7 Redcat GEN8 Scout 2 Upgrades for Maximum Performance

The GEN8 from Redcat Racing has proven to be a serious contender in the 1/10-scale R/C crawler market. The GEN8 has been a popular favorite among scale R/C enthusiasts due to its upgradability and high performance.

While a capable vehicle is in stock form, part of the joy of the hobby is altering and enhancing it.

If you’ve decided to add this machine to your collection, there are a few accessories that can help you personalize it beyond its original configuration.

Redcat GEN8 Scout 2 Upgrades

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade?

The total cost to upgrade your Redcat GEN8 Scout 2 should be around $300-$940.

You need to spend $50-$150 for body panel kits, $45-$100 for skins & wraps, $40-$280 for motor and/or ESC, $45-$95 per wheel, $65-$200 for drivetrain & axles, $17-$40 suspensension & chassis, $35-$75 for foams & tires.

7 Upgrades of Redcat GEN8 Scout 2:

Many components of your GEN8 Scout 2 may be upgraded. Let’s take a look at the seven most crucial Redcat GEN8 Scout 2 upgrades and how much they’ll cost you.

1. Body Panel Kits

The body panel kit for Redcat GEN8 Scout 2 contains a pre-trimmed body in the chosen color, fender flairs, AXE seats, steering wheel, dashboard, gear shift, spare tire mounts, etc.

If you buy these products individually, you will have to spend over $100, from $110 to $150 to be specific.

But if you want to buy the complete body panel kit, it will cost you from $50 to $90.

1st Option: Redcat Racing Clear Cut Body

2nd Option: Redcat Racing Gen8 Axe Clear Body (Pre-Cut)

2. Skins & Wraps

Consider changing the skin or placing wraps on your GEN 8 Scout 2 if you’re tired of the way it looks.

The artworks are printed in high-resolution. A matte or high-gloss coating is available to the purchaser.

To get the maximum performance out of your Redcat Racing cars, please use Genuine Redcat Racing replacement parts.

These can cost you anywhere between $45 to $100 depending on the design and the paint.

Option: Redcat GEN8 V2 Scout II 1/10 Crawler PURPLE,

3. Motor & ESC

You will need to replace them with a more powerful motor to increase the speed and acceleration of the Redcat GEN8 Scout 2 vehicle since standard motors wear out quickly.

You may also choose a high-quality servo power system that contains a suitable motor and ESC. It’s even possible to combine the motor with the ESC.

The power system motors for the Redcat GEN8 Scout 2 cost between $120 and $280, with an ESC costing between $40 and $100.

1st Option: Redcat Gen8 540 2300KV Brushless Motor ESC

2nd Option: Redcat Racing Gen8 HX-1040 Crawler ESC with T-Plug,

4. Wheels

You can get a more robust RC by switching to aluminum parts including aluminum hexes.

Many models use a centering hub, the raised central part of the hub that mates with the corresponding recess on the wheel. The stock wheelbase is 324mm (312-336mm adjustable).

It is designed to precisely center the wheel on the hub, more than simply tightening the eye bolts. Some wheels may not fit properly with this hub, so you will need to use spacers or other wheels.

Upgrading your wheel will cost you from $45 to $95.

1st Option: 4PCS 1.9 inch RC Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

2nd Option: Redcat Racing Rer11341 Plastic Chrome Colored Wheels (2Pcs, No Beadlocks), Silver

5. Drivetrain & Axles

The good news is that the transition to ceramics isn’t an all-or-nothing thing. Drivetrain upgrades can be phased in to split the cost of the upgrade. Stock transmission is forward and reverse.

A hardened axle set can cost hundreds of dollars, but it goes a long way in preventing problems on the track. Axle strength can be increased by 50-100% depending on the type of steel you purchase from a retrofit axle.

You will have to spend about $65 to $135 for a drivetrain upgrade. The axle upgrade will cost you from $145 to $200.

1st Option: Redcat Racing Rer11802 GEN8 Chromoly Front L/R Axle Shaft

2nd Option: Aluminum Alloy Front and Rear Portal Axle

6. Suspension & Chassis

Upgrading to a better suspension can allow for longer suspension travel and unhindered wheel articulation, as well as giving extra body clearance to boundaries and permitting the fitment of large off-street biased tires.

A redesigned chassis is essential for a better vehicle that impacts many important attributes.

If the ultimate goal is maximum performance, a serial chassis designed long ago is no longer suitable. Stock chassis is type 1.5mm thick c-channel frame rails.

Shock kits range in price from $17 to $40, while Shock absorbers are priced from $20 to $40.

1st Option: KYX Racing 1/10 Rc Crawler Redcat Gen8 Scout

2nd Option: AIMROCK 6mm Stainless Steel M4 RC Suspension Links Linkage Turnbuckles Kit,

7. Tires & Foams

If you are still using standard tires and foam, you should update them. These tires wear out quickly.

Tire modifications or pluses are the practice of performance-oriented drivers replacing their original wheels with wider, better ones. Why? This can make the car look sportier. It also gives you better control when working properly.

The cost of tires and foams ranges from $35 to $75.

1st Option: RC Tire Foam 4pcs Tires Inserts Foam 120mm

2nd Option: Stage Soft Rubber Redcat Gen8,

Redcat GEN8 Scout 2 Accessories Upgrades

Tube Door Kits: One of the great things about owning a Redcat is that the door can be removed. This liberates but reduces the overall safety of the vehicle.

One way to increase safety while maintaining an open feeling without a door drive is to opt for a tube door kit. Tubular doors, also known as Safari door kits, consist of metal tubular doors.

Exhaust Snorkel: If you’re an off-road enthusiast who drives your vehicle in wet areas, you’ll want to buy an exhaust pipe. This moves the exhaust pipe from the bottom to the top of the GEN8 Scout 2.

Therefore, the exhaust system is not clogged when driving on water.

LED Lights: LED lightbars and lighting kits, in general, have become significantly less expensive as LED technology has advanced. Although driving at night may improve performance, the majority of the time we install lightbars and lights in/on our RCs for aesthetic reasons.

LEDs allow you to plug in and play these lights directly from the power in your receiver.

Steering Servo: RTR vehicles typically feature servos that are highly underpowered, plastic geared, and slow. Installing a new servo is a quick and easy way to improve your RC’s handling and reaction.

Look for steel or titanium gears for your RC to maximize durability, torque, and response time.


There is always room for improvement when it comes to Redcat GEN8 Scout 2.

These changes are particularly sufficient to improve the vehicle’s overall speed, performance, handling, and longevity. To recap, the Redcat GEN8 Scout 2 can be upgraded to its most powerful state by replacing almost anything.

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