6 Appealing Upgrades Of Axial SCX10 II (Costs Included)

Do you want to know the best 6 SCX10 II Upgrades? Read this article to know both expensive and low-cost upgrade alternatives.

In each part, you will know the benefits of these upgrades, and what you are getting for the money.

For your convenience, I have gathered the upgrade suggestions from experts. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Axial SCX10 II Upgrades

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade?

One has to spend around $40 for the strong body case, $105 for the motor and ESC combo, $70 for wheels, $196 for axles, $21 for shocks, $240 for the chassis kit, $32 for tires, and $21 for foam inserts.

Axial SCX10 II is a very popular model with lots of different mods and upgrades. Spending almost 750 bucks, you will be able to get a decent upgrade.

Adding some accessories to your buying list will increase the estimated cost. Also, keep in mind that the prices of the parts can be changed anytime.

However, I will always suggest you increase the budget if possible because you will be missing out on a lot in this budget.

SCX10 II Upgrade Ideas:

1. Body Panel Kits

Being present in the RC community, you will know that lots of people choose roll cage bodies for certain reasons.

When you are going downhill, there is always the possibility of being upside down.

But things don’t have to go that way because of the stock body or regular ones. Here, I am suggesting INJORA RC Roll Cage Rock Buggy Body Shell.

The nylon plastic makes it both durable and strong. And, the design will let your car on its feet without any external help.

2. Motor & ESC

The overall speed of an RC car depends greatly on the motor. And, its ESC plays the role of controlling the speed.

Without the ESC, you won’t have a racing car anymore. So, you can realize the importance of buying the best one.

In the product suggestion part below, I have included both the expensive and cost-effective options for your consideration.

If I were you, I would not think about saving money on this upgrade. Also, getting a combo will save you a lot of trouble finding a matching ESC or motor.

Separate Option: Tenshock RC906 1250KV 6 Pole Brushless Motor, Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080

3. Wheels

You may think that the stock wheels that come with the SCX10 II are strong enough. It is partially true.

When you are upgrading different parts in the RC car, you will notice that the weight has increased significantly.

Hence, a good-quality aftermarket wheelset can give the RC better stability, control, and reliability over any terrain.

Vanquish produces one of the best and most premium rims with Grade 5 Stainless Steel.

If you don’t want to spend that much on wheels, you will also love the one from INJORA.

Due to OEM specifications, you won’t have to worry about their fitment. Follow the instructions, and the car will be good to go in no time.

High-End Option: Vanquish Products 1/10 Method 105 1.9 Race Crawler Wheels,

4. Axles

For the smoothest steering experience, you need to upgrade the stock axle in your SCX10 2.

The aftermarket parts I am going to suggest here are also very durable. Take the one from Treal for example.

It is not a casting part; fully CNC billet machined. No other manufacturing process makes stronger axles.

Using 7075 reinforced aluminum, Treal has taken RC car performance to another level. A single axle from this brand costs almost 100 dollars.

But there is always the better low-cost alternative from INJORA. They also make good-quality products. Their fully assembled parts are easier to install.

High-End Option: Treal SCX10 II Axles,

Cost-Effective Option: INJORA RC Axle Metal Front and Rear Portal Axle.

5. Suspension & Chassis

Landing the RC from high ground affects other parts. The first victims of rough landings are the body panel and frame.

A high-quality suspension system and chassis can reduce the effect dramatically.

I can suggest two brands that can meet your expectation. For a slightly higher price, you can get a 105mm shock absorber from Que-T.

And, saving 2 bucks, you can get a damper from Hooshion with 100mm maximum length. So, Que-T is a better choice here.

Both are very durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to install.

Those who are looking for an original chassis for SCX10 II can check out this part manufactured by Axial. So, you don’t have to worry about fitment or quality.

In case you don’t have the budget, you will also love what INJORA has to offer. With 4 wheels and assembled frame chassis, you can get the package for under $160.

High-End Option: Que-T 4pcs Metal Shock Absorber Damper, Axial SCX10 II Raw Builder’s Scale Trail RC Chassis

6. Tires & Foams

One of the must-have upgrades for RC cars is replacing their tires and foams. Stock tires in Axial SCX10 II are small and hard.

Therefore, they are not suitable for going over large objects. According to my research, Proline has the best tires for SCX10.

Indeed, they are a bit expensive but you have to pay more to get the maximum grip. It will give you the advantage that no other tires can provide.

I particularly like its aggressive and open-tread pattern with incredible tread flex.

That doesn’t mean that you should not consider INJORA. Within very competitive pricing, one won’t find a better option.

High-End Option: Proline 1012814 Hyrax 1.9″ G8, Dual Stage Closed Cell Inner/Soft Outer Foam Inserts

SCX10 II Accessories Upgrades

The first and most important accessory upgrade according to the pro racers is to have a metal roof rack with LED lights.

Clicking on the link, you will find a durable and high-quality lighting system for your SCX10 II. Moreover, you can keep a spare tire mounted on it.

Another cool upgrade is by installing a sound system. ESS Dual Engine Sound Simulator System has the features you would want on your SCX10 II.

Lastly, I want to mention a servo upgrade which is admired by the SCX10 fans.

Hitec 37954S HS-7954SH High Voltage Ultra Torque Dual BB Servo is considered very powerful for SCX10 II. Give it a try; you won’t regret it.


Those are some of the best SCX10 II upgrades with the best prices. For your convenience, I have included both expensive and low-budget options. So, everyone gets to upgrade their SCX10 II and beat the competition. Or, having more power and performance will only increase the fun.

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