Super Clod Buster Upgrades for Maximum Performance

In February 2004, Tamiya was proud to present the Super Clod Buster as an assembly kit. It is equipped with two motors and tightly sealed gearboxes. 

Do you want to know the best 4 super clod buster upgrades? Read this article to know both expensive and low-cost upgrade alternatives.

In each part, you will know the benefits of these upgrades, and what you are getting for the money.

For your convenience, I have gathered the upgrade suggestions from experts. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Super Clod Buster Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost To Upgrade?

One has to spend around $30 for the strong chassis, $110 for the motor and ESC combo, $40 for tires, $21 for shocks, $240 for the chassis kit, and so on.

This monster truck is equipped with a 4WS system for 4-wheel drive steering that offers tight cornering with such a big machine easy.

With lots of different mods and upgrades and spending almost 650 bucks, you will be able to get a decent upgrade. 

Adding some accessories to your buying list will increase the estimated cost. Also, keep in mind that the prices of the parts can be changed at any time.

However, I will always suggest you increase the budget if possible because you will be missing out on a lot in this budget.

3 Super Clod Buster Upgrades:

The clod is constructed of plastic parts mostly. 

Our goal will be to upgrade the parts to build a sturdy, more controlled speed, and optimum performing truck on the best budget.

You and I today will build a more racing-appropriate radio-controlled monster truck by upgrading. The costs along the way will be presented below.

1. Suspension & Chassis

The chassis is vital as landing the monster truck from high ground affects the body panel and frame.

A high-quality suspension system and chassis can reduce the effect dramatically.

I can suggest two brands that can meet your expectation. For a slightly higher price, you can get a 4-Pack Shock Absorber Damper Internal Spring 112mm for a 1/10 scale.

And, saving 4 bucks, you can get an INJORA RC Shock Absorber Oil Adjustable RC Damper Set with Springs for 1/10 RC with 100mm maximum length. 

Both are very long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and easy to install.

Additionally, the Tamiya super clod buster usually comes with a plastic ABS chassis. But it is pretty light. For those of you who don’t know, it can get broken pretty easily.

So, you can go for the Rctruckfactory Aluminum Chassis. These really are as tough as they can get.

It is a thick, heavy, and unbendable chassis and perfect for the new upgrade. You can also get TAMIYA America as well within a low budget. 

For chassis: Rctruckfactory Aluminum Chassis for Tamiya RC Super Clod Bluster, TAMIYA America

For suspension: INJORA RC Shock Absorber Oil Adjustable RC Damper Set with Springs for 1/10 RC, RCAWD 4-Pack Shock Absorber Damper Internal Spring 112mm 

2. Motor & ESC

This stock clod buster comes with a brushed 540 twin-motor dual gearbox 4WD drivetrain with TEU-103BK ESC.

We can upgrade the motor with a brushless motor as it is an AC motor.

Besides, using a brushless motor controller which takes DC input and chops that DC into a rotating three-phase AC signal to drive the motor.

However, we can go for another brushed motor like HPI Racing 1146 Firebolt.

Additionally, the electronic speed control (ESC) is an electronic circuit that controls and regulates the speed of an electric motor. It may also provide reversing of the motor and dynamic braking. 

In the product suggestion part below, I have included both the expensive and cost-effective options for your consideration.

Also, getting a combo will save you a lot of trouble finding a matching ESC or motor.

Separate Option: HPI Racing 1146 Firebolt 15t Motor 

Combo Options: GoolRC 540 13T Brushed Motor with 60A ESC Combo for 1/10 Traxxas Ford RC Car, Hobby Wing 38010203 Max10 ESC, with 3652SL Brushless Motor – Combo 

3. Tires

You may think that the stock tires that come with the super clod are strong enough. It is partially true.

When you are upgrading different parts in the RC car, you will notice that the weight has increased significantly.

Hence, a good-quality aftermarket tire can give the RC better stability, control, and reliability over any terrain.

Firestorm Monster Truck Tire is one of the good options.

The pro-line tire will also be the right choice. 

Due to OEM specifications, you won’t have to worry about their fitment. Follow the instructions, and the car will be good to go in no time.

High-End OptionPro-line Racing Decimator 2.6″ M3 Tires

Cost-Effective Option: J Concepts 316901 Firestorm Monster Truck Tire

Super Clod Buster Accessories Upgrades

The first and most important accessory upgrade, according to the pro racers, is to have a ShareGoo 4Leds LED Light Headlights.

This is a durable and high-quality lighting system for your clod buster. Again, this package goes with almost all RC trucks.

Another upgrade that is needed to offer more run time is the battery. You can go for the 7.4v Common Sense RC Lectron Pro 7600mAh.

Lastly, I want to mention a servo upgrade. 

Savox SC-1256TG High Torque Titanium Gear Standard Digital Servo is quite powerful and comes with the Pulse width modification control system. Give it a try; you won’t regret it.


Those are some of the best super clod buster upgrades with the best prices. For your convenience, I have included both expensive and low-budget options.

So, everyone gets to upgrade their super clod buster and beat the competition. Or, having more power and performance will only increase the fun.

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