5 Best Motors for Traxxas Slash RC Truck [Reviews In 2023]

Getting the right motor in your RC truck means half of the work is done. Without the proper motors, optimizing the performance is close to impossible. So, today I’ll be discussing a few of the best motors for Traxxas slash.

These motors not only offer optimal quality but also the best performance. Once the motor is properly fit, you can shift your focus to other parts to squeeze out the last bit of performance.

After you reading to the end, you will have a complete idea of how and which motor to pick for your RC Truck.

Our Recommendations On Best Motors for Traxxas Slash RC Truck:

  1. Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL-3s Brushless Power System – Best Overall
  2. Traxxas 5675 Titan 775 Motor 10-Turn 16.8 Volts – Runner up
  4. Traxxas 7575X Brushed Motor 370 – Best For Smaller Scale Vehicles
  5. Traxxas 3975 Titan 21-Turn Fan-Cooled 550 14V Motor – Best Budget

How to Replace Traxxas Slash Motor?

Replacing the is not complicated by any means. You will need only two tool, a 4 way lug wrench and 2 allen wrench. All you have to do is gather some confidence and follow the steps below.

  • Remove the right wheel in the rear using the 4 way wrench.
  • Using allen wrench, remove the gearbox cover.
  • Carefully remove the motor connector. Just hold them firmly and pull away.
  • Once you have removed the old motor, remove the pinion gear using allen wrench.
  • Now attach the pinon gear to the new motor.
  • Set the new motor in the old one’s place. Reinstall the gearbox and the cover.
  • Then attach the motors connectors firmly in place. Then install the reinstall the tire.

It is basically the reverse process of the removing the old motor.

Top 5 Motors for Traxxas Slash:

1. Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL-3s Brushless Power System – Best Overall


  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Peak Current: 320A
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Cell Composition: NiMH

Let’s first go through the Velineon VXL-3s Brushless motor. It is considered to be the best in the market due to its durability and flexibility. You will get excellent speed and torque.

This motor is built with a Neodymium magnet that can withstand ultra-high temperatures. It also provides massive linear power and torque. So, now it is up to you how you wish to design your car.

One of the best things this motor offers is water resistance. You can go through water and mud without much worry. You could drive the car in the rain if you like so.

You will get enough flexibility when setting up the Velineon VXL motor. It ranges from 4-cell NiMH to a 3S LiPo battery.  So, you can set up as you require without worrying. Moreover, the 1/16 scale version is also available. Considering everything bottom line is that, it is the fastest motor for Traxxas slash 4×4.


  • Water-resistant
  • Offers great speed and torque
  • Straightforward and simple to install
  • Compatible with many models


  • A little bit pricey compared to the rest
  • It tends to overheat

2. Traxxas 5675 Titan 775 Motor 10-Turn 16.8 Volts – Runner up


  • Voltage: Not Specified
  • Peak Current:  180A
  • Waterproof: No
  • Weight: 0.88 lb

The 5675 Titan is one of the most heavy-duty motors out there. It can produce excellent torque and is very suitable for RC trucks. Its high-powered torque makes it very suitable for heavy cars and trucks.

It is the largest brushed high-torque motor offered by Traxxas. When coupled with more than 16-volt current it can move your truck against the very high slope.

The motor is equipped with a fan-cooled five-pole armature. This armature makes sure you get to enjoy a nonstop off-road adventure that delivers smoothness and superior torque. Its torque can tame any kind of trail.

For better performance and safety, there is an extra wrap of steel around the motor shell. It also helps to improve magnetic field strength. So, you will get to enjoy a more efficient performance.


  • Offers very high torque
  • 5mm heavy-duty output shaft
  • Comes with a fan-cooled armature
  • Has extra wrap of steel for better performance and safety


  • A bit heavy compared to other motors
  • Not interchangeable with 550 motor



  • Voltage: Not Specified
  • Peak Current: 100A
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Weight: 0.67 lbs

This one should be your pick if you want compatibility and top performance. You can fit it in many models including Slash, Rally, Rustler, Stampede, Bandit, and more.

The motor is scaled at 1/10 to fit most of the cars. It also comes with Traxxas Stability Management System. This system helps the car during straight acceleration and cornering.

Another cool thing is that it is also water-resistant. It can handle anything you can throw at it, from mud, water to snow. So, no matter the weather you will be making most of your money’s worth.

With its sintered Neodymium magnet you will get the most refined performance. This magnet can keep performing with minimal interference from produced heat. At peak burst, this motor can handle 100A current which can be translated into more speed and power.


  • Great compatibility
  • Water resistance
  • Ultra Hightemp Sintered Neodymium magnet
  • 12 gauge wire


  • Not compatible with older models
  • Average torque and speed

4. Traxxas 7575X Brushed Motor 370 – Best For Smaller Scale Vehicles


  • Voltage: 8.5V
  • Peak Current: Not Specified
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Weight: 0.1 lbs

This 1/18 scaled motor fits most of the cars of this scale. If you have 1/18 cars, then this is the one most likely to fit them.

Installing this motor is very easy as it comes with a pre-soldered bullet connector. You just have to connect the pins and you are done. It relieves you from much of the hassles of the connecting motor to this small-scale RC car.

It is also recommended as OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) replacement. This means if the stock motors fail, then you can replace them with this one without any second thoughts.

This motor has 28 turns and comes in a 370 can. You will get long-lasting high-performance as the product is made from some of the best quality materials and has long-lasting performance.


  • It Fits 1/18 cars very well
  • Recommended as OEM replacement
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Very easy to install


  • Gets heated very quickly
  • The motor shaft is weak

5. Traxxas 3975 Titan 21-Turn Fan-Cooled 550 14V Motor – Best Budget


  • Voltage: 14V
  • Peak Current: Not Specified
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Weight: 0.55 lbs

You have found your match in case you are looking for something budget-friendly. This motor offers the best performance in this budget range. There are not many models in this budget that comes with a cooling fan.

With 21 turn wire and 14.4 volts, this motor offers great performance. Due to its 550 size, this motor will fit most of the cars of its scale. It was designed keeping EVX2 and 4WD Traxxas Monster Truck in mind.

The armature of this motor is 30% more powerful than its peers. It can generate extreme torque when compared with 540 models. So, you will enjoy a more fun time even if you install it on heavy cars or trucks.

This motor also has a sophisticated design. There is an integrated cooling fan inside to handle the extra heat. The output shaft is 3mm which helps to make its performance more efficient.


  • It can generate great torque
  • Comes with an integrated cooling fan
  • Has 3mm output shaft
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • No ball bearings
  • Overheats very easily

Best Motor for Traxxas Slash: The Buying Guide

Motor Type: There are mainly two types of motor to choose from if we don’t dive into intricacies. These two are brushed motors and brushless motors. Brushed motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy using a carbon brush. Although Traxxas brushless motor is more efficient and equipped with the better tech they tend to be pricey than brushed motors.

Motor Size: The rule of thumb is that a bigger motor means a powerful motor. As with power comes responsibility, with bigger size, comes extra weight. Which will increase momentum and might slow down the car. You will require better shielding and calculated load balancing if those problems arise. Try not to put oversized motors on RC trucks, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Velocity: Velocity generation depends not only on current flow and voltage but also on the motor’s structure, technology, and efficiency. For example, brushless motors can produce more velocity than brushed motors. Because it is more efficient at power conversion. Velocity also depends on how much voltage load and current load the motor can take in.

Current: When diving into the RC world you will see mention of two types of currents. These are operating current and stall current. The operating current is the amount of flow required to move the car. While stall current is associated with RC planes and helicopters. So, you can skip stall current as it has nothing to do with our RC truck.

Voltage: How fast the RC car can move depends on the voltage. Although current flow also plays an important role, voltage is the main protagonist here. If you need your RC truck to move faster, then choose the higher voltage within the limit of the motor. 


Which one is the fastest RC car?

Traxxas X0-1 is the fastest RC car right now as it can cross the 100mph mark.

What does 12T mean on RC Motors?

The term 12T means that there is twelve turn around each pole in the motor.

Will a bigger battery make my RC car faster?

How fast the RC car can run depends on the current. If a bigger battery offers more amps and voltage then the car will run faster. Also, keep in mind that a bigger battery increases overall weight.

Does an electric motor turn faster if you increase the voltage?

Yes, the higher the voltage the faster it will run. But be careful that keep both ampere and voltage within the limit of the motor.


There are plenty of choices to pick from when looking for a motor that fits your Traxxas slash 4×4 parts. But all that glitters are not gold so you must pick wisely.

Choosing one that does not fit your Traxxas slash would do more harm than good. The BANDIT VXL VELINEON 3500 is by far the best motor for Traxxas slash. In case you are on a budget you can pick Traxxas 3975 Titan.

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