6 Awesome Axial Yeti JR Modifications and Upgrades

The Axial Yeti Jr RC series features everything that makes it one of the strongest choices.

But, just like any other top-quality RC car, the Yeti Jr also has enough room for improvement and modification so that you can get its full performance potential.

In today’s article, I will address all the major upgrades for the Axial Yeti Jr RC car.

Axial Yeti JR Upgrades Ideas

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade? 

Approximately, the total cost of your Axial Yeti JR vehicle’s major modifications and upgrades will be approximately 500 to 600 bucks.

You need to spend around $100 up to $150 for upgrading the Motor & ESC, $19.99-$37.61 for Steering Servo, $10.70-$27.90 for Wheels, and $50-$60 for other body kits (if required). 

Remember, based on your RC car’s current condition and your preferences, performing quality modifications and upgrades can sometimes cost few extra bucks. 

6 Upgrades Details of Axial Yeti JR:

Let’s have a look at six most effective upgrades to perform on your Axial Yeti JR and also get an overall idea about the costing details of them-

1. Steering Servo

Many users claim that the factory assembled steering Servo of the Yeti Jr is good and does its job moderately, but they expected it to be a little stronger.

You can easily improve your Yeti Jr vehicle’s steering response and power by upgrading or replacing it with a decent compatible Servo option.

You can either go with an Axial suggested Metal Gear Servo option or coreless Servo at a cheaper range.

Recommended Options:

Savox SH-0255MG Servo

Savox 0.10/30 Micro Digital Servo

Cheaper Options:

HiTec HS-85 Servo

Gotek DC2124T Servo

2. Aluminum Suspension

Replacing all the core suspension components with Aluminum components significantly helps to boost the performance quality.

That’s why one should at least change the factory-assembled Front-Rear Shocks, Front-Rear Shock Towers, Steering Knuckle sets, and Front-Rear Axial Shafts.

The Front and Rear shock sets are individually available at $18.30 to $23.90. Even you can get the Front as well as the Rear Shock Towers at a $9.90 price.

Besides that, you should also replace the steering Knuckle sets and if you wish to replace the Front-Rear Axial shafts with a steel or Aluminum option, you can get decent compatible Front-Rear Axial Shafts.

Shocks Recommendations:

GPM Racing Aluminum Front Shocks

GPM Racing Aluminum Rear Shocks

Front & Rear Shock Towers Recommendations:

GPM Racing Aluminum Front and Rear Shock Tower sets

Besides that, you can also upgrade the steering rack with an Aluminum steering rack.

3. Chassis and Drivetrain

In case you are not fully satisfied with the appearance and handling of your 1/18 Yeti Jr RC car like several customers, you can try some chassis and Drivetrain upgrades to improvise them.

First of all, start with replacing all Chassis links, and you should also change the Front CVD Shaft, Rear Driveshaft, and also the existing Tie Rods.

Recommended Options:

GPM Racing Aluminum Rear Lower Chassis Links

GPM Racing Steel #45 Front CVD Shaft

AXIAL Racing YETI JR Steel #45 Dog Bone (77mm)-1pc set

Yeti Jr. Steel Rear Driveshaft

Besides that, the Axial compatible Aluminum Tie Rods are available at $12.90, and the Aluminum C-Hub Carrier at $24.99.

Also, if you need the Tie Rod stabilizer for the Front C Hub, it’s available at around $21.50 price.

4. Motor & ESC

Although the Yeti Jr RC car comes with a 40-T brushed motor and that is quite a capable and sporty option.

But if you are looking for more torque and speed, you can simply swap the current Motor along with the ESC with available upgrading options.

Individual Motor & ESC Recommendations:

Castle Creations Mamba Micro X Speed Controller

Motor Brushless Leopard 2030/12T – 7780 KV

Besides that, you might also go with the ESC & Brushless Motor Combo set like the MAMBA MICRO X EXTREME 1:18 MOTOR,

5. Wheels & Tires

If you would like to add a bit of weight to your featherlight Yeti Jr, replace its current factory-assembled tires and wheels with a new tires & wheels set.

This upgrade will also enrich your off-road rig’s look along with an extra boost.

Recommended Options:

4pcs Rc1 16 Largefoot Car Twig 85mm Wheel Rims

GPM 1.9″ Aluminum 6 Poles Wheels with Brass Pendulum

You can get decent tires and wheel rims set at around $11.81, and Aluminum Blocks wheels are available at $27.90 on Amazon.

Besides that, you can get a 2pc Aluminum wheel kit at $10.70 and a 4pc Aluminum wheel kit at $21.50.

6. Body & Panels

If you wish to add some individual flair to your Yeti Jr to set your machine apart from the rest, go for the Axial compatible Body panel set suggested here.

My recommendation for your body panels upgrade will be the AXIAL YETI XL CARBON FIBER SIDE PANELS, which is available at $57.99.

Axial Yeti JR Accessories Upgrades:

Here, I would like to mention and explain all the necessary accessories or parts for performing above discussed upgrades on your Axial Yeti Jr for bashing-

While you are upgrading your Aluminum Suspension, you might require Aluminum Front Shock Mount – 9pc set and Aluminum Rear Adjustable Shocks 102mm – 14pc set.

Besides upgrading the Shocks and Shock Towers, you can also change the Steering rack with the Yeti Jr. Aluminum Steering Rack and replace the existing steering Knuckles with the Yeti Jr. Aluminum Steering Knuckle Set.

Besides the earlier mentioned parts, you can also replace your Tie Rod with the GPM Racing Aluminum Tie Rods. 

You can even add the Yeti Jr. Aluminum C-Hub Carrier and for Tie Rod with Front C Hub stabilizer, go with the GPM Racing Aluminum Tie Rod Stabilizer.

While you are upgrading the wheels or tires, if required, you can also include the Axial Yeti Wheel Hub Kit, which is currently available at $30.99.

Besides all these upgrading choices, you can also visit https://www.amazon.com/Axial-Yeti-Aluminum-Upgrades or https://www.jteamhobbies.com/collections/axial-yeti-jr-can-am-maverick for any further tools and upgrade suggestions.


Above mentioned upgrade options are quite effective ways to customize the overall appearance, performance, and handling of the Axial Yeti Jr RC car.

So, if you wish to boost your R car’s overall performance, you can try these options.

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