7 Redcat Volcano EPX Upgrades Ideas You Might Check

The sturdy-looking and fast Redcat Volcano EPX racing trucks come in blue/red. But have you spotted one looking completely different from the website?

How do they look different? Why is your friend getting more speed than you? Do the angles of the shafts look different than yours?

Well my friend, sounds like you have a lot of upgrading to do! Which will give you an advantage with your Redcat, over others’.

Wait! don’t know how to do it? You’re in the right place! In this article, I will explain Redcat Volcano EPX upgrades in detail so stay tuned!

Redcat Volcano EPX Upgrades Ideas

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

If you are upgrading the parts I’m suggesting here, it will cost you about $700-900.

This includes speding around $30-100 on motors individually, $150-300 on Motor ESC combos, upto $50 on dogbones and drive shafts, $20-60 on suspensions and around $15-40 on each of the spur and pinion gears, battery, etc.

You can get other accessories within $100-150 dollars.

7 Redcat Volcano EPX Upgrades:

If your main target is to upgrade to the best possible version, I would suggest building a brushless version of your truck.

Discussing below are the better alternatives for parts and costs for upgrading to a brushless version of the truck.

Moreover, replacing the plastic parts that come in default with the Volcano EPX is our target. Note that, most aluminum parts come real cheap on eBay.

1. Drive Shafts & Dogbone

Drive axles and dogbones are the most prone to breaking. The truck comes with 4 steel dogbone axles.

I suggest getting a dogbone with a greater diameter. Get an 89.5mm dogbone instead of an 89mm one.

A little suggestion: put a small spring on the side of the dogbone going into the cup of the differential. You may get this screw from a pen.

Cut it in half. It pushes the dogbone outward to keep it safely in the outer cup.

Replace the regular dogbones with CVD axles.

1st Option: ShareGoo Stainless Steel 08029 Dogbones 89.5mm

2nd Option: HSP 08029 Front/rear 89mm

2. Suspension Arms & Hub Carriers

The hub carriers are prone to breaking often. With slight tumbling, they tend to come off. Setting the suspension softer may relieve this issue.

Moreover, you need strong aluminum suspension arms. Get rid of the plastic suspensions. Make sure the suspension is set low.

Front Option: HSP 108019 Aluminum Front Lower Suspension Arms, (Purple for Redcat Volcano EPX)

Rear Option: HSP 108021 Aluminum Rear Lower Suspension Arms, (Purple for Redcat Volcano EPX)

Hub Carriers Option: HSP Aluminum Steering Block Knuckles Hub Carriers (P) Redcat Tornado Volcano EPX and bearings

3. ESC and Motor ESC Combo

Redcat Volcano EPX comes with a 40a ESC. But to build a better RC, you will need a better brushless motor.

In the case of 3650kv motors or more powerful motors, any 60a ESC is the best.

High-end Option: Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL-3s Brushless Power System

Cost-Effective Option: Redcat Hobbywing 540 Motor Blackout XTE

4. Spur Gear

The brushed version of Volcano EPX is of course a plastic spur gear. It is a 64 tooth main gear (big gear).

The PRO version of the RC comes with a metal spur gear. This is a better alternative.

Option: Redcat Racing 11184 64T Steel Spur Gear

5. Pinion Gear  

For the pinion gear, the 21 teeth from the pro version of the RC will be a little too big. It will cause cogging and whatnot.

An 18 or 19 tooth metal pinion will do fine and smooth!

My suggestion: Redcat Racing Metal 19t Motor Pinion Gear Red11200.

6. Motor

The RC truck comes with a 19T brushed 550 electric motors. For an upgraded brushless version, I suggest a brushed motor. A 3650 3000 motor can be a good choice.

If not, a 3300kv can do you good. Another option can be a 3800kv 4-pole motor, unlike the 2-pole from the PRO model.

1st Option: Racerstar 3650 Sensorless Brushless Waterproof.

2nd Option: Hobbywing QUICRUN-WP

3rd Option: Redcat Racing 3800kv 540 Brushless 4 Pole.

7. Battery

The Redcat Volcano EPX comes with a 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH Battery. But they cause shaft damage.

Lipo batteries, especially the 5000mAh ones serve better! Lipo batteries discharge the stored energy faster. It provides a longer runtime as well.

1st Option: Redcat Racing Hexfly (Quite expensive)

2nd Option: Turnigy 5000mAh

Redcat Volcano EPX Accessories Upgrades

Truck Body, Tires and Wheels: Upgrading to aluminum parts will give you a more durable RC.

This includes aluminum wheel hexes, aluminum front and rear suspension arms, aluminum front hub carriers, aluminum steering hubsand aluminum rear hub carriers.

The aluminum parts are always available on eBay and the cheapest!

In the case of truck bodies, all bodies on Redcat works on all of the volcano models. For example,  SV, EPX, EPX Pro, S30, etc.

Chassis Brace: A plastic Chassis plate comes with the RC. But nothing is more durable than aluminum chassis plates. You can upgrade to: Hobbypark 04001 Metal Aluminum Chassis Plate.

Inner and outer Hub Bearings: The hub bearings are prone to breaking. It is suggested to switch to strong aluminum hubs. You can get 4 packs of these online.

For example: Hobbypark 102010 102011 102012 Aluminum Steering Knuckle Kit.

Shocks: Move the shocks to the outer hole in the arm. Similarly, insert them into the inner hole on the tower.

This helps the lower arm and dogbone sit more level with the ground. You may use HobbyPark Aluminum Shocks. .

Front & Rear Bumpers: The bumpers, especially the front one withstands most of the impact. The Traxxas rustler RPM bumpers can be modified to use for this RC.

Transmitter & Receiver: In most cases, when the transmitter light flashes, it is a battery issue.

But when the FlySky radio fails, it is easily replaceable. FlySky transmitter-receivers are cheap and easily available.

Deans Plug: A Deans plug will save you the use of shrink tubing. The sleeves of the plugs slide over the wires nicely. You may use: AMASS T Plug Deans. These can take up to 10 gauge wires.

Servo: The Redcat Volcano comes with a regular Hexfly servo. Usually the weight of the default servo is 3kgs.

You may switch it to Hexfly HX-15CC (15kg) Servo that includes a slightly longer Bellcrank screw (M3 x 0.5 thread pitch). It is a full metal gear servo.

Moreover, the CC in the servo comes with compact wires. So you can skip the nesting of wires. Just tie the wires down and get organized.


To sum up, the Redcat Volcano EPX can be upgraded to its strongest if you replace almost everything.

As you learned, aluminum or metal alloy parts are better. Reducing shock angle increases durability.

Moreover, the more effectively you customize your truck, the more speed and durability you get out of it!

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