7 Quick and Easy Ecx Temper Gen 2 Upgrades You Should Apply

The Temper Gen 2 RC truck doesn’t look very promising right out of the box. It needs some work. Hence, I have decided to write an article on ECX Temper Gen 2 upgrades.

You have probably seen some free upgrade ideas from YouTube and forums. Those are good.

But a solid performance improvement requires good-quality products. In this article, I am going to describe all possible upgrade ideas. Let’s get started.

Ecx Temper Gen 2 Upgrades Ideas

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

Here, one has to spend $25 for the shocks, $65 for the steering upgrade, $28 for the tires, $72 for the controller, $65 for ESC, and $54 for the wheel upgrade. Also, keep the cost of the accessories in mind.

In total, you will have to spend almost 320 dollars on high-end upgrades according to my estimation.

The cost estimation will vary based on the brand and price updates. So, recalculate before you call the shots.

7 Ecx Temper Gen 2 Upgrades Ideas:

1. Shocks

Taking ECX TEMPER GEN 2 out of the box, you will notice that the shocks are not capable of taking heavy loads and providing the necessary stability.

With the upgraded suspension system, you have to make the truck more stable by lowering the body mass.

Here, I have given the links for two replaceable shocks with a height adjustment option.

So, you can deal with the stability issue that Temper Gen 2 has without any problem. Make sure that the center body is closer to the ground.

25: Fr/Rr Shocks Assembled Aluminum (2): 1/18 4WD Temper

16: Hot Racing 78mm Temper Internal Spring Air Shock

2. Steering

After upgrading the suspension system, have a look at the steering of the Temper Gen 2.

You will notice that the angle is highly restricted to a certain amount. With a servo and link upgrade, you will have better control and maneuverability.

Here, I am recommending a waterproof standard-fit 25kg Hexfly servo for the best performance.

Also, check out the compatible servo link below. Together, the steering upgrade will be completed.

Servo: 55: Hexfly Servo 25KG (Qty 2) Metal Gear Waterproof Servo

Servo link: 10: Redcat Racing 18021 Servo Linkage

3. Tires

Press the stock tires, and you will notice that it is hollow inside. Also, the tread patterns are not satisfactory.

In reality, the stock tires try very hard to get a grip on the surface. According to some YouTubers, you can cut them and modify them as necessary.

However, there is a better option. You can buy better tires from different platforms.

Among the two recommended tires, the lower-priced one has more width. Both of them are durable and have enough traction to run on any terrain.

Lastly, you can drill some holes in the tires so that water can get out while running the truck on watery grounds.

28: ECX 1/18 Temper Beadlock Pre-Mounted Tire

15: Front/Rear Premount Tire: 1/18 4WD Ruckus

4. Transmitter

Inside the box, you will find an ECX transmitter with 2 channels only. Here, you can upgrade the part by buying a 6-channel DUMBORG-X6 transmitter.

It will protect your RC truck when things get out of control. The controller comes with a low-voltage alert which is very helpful.

Also, there is a throttle speed limit adjustment function that is suitable for beginners.

With a higher budget, you can buy a top-rated transmitter from Hobbymate. I am giving their links below.

72: Flysky FS GT5 RC Transmitter with FS BS6 Gyro Receiver

43: DUMBORC-X6 2.4Ghz 6 Channel RC Transmitter

5. ESC

Upgrading the transmitter and the receiver will not be enough. You have to change the stock ESC too.

The problem with the existing one is that it has too much drag. I have already suggested better tires.

So, replacing the ESC will significantly improve the truck’s overall performance.

65: Spektrum Firma 40A Brushed Smart 2-in-1 ESC and Receiver

38: ONXM1040 ESC 40A Brushed Crawler Waterproof

6. Wheels

There is nothing wrong with the stock wheel rims on ECX Temper Gen 2.

But installing a stronger set with custom weights can significantly improve its stability.

The recommended aftermarket parts here are shock-proof and highly crush-resistant.

39: INJORA RC Rims 4pcs 1.9 Inch Beadlock RC Wheel Rim Set

9: Adhesive Stick-on Wheel Weights

16: Elite Force Premium 6mm Airsoft BBs Ammo

Ecx Temper Gen 2 Accessories Upgrades

Well, when it comes to accessories, your imagination is the limit. From lights to model door handles, you can find everything on Amazon.

  1. LAFEINA Drift Car LED Chassis Dazzle Light
  2. AMOGOT 12LED Light Bar Metal Roof Spotlight
  3. RC Car Work Stand Repair Workstation Aluminum Alloy
  4. Benedict Harry Alloy Snow Shovel
  5. GoolRC Trailer Car Hopper Trail for 1/10
  6. Dilwe 4Pcs Plastic Simulation Door Handles

The first modification accessory to consider is the light. Here, I have included a decorative chassis LED stripe and roof light bar.

At night, your ECX Temper Gen 2 will look majestic with those lights.

Then, having a repair workstation is also necessary for upgrading the parts. It will make your life easier.

The product I have suggested here is compatible with different RC cars and trucks.

The last 3 products are less important. Snow shovel, hopper trail, and door handles are on the list.

For a more realistic feel and look, you can also install them and present your Temper Gen 2 with fanfare.


That is all about the ECX TEMPER GEN 2 upgrades. If you don’t have the time to do your research, you can check out those products from my links.

The stock motor and battery pack are powerful enough for racing. That is why I haven’t suggested anything about them.

Still, those who want to upgrade those parts may have to modify the whole body and make room for upgrades. And, it’s not worth your money or time.

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