8 Appealing Upgrades Of Traxxas X-Maxx 8s (Costs Included)

After spending some time with your X-Maxx 8s, you will definitely want to upgrade a few parts to spice things up.

With the recommended Traxxas X-Maxx 8s Upgrades, your RC car will have respect in your racing community.

In this article, I am going to tell you which X-Mass 8s upgrades are necessary with proper reason. Also, I have given the cost estimation. It will help you customize the look and performance as you wish.

Traxxas X-Maxx 8s Upgrades

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade?

The total cost includes around $128 for body upgrade, $22 for A-arm, $26 for wraps, $190 for motor, $160 for ESC, $75 for tires, $60 for shafts, $100 for axles, and $74 for suspensions.

So, you can assume that spending around $850 for most of the Traxxas X-Maxx 8s upgrades.

Depending on your requirements and brand selection, the cost will vary. Also, I have suggested some accessories in the end.

And, I didn’t add the accessory cost in the final calculation. Prices of the aftermarket parts change as well.

So, list the parts you need from the list and do the calculation by yourself for a more accurate estimation.

Traxxas X-Maxx 8s Upgrade Ideas:

1. Body Panel Kits

Premium bodies for X-Maxx have twice the thickness of stock ones. Hence, they are more durable and capable of taking hits.

As a pro-racer, you must get one of the high-end bodies from Proline or an unknown manufacturer from Russia.

From owners’ experience, I have seen that the Unbreakable body for Traxxas Xmaxx sold on eBay is the most durable of all.

I have also added an economical option for those who have already spent more on improving the truck’s performance, and have a tight budget.

High-End Option: Pro-Line Racing 1/5 Pre-Cut Brute Bash Armor

2. A-Arm Upgrade

As a racer, you must have already hit strong objects or landed the RC car roughly.

Therefore, the stock A-arm may have already broken or got damaged. Instead of buying another stock part, experienced racers recommend getting a better one.

After going through several reviews, and performance feedback, I found that RPM manufactures stronger and more durable A-arm for X-Maxx 8s.

Stronger A-Arm: RPM 82352 Traxxas X-Maxx A-Arm

Durable Hinge Pins: RPM 70510 Threaded Hinge Pins

3. Skins & Wraps

With the help of this accent wrap package, you can give your X-Maxx a customized look.

Check out the link below for more details on the product, and don’t forget to tell the seller your desired color option.

Available Option: ACCENT WRAP

4. Motor & ESC

In the product recommendation part, I have given the links to ESC and motor combos.

The high-end option is from Castle Creations, and the budget one is from Hobbywing.

The main difference is that you can get waterproof parts for a higher price. Compared to the factory default parts, you can run the truck on any track.

You can also choose the motor and ESC separately. For better results, go with the Castle Creations 4 Pole Sensored Brushless Motor.

And, you can get Hobbywing Ezrun MAX6 ESC which is waterproof and compatible with X-Maxx 8s.

High-End Option: Castle Creations Mamba Monster X 8S

5. Wheels and Tires

The stock tires in Traxxas X-Mass S8 are not very wide and can’t provide enough traction on various terrains.

That is why I recommend wider tires along with compatible wheels. The most popular choice is from Proline.

People like it for its unique pro-loc mounting technology and extra thick durable tires with reinforced beads.

You can also check out the paddle tires from the RC car manufacturer Traxxas which is suitable for mud, snow, and sand.

High-End Option: Proline Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc, X-Maxx Paddle Tires

6. Drivetrain & Axles

When you notice a damaged drivetrain and axle on your X-Maxx, you will have no other option except replace them.

While doing the replacement, why don’t you buy an aftermarket part rather than choose the stock option?

That is why I have suggested a popular drive shaft with an axle combo here. And the second product includes only the axle.

Drive train: Universal Drive Shafts

7. Hop-Up Combo

The stock parts are strong but they may not hold the extra weight after you have upgraded tires, axles, and others.

That is why getting an aluminum alloy set for the whole car will be better. After some research, I found that Atomik RC manufactures such parts.

These are precisely machined using CNC with factory spec fitment. So, you don’t have to make any adjustments.

Available Option: Atomik Ultimate Alloy Upgrade Kit

8. Suspension & Chassis

After running your X-Maxx 8S out of the box, you will notice very strong suspension and chassis.

The thing you have to consider here is the effect of several upgrades. It can add more weight requiring a stronger chassis and suspension system.

Here, I can suggest some aftermarket parts that will not only strengthen the body but also improve performance.

Suspension Upgrade: GPM Aluminum Front/Rear Adjustable Spring Shocks

Chassis Upgrade: Traxxas 7722 X-Maxx Chassis

Pro Tip: If you are planning to run the X-Maxx 8s on wet terrain, I recommend you install stainless steel screws and prevent rust.  

Traxxas X-Maxx 8s Accessories Upgrades

For a more realistic look and driving at night, you can install LED lights in front of the X-Maxx 8s.

Both Traxxas and Proline manufacture this part. With bright light and durable construction, these models have high ratings.

High-End Option: Traxxas TRA7885 LED Light Kit

There is also an option for adding chassis LED light. Raidenracing Blue Chassis LED Lighting System for the mysterious appearance of your X-Maxx.

For a cool look, consider getting a front bumper from Generic. The red and black combination with a skull in front can give your RC truck a badass vibe.

For a powerful tuning tool for your Traxxas with a user-friendly interface on the mobile device, you will have to install a Traxxas Link Wireless Module.

You can plug it into the side of the wireless-ready TQi transmitter. I can go on with the possible list of accessories.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding the accessories, feel free to contact me anytime.


The Traxxas X-Maxx 8s upgrades suggested in this article are proven by different RC enthusiasts. So, you can trust these parts without any hesitation. Still, you can check out the threads on these upgrades, and see the trend or popular choices.

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