7 Traxxas Slash 4×4 Upgrades for Maximum Performance

The Traxxas Slash 4×4 is one of the few best-selling RC truck models that are both popular and good at bashing.

Light off-roading situations are no problem for the Slash 4×4 variants. Even yet, for first-time upgrading jobs, a few improvements are highly beneficial in modifying their total performance.

Here are some simple and quick modifications to consider if you want to take your trail trip to the next level. You may put them to the test on your Slash 4×4 at any time.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade?

The complete cost to upgrade and modify your Traxxas Slash 4×4 should be around $200-$600.

You’ll need about $45-$90 for body panel kits, $10-$65 for skins & wraps, $70-$200 for motor & esc, $15-$20 per wheel, $20-$120 for drivetrain & axles, $30-$110 for shock kits, $15-$35 for tires & foams.

7 Upgrades for the Traxxas Slash 4×4:

You have total control over your Traxxas Slash 4×4’s various features. Let’s take a look at the seven most important upgrades for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 and how much they’ll set you back.

1. Body Panel Kits

The Traxxas Slash 4×4 Kit is a mobile superstructure. For ultimate DIY adaptability, add your choice motor, digital speed control, servo, and radio system to the chassis.

The scale body of the Slash 4×4 is protected from the elements by an Exoskeleton cage that maintains scale accuracy. Install a roll cage if you want to push the chassis to the next level since it will offer it an advantage on difficult terrain.

It will cost roughly $45 if you simply get the top light set. The rear top and side roll sets, on the other hand, would set you back at around $90.

1st Option: Traxxas 6811X Slash 4×4 ProGraphix Body

2nd Option: Traxxas TRA3648 Body, Stampede, Rock n’ Roll

2. Skins & Wraps

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your Slash 4×4, you can choose from a variety of skins and coverings to make it look like a genuine predator of the night.

The skins are of exceptional quality, with a smooth, scratch-resistant surface. There’s also a choice between a comfortable matte finish and a more opulent glossy finish.

Depending on the variety and extent of your personalization, these skins, decals, and covers may cost anywhere from $10 to $65.

1st Option: Traxxas 6813 Slash 4×4 Decal Sheet

2nd Option:Slash 4X4/Slash, Fox Edition (painted, decals applied)

3. Motor & ESC

You’ll need a Traxxas Velineon brushless power system combination, which includes a brushless Velineon motor, to replace the motor and ESC.

For further dependability, you may use a 13-tooth pinion and the Slash VXL’s extruded aluminum driveshaft. By installing a splined drive hub on the front gearbox, you can guarantee that the draft shaft is in good working order.

If required, the user can replace the Traxxas motor with a genuine Traxxas motor from the manufacturer.

If the player wants to increase the Slash 4×4’s ESC, he can do so with third-party settings.

The cost of these ESC improvements will range from $70 to $200.

1st Option: Velineon VXL-3s Brushless Power System

2nd Option: Traxxas 2995 EZ Peak Charger Completer Pack

4. Wheels

The factory tires give excellent grip and add to the authenticity of the Slash 4×4 experience. Traxxas’ blue foam compound is used in the Slash tires, which gives the grip and traction needed to tackle even the most difficult terrain.

Wheel improvements might cost anything from $20 to $40. Wheels with a lower weight are usually less expensive, whereas tires with a higher weight are usually more expensive.

Weighted wheels for greater grip or lightweight tires for increased agility and speed are available if the user desires.

1st Option: Traxxas 7473T Pre-Glued Black Wheels with Gravel Pattern

2nd Option:  Traxxas 7073A Racing Wheels Chrome Wheels

5. Drivetrain and Axles

Aluminum is used for the front axle and center driveshaft, making them more durable and capable of withstanding the severe driving that comes with Slash crawls.

The axle will cost between $30 and $70, and the driveshaft will cost between $20 and $50. The user has the option of upgrading one or both of these.

1st Option: Traxxas 6852X 6852X Driveshaft Assembly Rear Slash 4×4

2nd Option: Traxxas 4×4 Universal Drive Shaft

6. Suspension and Chassis

Surprisingly, some plastic pieces, particularly in the Suspension compartment, are included with the Slash 4×4 vehicles, and these plastic parts are quite weak or readily breakable.

Aluminum improvements to your Traxxas Slash’s present suspension components are one of the most effective modifications.

Shocks, Shock Caps, Caster Blocks, and Turnbuckles are the primary upgrading elements among the suspension system’s parts and components.

Shock kits from Traxxas range in price from $14 to $69, while Shock Caps are priced from $14 to $25. Complete sets, on the other hand, cost $54 to $59.

Single Turnbuckler upgrading kits cost $6, while pairs cost $12 to $35. Aluminum caster blocks cost $19 to $49, and single Turnbuckler upgrading kits cost $6.

1st Option: Traxxas Green WideMaxx Suspension Kit TRA8995G

2nd Option: Traxxas Slash 4X4 Chassis Conversion Kit

7. Tires and Foams

The standard alternatives are of low quality and durability when compared to the improved options offered.

To go across rough and slashy terrains without difficulties, you must update your tires from the aftermarket.

You can obtain nice aftermarket tires and foams for the Slash 4×4 for around $15 to $35.

1st Option: Traxxas 5262 High-Volume Air Filter and Pre-Filter Foam Inserts

2nd Option: C Wheel Set 4pcs Wheel Tires with Beadlock Rims

Traxxas Slash 4×4 Accessories Upgrades

Aluminum Accessories: For the Aluminum Suspension upgrade, all you need are some basic vehicle setup equipment like a millimeter hex driver, a 7-millimeter nut driver, a screwdriver, and a pair of pliers.

Purchase the Traxxas 5862 Big Bore full shock kit, which includes the needed Springs, for longer and greater jumps, improved damping, and optimal bashing.

Battery & Motor Accessories: A Traxxas Velineon Power System, which includes a brushless Velineon motor and the VXL-3s ESC, is required to update the motor and ESC.

For further dependability, you may use a 13-tooth pinion and the Slash VXL’s extruded aluminum driveshaft. By installing a 6888X splined drive hub on the front gearbox, you can guarantee that the draft shaft is in good working order.

Transmitter & Receiver: You may buy a Traxxas Radio Transmitter 6516 combo to upgrade your Slash 4×4 model’s Transmitter for improved telematics.

All you need now is a fixing kit like the UIFix-it Kit, which includes various types and sizes of bits. You may also need a smaller screwdriver, a tire wrench, and other standard vehicle maintenance tools.

RC Modding: The Duratrax Pit Tech, which comes with various trays for screws and nuts, is ideal for people who frequently work on their Slash 4×4.

You’ll get some wrenches even if you buy the Traxxas Starter package.

Steering & Handling: Install a Chassis Conversion Kit to improve your Slash 4×4’s steering and handling. It includes all of the necessary components, pins, nuts, and springs for installation.

Simply swap the electronics over and install the front and rear suspension modules on the new Low-CG chassis.


With these improvements, it will undoubtedly outperform, last longer, and be far more durable than before.

In conclusion, your Traxxas Slash 4×4 will perform at its best if you complete all of the improvements in this tutorial. These improvements, in particular, are sufficient for improving the overall speed, performance, control, and lifespan of any Traxxas Slash 4×4 model.

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