5 Affordable Modifications & Upgrades For Traxxas Trx4 Sport

Although the Traxxas TRX-4 Sport RC Crawler comes with all necessary features packed in it, there’s always scope for more modification or upgrades to reach the ultimate potential of your RC Crawler, and TRX 4 Sport is no exception either.

There are a lot of upgrading options for TRX4, but here in today’s article, I will address only the major upgrades for the Traxxas TRX4 Sport.

Traxxas TRX 4 Sport Upgrades Ideas

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade? 

Approximately, the total cost of your Traxxas Trx4 Sport vehicle’s modifications and upgrades will be around 500 up to 600 bucks.

You need to spend around $100-$150 for the Motor & ESC, $35-$39.95 for OD/UD modification, $36-$46 for Sliders & Bumpers, and $50-$60 for other body kits.

Remember, based on your vehicle’s current condition and your preferences, performing quality modifications and upgrades can sometimes cost few extra bucks. 

5 Upgrades Of Traxxas Trx4 Sport:

Let’s have a look at six most effective upgrades to perform on your Traxxas Trx4 Sport and also get an overall idea about how much they will cost-

1. Tires & Wheels

Experts highly recommend upgrading the tires & wheels with Traxxas brand’s suggested weighted front wheels and gummy tires because this upgrade will help you to turn your TRX-4 Sport into a dedicated crawler.

Even the Traxxas method beadlocks make the entire installation process easier so that you can easily remove the tires to experiment with weighted wheels.

Even the Traxxas recommended weight portal housing brass is available.

Recommended Options:

Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9″ Rock Crawler Tires (2) (G8)

RC Hub metal beadlocks wheels

Traxxas Method 105 1.9″ Canyon Trail 4.6×1.9″ tires

Remember, weighted wheels are only for low-speed crawling upgrades, and if you have already outfitted your TRX-4 car with a higher-RPM Motor or 3-cell high gear driving is your preference, then this upgrade is not for you.

2. Overdrive &/Or Underdrive Gearing

The overdrive gear modification is a hidden secret mod but at the same time, it is the significantly effective one.

The overdrive gearing makes the front wheel spin 12% faster with each side modification which means it turns out 25% faster than the rear.

The overdrive and/or underdrive gear upgrade counters the great weakness of your RC crawler while climbing up a steep hill and allows your crawler to pull its way up by having the front wheels spin faster.

Recommended Options:

Traxxas TRX-4 (12/33T)

Traxxas TRX-4 (10/35T)

Remember, this upgrade comes with a single downside too. Due to this upgrade, you might lose traction. While driving, you might notice that you are not always in sync, and especially, it can become a major issue when you are side heeling there.

3. Servo, Horn & BEC

One of the key weaknesses of this TRX-4 is the servo failure because they cannot turn the vehicle or get out of a jam and contain plastic servo horns.

That’s why you will require a decent quality servo set and crank that up to 7.4 volts with a BEC.

This upgrade will provide around 450 ounces of torque along with more speed.

You can get a decent metal gear or brushless servo from $29.99 up to $148.99 pricing range.

That means you can pick one based on your budget. Even the Traxxas BEC kits are available at $39.99.

Recommended Servo Options:

EcoPower 640T 13g Waterproof Servo (TRX-4)


Recommended Servo Horn Options:

Traxxas 8247X Metal Servo Horn

Hot Racing TRXF25SH06 Aluminum Servo Horn 25t TRX-4

Besides that, the metal steering servo horns are available at $2.00 to $6.00.

4. Lighter Body

The bodies of each TRX-4 are spectacular since they contain wheel wells, lights, and spare tires. But if you consider realistically these things are holding your crawler back.

Because of these extra facilities the weight and center of gravity are increasing, which makes the car tippy.

Therefore, the best way to prevent that trouble is to change the body into something lighter like 200 grams to milligrams and lower. It will give you a whole new performance boost.

Recommended Options:

Traxxas TRA8120 Expedition Rack

Traxxas 8120X Expedition Roof

5. Sliders & Bumpers

Another issue is with the factory assembled sliders because those are made of plastic. So, you should replace them with decent low profile side sliders like the RC4WD Traxxas TRX-4 Tough Armor Low Profile Side Sliders and it’s available at $36.99.

Besides that, the bumpers of the TRX-4 crawlers are awful too.

Although these bumpers can protect the radiator and sheet metal, those are not available in this particular vehicle model which means these bumpers are useless for these vehicles.

also visit https://www.amainhobbies.com/ where you can get several alternative options for upgrading your current factory assembled bumpers.

Traxxas Trx4 Sport Accessories Upgrades:

Here, I would like to mention and explain all the required accessories or parts for performing above discussed upgrades on your Traxxas Trx4 Sport RC Crawler-

1. Upgrading Tires & Wheels

If you want, you might also go with the HOTSTORM RC Rims 1.9 Metal Beadlock Wheel Rim Set and the price will be $37.99 on Amazon.com.

Besides that, you can even use the Traxxas 8267 Weight Portal housing Brass for adding more weight.

2. Upgrading Servo, Horn & BEC

Other additional upgrades can be changing the Long Arm Lift kit Steering Servo mount, Adjustable Servo mount, or the Aluminum Link Servo Arm.

3. Upgrade Into Lighter Body

You can even try to use customization on building your TRX4 Crawler’s body, so visit https://www.amainhobbies.com/ to see more available options to upgrade your TRX 4 RC vehicle’s body into a lighter version.

Besides that, you will also require the basic repairing Tool kit and other necessary accessories, which ensure perfect fittings and torque for those upgrade installations. That’s why visit https://traxxas.com/trx4-sport-accessories to pick your required tools or complete tool kit box.


If you want to bring the full potential out of your Traxxas TRX4 Sport or get the ultimate performance from your TRX4 Sport Crawler without spending a fortune, go for the earlier mentioned upgrading options.

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