5 Modifications and Upgrades for Team Associated Reflex 14B

Team Associated has launched a new 1/14th Scaled Off-Roaders for mini and micro-RC car or vehicle fans called Reflex 14B Buggy model. Besides featuring a 14th scale chassis, this model from Team also features some significantly amazing features.

Yet, one can easily modify and improve the overall performance level of this Buggy RC model by applying a few upgrades.

That’s why, I will address all the major upgrades and accessories for the Team Associated Reflex 14B in today’s article.

Upgrades for Team Associated Reflex 14B

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade? 

The Total Cost of upgrading your Team Associated Reflex 14b will be around 500- 600 bucks.

Also note that you need to spend $100-$150 for ESC & Motor, $9.00-$25 Suspension parts, as well as $50-$60 for other body kits.

Besides that, you should always keep in mind that quality modifications and upgrades might also cost you some extra bucks here and there based on your vehicle’s current condition. 

5 Upgrades Of Team Associated Reflex 14B:

Let’s have a brief idea about the five core upgrades to perform on the Team Associated Reflex 14B and also learn how much they can approximate cost you-

1. Suspension Front Shock Upgrade

The team associate reflex 14B generally comes with the factory assembled LC racing rally tires and works pretty well.

But if you do test drives and closely observe, you can see that these tires are quite a bit smaller and unable to provide enough ride height. That’s why some users complain about the landing jumps and stuff.

Especially when you use the vehicle on a 110-scale track, it becomes a bit challenging due to insufficient shock travel for those giant jumps.

So, to get rid of this issue, you might try the new front and rear shock bodies offered by the brand since these kits are made in high-quality aluminum.

Shock Bodies Recommendation:

Team Associated Reflex 14B/14T Shock Body Set

RIVAL MT8 Front Shock Bodies

Shock Caps & Collars Recommendation:

FT 10 mm Shock Caps and Collars

Shock Caps and Collars

Aluminum Front & Rear Shock Towers Recommendation:

FT 1:14 Front Shock Tower

FT 1:14 Rear Shock Tower

2. Wheels & Tires Upgrade

Several users often complain that their reflex 14B does not seem to get enough traction because of the factory-assembled tires.

Although customers have mentioned that these tires work great on asphalt and indoors, they are not good enough for off-roads.

However, you can get more and perfect tractions after upgrading the 52-millimeter wheels along with the 70 millimeters diameter tires.

Recommended Options:
Pro4 SC10 Off-Road Tires and Fifteen52 Wheels

Team Associated 9695 Buggy Rear Wheel Hex

Team Associated DR10 Drag Front Wheels

3. Electronics Upgrade

Although factory assembled electronic components of Reflex 14B perform quite smoothly, you can get a better outcome from your vehicle’s electronic setup by swapping all the electronic parts completely.

You can upgrade parts such as the stripper, radio system, transmitter, receiver, battery holder, wire &connectors.

Transmitter Recommendations:

Futaba 4 PM 4-Channel 2.4GHz Receiver set

Sanwa MT-44 FH4T/FH3 4-Channel 2.4GHz Receiver

Wire & Connectors Recommendations:

Reedy Low Profile Caged Bullets

Reedy Low-Profile Bullet Connectors 4×14 mm

Reedy Pro Silicone Wire 13AWG 1m

Pro Silicone Wire 12AWG Black

For further references, visit https://www.hobbytown.com/reflex-14b-14-team-associated-replacement-parts-cars-trucks/

4. ESC & Motor Upgrade

I highly recommend upgrading the motor and ESC for customers and RC vehicle lovers, who prefer higher RPM and way more torque than the Reflex 14b models have.

ESC & Motor Combo Recommendations:

Team associated reflex 14T 14B 35A upgrade combo

Reedy SC300-BL Brushless ESC For Team Associated Reflex 14B

Single ESC & Motor Recommendations:

Xrotor Micro 4in1 ESC (60A-6S-BLHeli32-DS1200)

Blade Inductrix FPV Counter Clockwise Speed Motor

Besides earlier mentioned upgrades, you should also upgrade the camber link part of your reflex 14B. It will enhance the durability, reliability, and accessibility of your vehicle to offer you better control and performance deliveries. You can run bottom holes on the front and rear to lower or raise the roll center.

By upgrading the camber link parts, driving will become pretty easier and you can get your camber link upgraded at around $19.99 to $25.99.

Recommended Option:

TC7.2 FT Camber Link Mount Shims, carbon fiber

Team Associated Reflex 14b Accessories Upgrades:

Here, I would like to mention and explain all the required accessories or parts for performing above discussed upgrades on your Team Associated Reflex 14B Vehicle-

Required accessories are mainly the basic tool kit including, springs, pins, nuts, screwdriver, Hex driver, and wrench.

For upgrading your car’s suspension shocks, you might also require spring sets or Shock Shaft Sets such as FT 10 mm Front Spring Set, FT 10 mm Rear Spring Set, and RIVAL MT8 Shock Shaft Set.

You might also add decent-quality plastic spacers in the front for extra protection so that your vehicle does not jump up every time you crash into something.

Besides the new wheels or tires set, you can also purchase required wheel hubs, rims, and other items from https://www.ebay.com/b/Team-Associated-Hobby-RC-Wheels-Tires-Rims-Hubs/

You will only require a screwdriver or a smaller wrench to disconnect the existing tires and insert the new ones for this task.

Mostly with any combo set or kit, you will get required accessories such as connectors, screws, bolts, wires, or nuts, but if you could not find them within the package, you have to purchase them separately.

Remember, based on your selected upgrading options and parts, you might need extra supporting or connecting accessories which I have not mentioned earlier.

So, for other required accessories and parts recommendations, you should also visit https://www.associatedelectrics.com/news/latest_products/.


No matter how greatly designed and assembled one RC vehicle is, there will always be room for more modifications and upgrades. The Team Associated Reflex 14B is no exception either, and if you want more speed, power, and torque on your Reflex 14B vehicle, you should at least try those above-discussed upgrades.

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