8 Appealing Upgrades Of Arrma Typhon RC (Costs Included)

Launched back in 2019, ARRMA Typhon created a wave across the RC lovers. The founders of this 1/8 scale RTR ‘Speed Buggy’ boast in its success. The brush-less Speed Buggy was designed to be Super FAST! We’re talking 60mph (112Km/h) fast!

Sounds like the best thing out there right? What if I told you that you could make it better?

This blog explains everything you need to know about ARRMA Typhon upgrades. Down from the quality of upgrade parts, performance, up to the cost estimations. I got you covered, so stay tuned!

Arrma Typhon RC Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

The entire upgrade will cost you about $550-925.

Upgrade the tires at $53-55, $5-20 on shock oil, up to $195-300 on chassis, $12-50 on servo/steering, $109-200 on the motor-ESC combo, around $5-8 on pinion gears, $100-150 on batteries and $38-40 on ESC.

You can upgrade other accessories within $30-100 dollars.

8 Arrma Typhon Upgrades:

The truck is a hobby-grade and toy-grade mutant! It is constructed of plastic parts mostly. The only metal part that comes with the RTR version is the frame rails.

Moreover, the kit version uses a servo as a steering mechanism. Whereas the RTR uses a motor for the same purpose.

Our goal will be to upgrade the parts to build a sturdy, more controlled steering and optimum performing truck in the best budget.

The truck is very strong and sturdy. But it lacks some changes that will make it a ‘RACING’ truck.

You and I today will build a more racing appropriate RC by upgrading (or sometimes downgrading in this case! You’ll see!). The costs along the way will be presented below.

1. Shock Oil

The default ARRMA Typhon comes with soft shock oil. You may notice the extra bounciness of the car due to this.

So in default condition, the car is over-sprung and under-damped. The springs are pretty stiff. The oil is a little too thin and soft.

We need to make the car less jumpy. So that when it lands, it does not tend to bounce off. For this, shock oils of 40 or 45 wt can be used.

1st Option: TLR Silicone Shock Oil, 40,

2nd Option: TLR Silicone Shock Oil, 45.

2. Chassis

Arrma Typhone usually comes with a black Aluminum Chassis SWB. But it is pretty light. For those of you who don’t know, it gets bent pretty easily.

If we’re talking about Arrma, I guess you’ve heard about the new Bulletproof Chassis. It is the new 1/4 inch chassis made using 7075 T6 aluminum. These really are as tough as they can get.

It is a thick, heavy, and unbendable chassis and is perfect for the new upgrade.

3. Servo/Steering

The standard servo is not up to the mark for the on road vehicle. For 1/10 racing cars, a monster of a servo should be the way to go. 

1st Option: Savox SW-0231MG Waterproof High Torque STD Metal Gear Digital Servo

Some more budget friendly servos are:

2nd Option: DSSERVO DS3225 25KG 180 Degree,

3rd Option: JX PDI-6221MG 20KG Large Torque Digital Standard Servo 120 Degree For RC Model

4. Pinion Gear 

A smaller pinion overheats the car and lowers the temps for motor and ESC. A better pinion gear not just resolves these issues, but also increases the speed.

In case you want a brushless upgrade in the future, 17T pinions will be perfect! But you can jump to a 20T as well.

But in case you stay brushless, get the 27T gears. In this case, you can go upto 30+ MPH easily.

The following suggestions will all include 48 inch gears.

1st Option: 48P Absolute Pinion, 17T

2nd Option: 48P Absolute Pinion, 20T

3rd Option: 48P Absolute Pinion, 27T

5. Motor ESC Combo

Motor ESC combos are best if you want a great take off performance. Consider your speed requirements while getting a motor-ESC combo upgrade. Want the crazy 80MPH+ acceleration? Here are some suggestions:

1st Option: Hobbywing XR10 Justock G3 Sensored Brushless ESC/SD G2.1 Motor Combo (13.5T),

2nd Option: Castle Creations Monster X 1/8 Brushless Combo w/1515 Sensored Motor (2200Kv),

3rd Option: Spektrum RC Firma 130 Amp Sensorless Brushless Smart ESC & Motor Combo (1900Kv),

6. Battery

The default battery is a 6-cell battery. But for optimum performance, you should use a 4-cell battery.

Why, you wonder? It’s because a 6-cell battery is too fast. For a race track setup, it is never needed. Your RC will just be getting overpowered.

1st Option: Spektrum IC5 5000mAh,

2nd Option: Spektrum 14.8V 5000mAh 4S 30C Smart LiPo Hardcase LiPo Battery IC5,

7. ESC

The default ESC is the FIRMA 150A SMART Brushless ESC. It is 6S LiPo ready but compatible with 3S, 4S & 6S LiPo.

But you can easily replace the ESC with some cheap ones. But without compromising the quality. It should compliment the upgraded power of your RC.

1st Option: GoolRC 540 45T Brushed Motor with 60A,

2nd Option: GoolRC S-120A Brushless ESC Electric Speed Controller with 6.1V/3A,

3rd Option: FPVERA 60A Brushless ESC

8. Tires

The default tires of Arrma Typhon are the v5 BLX- TIRES & Wheels which are 17mm. An upgrade in compactness and grip of the tires will give better performance.

1st Option: Pro-Line Racing 1/8 Badlands F/R 3.8″ 17mm

2nd Option: Pro-line Racing 1/10 Trencher HP Belted F/R 2.8″

ARRMA Typhon Accessories Upgrades

If you are changing the above-mentioned parts, some additional parts will automatically need upgrading. And some you can upgrade to optimize performance. Before we get to it, here is a kit that contains a lot of these additional parts.

Some accessories you might want to upgrade are the following:

Shock Tower: A good shock tower upgrade will increase the durability of your truck.

Suggestion: Arrma Kraton EXB 6s Front Rear Shock Towers,

Wing Mount: A wing mount will hold the speed while you are flying that car on track. It stiffens up the tower and hold it better.

Suggestion: ARRMA Typhon 4×4 3s BLX Rear Wing Mount,

Spacers: Add any strong aluminum spacer (eBay has a wide range of them) while you are changing the shock towers and the wing mount.

Lower Hinge Pin Mount: The hinge pin mounts, both upper and rear act to hold the construction together. You can upgrade the plastic ones with any metal ones.


By now, this blog has equipped you with knowledge of upgrading an already good RTR with more performance. Some of the essential upgrade parts are not cheap. But it will be worth the money once you are done!

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