7 Danchee Ridgerock Upgrades for Maximum Performance

I know how got hyped after seeing the performance of a Danchee Ridgerock. Comparing the price and performance, you won’t find a better alternative.

And, doing some Danchee Ridgerock upgrades, you will be able to take your RC car to the next level.

I have researched and listed the available upgrade parts for this specific model. Read the full article to get a cost estimation and available improvement options.

Danchee Ridgerock Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

You may have to spend $26 for the body, $35 for the battery pack, $33 for ESC, $15 for the motor, $9 for small weights, $17 for Airsoft BBs, $99 for wheels, $21 for shocks, $30 for servo motor, and $40 for tires.

Surprisingly, spending no more than $350, you can do significant upgrades on your Danchee Ridgerock.

As a newbie, you should research more before spending on these parts to minimize the cost and mistakes.

It would be better to get the help of specific RC communities. Or, you can do some experiments following the suggestions in this article. Let’s get started.

Danchee Ridgerock Upgrade Ideas:

1. Body Panel Kits

If you are tired of looking at the old body panel, you will love to have a new upgraded look.

And, the following body will help you achieve that. The stock parts and body panel are strong enough.

However, getting the recommended one can give you the necessary flexibility to upgrade different parts, and improve the overall performance.

Also, keeping one or two bodies as a backup can be handy as RC car owners don’t play it safe.

Bashing into things, rough landings, and nasty hits are common. So, you can rely on this strong body.

Available Option: Redcat Racing Danchee Ridgerock 1/10 Crawler Body

2. Battery Pack

Among the Danchee Ridgerock owners, a common tendency is to upgrade the battery pack for a long time running.

Under 30 dollars, you won’t find a good-quality 5200mAh LiPo pack except for GOLDBAT.

Because of having a dimension suitable for lots of RC car brands, you won’t have to worry about its fitment.

And, increasing the budget slightly more, it is possible to get 1000mAh more by buying the one from Ovonic.

High-End Option: Ovonic 2S Lipo Battery 50C 6200mAh

Cost-Effective Option: 5200mAh 50C 7.4V GOLDBAT RC LiPo Battery

3. Motor & ESC

Here, I couldn’t find a suitable motor ESC combo for Danchee Ridgerock. You can buy them separately from the following links.

Don’t worry about their quality because they are OEM fit with fine quality and reliable performance.

Having an upgraded ESC will give you better control over the RC car and let it run on any terrain.

ESC: Ridgerock 2 in 1 ESC/Receiver Unit

Motor: Ridgerock Front RC380 Motor

4. Wheels

The stock wheels are good but they may not have enough strength to support the mods.

For more stability and maneuverability, you can add weight and Airsoft BBs to the wheel.

As the BBs always stay downwards, the Ridgerock will have the grip to go over steep obstacles.

If you don’t have enough time to find the right products, you can follow my recommended items.

For weighing down the car, check out CKAuto 1/4oz, 0.25oz, Black, Lead-Free, Adhesive Stick on Wheel Weights.

And, buy Game Face Crosman 12gram Airsoft BBs for the ultimate mod. It will slow down the car but the control and stability will be superior.

High-End Option: RC 2.2 Mud Slingers Tires

Cost-Effective Option: Ridgerock Complete Wheels REDR5615P

5. Suspension & Chassis

Replacing the stock shocks with the aluminum-capped oil suspensions can be a great upgrade.

The following products are made of premium metal parts with high-precision CNC cutting.

They are durable and affordable. For the price, you will love the performance upgrade of your RC car.

With their excellent damping effect, you can tackle any obstacles and get a strategic advantage in racing.

High-End Option: Redcat Danchee Ridgerock Aluminum Capped Oil Shocks

Cost-Effective Option: INJORA RC Shock Absorber

6. Servo

The importance of having a good servo upgrade doesn’t need to be described to an RC enthusiast.

The stock servo that comes with a Danchee Ridgerock is only 6kg. But spending almost 30 bucks or less, you can easily get a good-quality 20kg high torque part.

These servos come with strong copper and aluminum gears. Because of the CNC-machined aluminum middle shell, you won’t have to worry about reliability.

High-End Option: ANNIMOS Pack of 2 DS3218 Digital RC Servo

Cost-Effective Option: WEISE DS3218 Control Angle High Torque Update Servo

7. Tires

The stock tires on the Danchee Ridgerock are not very wide or durable. So, you can replace them with better aftermarket tires.

Here, I have two recommendations. The first one is 2.2” wide with a foam insert and aggressive lugs.

As a result, you will be able to get maximum grip. With the recommended wheel upgrade described above, your RC car will be able to go over any obstacle.

Because of the high wear resistance of these tires, you won’t have to change them too often.

The low-budget option is also better than the stock. But I want you to consider the high-end option if you can manage it somehow. 

High-End Option: RC 2.2″ Mud slingers Tires

Cost-Effective Option: INJORA RC Tires 1.9inch

Danchee Ridgerock Accessories Upgrades

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find better accessory upgrades for Danchee Ridgerock. From YouTube videos, I saw some people using LED headlights.

But the housings are made using 3D printers. You can contact someone who provides 3D printing services and make a custom one.


According to RC fans, the typical Danchee Ridgerock upgrades include a motor, ESC, servo, wheels, and battery pack. Completing those requirements, you can always try to find additional upgrade options to push the limit.

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