 Accessories Upgrades

Shocks: Shocks in both models are a bit bouncy. It is better to replace them with something like RC4WD 1/18 G2 shocks.

A bit of a manual upgrading: Take the shock springs out. Nip the tight coils on the end off and put the springs back, cut the end facing up. Now unscrew the shock mount on the shaft of the shock. See the first thread? Remount back on the chassis after that. This will give you more flexibility in up-and-down traveling.

Connectors: You might want to get better 3-pin connectors that will connect the battery to the radio (transmitter-receiver).

Adding BBs: You may want to add 100 gms of BBs under the hood and the bed. This adds to the balance of the truck.

Spacers: To each rim, adding 3mm spacers will expand the width of the track.

Increase Steering Angle: Shave off bits of plastic from the steering knuckle. This increases the steering angle.


In conclusion, the toy-grade WPL C14 can fluctuate in terms of quality depending on the customization. Along with adding or deducting parts (shaving off the plastic), you can also repaint the truck. Remember, the optimum performance depends on the pairing of parts. The best of all does not necessarily guarantee compatibility. Hopefully, this blog has cleared that down for you.

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