7 Arrma Senton 4×4 Upgrades for Maximum Performance

Know these 7 AARMA SENTON upgrades to make your truck look nicer, and perform better than other competitors.

You have to start the process by changing the tires. After that, make a list of other necessary parts setting performance upgrade a priority.

In this article, I have not only listed the upgrade suggestions but also relevant products and given you an estimated cost. Let’s get started.

Arrma Senton 4x4 Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

Among the upgrades, you have to spend around $81 for the painted body, $40 for the skins, $144 for motor ESC combo, $15 for wheels, $45 for slider set, $60 for driveshafts, $140 for chassis, $40 for shocks, and $43 for tires.

According to my research, one needs to have at least 600 bucks for upgrading an ARRMA SENTON.

The cost will cover most of the parts. And, that estimation can vary greatly based on the replacement parts you select. Let’s get to know the specifics below.

7 Upgrades Ideas For Arrma Senton:

1. Body Panel Kits

After a while, you will naturally get bored with the old stock truck body. Also, it will get cracks and scratch marks all over the place.

Hence, a new body can spice things up in no time. The preference for a body kit has no bound.

There are lots of different truck bodies. Among them, I like Chevy C10 a lot. After some research, I could find two products that are worth suggesting.

The high-end option is already painted. So, you can simply replace the old one, and be ready within a few minutes.

And, those who are willing to do a custom paint job need a clear body. Proline offers such bodies at a very reasonable price.  

Expensive Option: VATERRA 1972 Chevy C10 On Road Body Set Painted

Economical Option: Pro-line Racing 1/10 1978 Chevy C-10 Race Truck Clear Body

2. Skins & Wraps

There are no boundaries of skins and wraps for your senton. Various people and organizations offer attractive artworks for your ARRMA SENTON.

You can check out the link given here or research by yourself, and find some good upgrades.

Available Option: Arrma Graphics Wraps Decals and Skins

3. Motor & ESC

For motor and ESC upgrade, I couldn’t find a suitable ESC-only listing on Amazon.

So, I have only included the motors and combos below. Now, let me explain why they are better than the stock ones.

According to the users, the main problems are ARRMA SENTON motor doesn’t move freely, and it is not powerful enough.

Those who have enough budget should go for brushless motors and compatible ESCs. I have also included a perfect motor ESC combo.

In the low-cost upgrade option, you will have to compromise the durability and reliability by choosing a brushed motor and ESC.

Still, they are slightly costlier than others because I want you to get the best products.

If you don’t have enough budget, you can check this one out. Within $30, you will be able to get the whole set.

Expensive Option: (ARRMA BLX3656 3800Kv 4-Pole 3S Brushless Motor), (Max10 SCT ESC Combo with 3660SL 3200kV Sensorless Motor)

Economical Option: (Globact RC Motor 550 12T Brushed Motor), (Hobbypark 5mm Shaft 540 Brushless Motor ESC Combo)

4. Wheels

After upgrading the frame, body, and other metal parts, your truck will naturally weigh more.

That is why replacing the stock wheels is one of the best upgrades you can perform on ARRMA SENTON.

You can either go for front wheels, rear wheels, or both. The recommended products here are lightweight and strong.

Therefore, the upgraded metal wheels won’t reduce the overall performance of the truck.

Expensive Option: Pro-line Racing 1/10 Showtime+ Wide Rear 2.2″/3.0″ 12mm Drag Wheels

Economical Option: ARRMA SC 2.2″ 3.0″ Wheel 14mm Hex Gun Metal

5. Driveshafts & Axles

For performance improvements, you should also consider replacing the stock driveshafts, wheel axles, and slider set.

The following Amazon listings include the best products available online. They are precisely machined using CNC.

Also, the material used to manufacture them make them very strong, lightweight, and reliable.

Whether you are racing on rough tracks or having fun landing the truck from higher grounds, these parts will support your actions.

Expensive Option: ARRMA AR310870 CVD Slider Set

Economical Option: (ARRMA Wheel Axle), (ARRMA Big Rock Granite Senton Typhon 4×4 3s BLX)

6. Suspension & Chassis

When it comes to the chassis and suspension system, you have to have a bigger budget.

Because low-cost alternatives are not very durable. I have included one below, but you should not buy it.

The expensive chassis made by machining a single aluminum billet is the best option. It does not bend easily and can take serious hits.

Another good upgrade suggestion is changing the old dampers and springs. What I mean is installing a new suspension system.

They can absorb the shocks from an impact protecting other parts of the truck.

Expensive Option: Aluminum Chassis for ARRMA, High-Performance Big Bore Shocks for 1/10 Arrma SENTON

Economical Option: ARRMA Senton 4×4 3s BLX Chassis Set, ARRMA SENTON 4X4 3S BLX SHOCKS

7. Tires & Foams

The listed products here come with a tire and foam combo. That is why I am not going to link them separately.

Compared to the Senton stock tires, these aftermarket parts are far better in terms of durability and performance.

Because of their oversized tall treads, the truck will have more traction power. Also, thick materials make them more durable than normal tires.

I like Proline products because of their extremely detailed looks resembling full-size real-life tires.

Whether you are running the RC truck on loose, loamy, or muddy terrain, it will overcome any obstacles on its path easily.

Expensive Option: Pro-line Racing 1/10 Trencher X

Economical Option: Pro-line Racing 1/10 Badlands MX M2

ARRMA SENTON Accessories Upgrades

Thinking about accessories, the first thing that comes to our minds is the front and rear lights.

For a premium feel, you have to spend more than usual LED lights and buy a set from RC Lighthouse.

Or, you can select a regular light set. To mount some lights on top of the roof, you have to buy Apex RC Aluminum Light Bar.

Lastly, buy front and rear bumpers to protect the main body from small and silly impacts from hard or sharp objects.


From the list of ARRMA SENTON upgrades, it is easily understandable that the RC truck’s performance will be increased significantly. If you have more upgrade ideas, please feel free to share them with us.

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