5 ECX Amp MT Upgrades with Accessories Recommendations

Reportedly, the ECX Amp MT series is one of the coolest and strongest RC drives, but there is always room for some significant improvement to get the best out of these RC monster trucks.

That’s why I have done extensive research to bring out the best upgrades to boost the ECX AMP MT car’s overall performance.

So, let’s learn more details about these upgrades in today’s article.

ECX Amp MT Upgrades Ideas

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade? 

The Total Cost of performing modifications and upgrades on your ECX Amp MT will be approximately 500- 600 bucks.

Also, note that you need to spend $100-$150 for ESC & Motor, $17.99-$50 for Aluminum parts, and $50-$60 for other body kits.

Besides that, quality modifications and upgrades can sometimes cost some extra bucks here and there based on your RC vehicle’s current condition, so you should keep that in your mind.

5 Upgrades Of The ECX Amp MT:

Let’s have a brief idea about the five significantly effective upgrades to perform on your ECX Amp MT and also learn how much they will cost you-

1. Servo Upgrade

Each ECX Amp MT comes with a Servo Saver built into its steering cranks to save the Servo from abusive damage during crashes.

Many users even claim that the stock power steering performs underpowered.

Even upgrading the Servo will make your ECX AMP smoother and more responsive during sharp curves.

So, add more power to your ECX Amp power steering by upgrading either with a Servo Saver Eliminator or Digital Hi-Torque Metal Gear BB Servo.

Servo Recommendations:

RPM 73492 Servo-Saver Eliminator Bell Crank

Spektrum SS6020 Torque Digital Surface Servo

Hitec 35645S HS-5645MG Digital Hi-Torque Metal Gear BB Servo

2. Motor & ESC Upgrade

The factory-assembled transmitter, Motor, and ESC of the ECX Amps do not underperform and even several users agreed that those parts do their jobs decently. 

But for better torque and faster drive, you should upgrade the transmitter system, Motor, and ESC with either individual parts or a combo kit.

Either you should upgrade the Transmitter or upgrade the motor and ESC with any decent Brushless combo kit.

The Motor and ESC upgrade will provide extra power and an advanced interface for more controlling freedom.

Affordable Transmitter/Receiver Recommendation:

ECX13003 2.4GHz Waterproof Receiver 4-Channel V3

High-end Transmitter/Receiver Recommendation:

DX3 Smart 3-Channel Transmitter with SR315 Receiver

ESC & Motor Recommendation:

Dynamite DYNS1450 Tazer Twin 2-in-1 Brushless Motor ESC Combo

3. Aluminum Parts Upgrade

The ECX offers excellent factory built-in RC cars, and the AMP MT model from their list is no exception either.

You will get better performance from your ECX after upgrading the plastic parts with high-quality Aluminum sets.

Since the factory assembled plastic hubs on your ECX tends to bust off during big full-throttle tumbling crashes, you can upgrade the plastic Rear and Front hub with a decent Aluminum hub set.

Besides that, you can also upgrade the shock conditions with the complete Aluminum Shock Set.

Aluminum Parts Upgrade Recommendations:

HobbyCrawler Front Rear Full Aluminum ECX Shocks

ECX RC Aluminum Rear Shock Set (2)

3X6X9 Aluminum Spacers (25 Pack)

ECX Rear Hubs Aluminum

4. Battery & Bearings Upgrade

The ECX Amp MT or Monster Truck requires FOUR AA batteries and experts highly recommend using rechargeable batteries.

Although these batteries are also needed for your ECX MT’s transmitter operation, you do not have to upgrade the transmitter’s batteries.

However, most experts recommend upgrading the ECX Amp’s batteries so that the ECX can reach its full potential.

The ECX Amps are compatible with LiPo batteries, so you can upgrade the current one with a new LiPo battery set.

Recommended Option:

Dynamite Reaction 2S 50C Hard Case LiPo Battery

Traxxas 3S “Power Cell” 25C LiPo Battery

Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger

The ECX Amp’s bearings are good enough to operate well as a beginner.

But in the long run, one can easily notice that these plastic bearings are quite sloppy and/or not reliable enough.

Because of the low-quality built-up, these bearings require frequent adjustments or repairs.

Bearings Recommendations:

ECX 1/10 2WD AMP Sealed Bearing Kit

ECX 1/10 4WD Ruckus Brushless Sealed Bearing Kit

Winter Evening Bearings Kit (15 Pcs)

Besides these options, you can get other affordable options on https://www.amazon.com/ecx-amp-mt-parts/.

5. Electronics & Wheels Upgrade

The factory-assembled parts of the ECX Amp car such as screws, wheel hexes, and connectors are good enough to deliver decent quality performance.

But the self-tapping screws do not work well as the hex head screws. So, you should change all the screws with head hex screws, which will make the work on your ECX car a lot easier by keeping the truck together.

Besides that, ECX Amp also comes with plastic wheel hexes, and these hexes tend to fall off every time you pull it in between the hex and bearing.

That’s why, swap out all the wheel hexes with a quality wheel hex upgrade to significantly eliminate some of the extra wiggles.

Screws Recommendations:

ECX Screw Set (64): 1:10 2wd All

Screw Set (64): All ECX 1/10 2WD

Flat Head Screw M3X10 (10): Ruckus

Wheel Hex Recommendations:

Traxxas 12mm Hex Wheel Hubs and Washer Set

ECX Amp MT Accessories Upgrades:

Here, I would like to mention all the required accessories or parts for performing above discussed upgrades on your ECX Amp MT-

1. Upgrading Servo

These Servo upgrades are very easy to install, so all you will require is a standard repairing toolbox or kit.

2. Upgrading Motor & ESC

Besides the upgrading kit of the Transmitter/Receiver, Motor, and ESC, you might also need compatible pins, screws, nuts, hubs, wire, and other supporting connectors.

3. Upgrading Aluminum Parts

Besides, the earlier mentioned parts for the Suspension or Aluminum part upgrades, you can also get other Aluminum part upgrading recommendations from https://www.amazon.com/ECX-Parts/s?k=ECX+Parts.

4. Upgrading Batteries & Bearings

Remember the factory-assembled ESC/Receiver pack of the ECX MT does not have any low voltage alarm or cutoff. That means running LiPo batteries on your ECX stock electronics will increase the risk of destroying the battery and your AMP.

Therefore, make sure to pair your LiPo batteries with a LiPo battery voltage and Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm.

5. Upgrading Electronics & Wheel

Besides all mentioned upgrading options, I also recommend purchasing the little Tiff’s lawn washers to put in between the hex & bearings.


Although the ECX Amp MT are robust enough still, these cars come with some Lackings and have the scope of adding more power and torque. That’s when you will find these earlier mentioned upgrades helpful to boost up your ECX Amp MT’s performance.

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