8 Awesome Traxxas Slayer PRO Short-course Truck Upgrades

The Traxxas Slayer Pro 4×4 is the definition of short-course action and authentic handling. It is faster as it is bigger and louder!

But if it does give even the satisfying ballistic thrust, what more can we do with it? Or can we? Can the unmatched stability be bettered? Can you prepare the truck more for the rough conditions?

The answer is yes! More than just mod upgrades, you can make your Slaye Pro last more summers! Wondering how? That is exactly what I’m debunking for you in this article!

Traxxas Slayer PRO Short-course Truck Upgrades

Upgrades and Costs At A Glance:

PartReason of UpgradeCost
ServoMore power supply$45-70
Motor & ESCFaster speed$100-150
Servo Saver SpringDurability$20-30
TiresSmooth performance on track.$20-30
Fuel FilterKeeping motor and carbs clean.$8-12
SuspensionProtection, durability, performance$20-40
Radio SystemMaintenance of electrical components. Increases fast response.$100-130
BatteriesProvides power for the upgraded mods$20-140

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

The entire upgrade will cost you about $363-650.

You can upgrade the servo at $45-70, $100-150 on Motor & ESC, up to $20-30 on servo saver spring, $20-30 on tires, $8-12 on the fuel filter, $20-40 on suspension, $100-130 on radio system and $20-140 on batteries.

you can upgrade other accessories for $30-40 dollars.

8 Traxxas Slayer PRO Upgrades:

There is a lot of potential for upgrades in the Slayer PRO. As Nitro cars are, the parts responsible for increasing durability are highly important. Upgrading those parts like the servo saver spring, servo, etc are especially important. So is the powering system. This includes the battery, motor, ESC etc. Here are some highly necessary upgrades!

1. Servo

The stock servos are high-torque and waterproof. Unfortunately, though, the monstrous nitro is still too heavy for the little stock one! So it should be upgraded to a more powerful one that can generate enough power for movement.

Surprisingly, the stock servo is designed for electric cars and such. Not for a heavy-duty nitro car.

On the top of my head, I can think of the Savox Waterproof Metal Gear Digital Servo which is about 45-50 bucks!

2. Motor & ESC

The VXL 3-S brushless system is the dream project! Although on the more expensive side ($150). It is suitable for use with LiPO batteries (both 2-cells or 3-cells) and offers a smooth throttle response.

Big jumps? High speeds? This motor has got you! Delivering smooth performance throughout!

As you change the motor and ESC, I should tell you that an 83T spur gear is needed for high speed on the pavement. Any good spur from Amazon will suffice.

3. Servo Saver Spring

The heavy-duty servo saver spring should be upgraded. Because the Trexxas Slayer Pro is a nitro truck, it is more necessary. The spring ensures a lot and plays an important function in the truck.

This would pass as a level 1 upgrade. You should use servo saver springs with metal gear servos. But you can install these springs beforehand and then upgrade the servo later.

The servo saver spring will make the servo saver stiffer. So that the servo saver is more sensitive!

Here’s my suggestion for the servo saver spring: Traxxas 5344X Heavy Duty Servo Saver Spring, Revo.

However, any well-built servo saver spring from eBay or Amazon will go fine!

4. Tires

Alright, let’s get honest here, the stock tires are BAD! This is irrespective of the kind of driving you to do!

Maybe the kind of tires like Duratrax Bandito St 2.2 Tire which is around $20 would suffice! Even the Losi Ten-T Truggy tires would fit right into the stock 14mm hexes. You may also want to fit a set of 17mm wheel adapters on. Then you can start running 1/8 scale buggy wheels & tires. Because these 17mm hexes are more popular than a high school football captain!

You can go for the Traxxas Anacondas too! They are around 25-30 bucks on eBay!

5. Fuel Filter

Having a fuel filter is a must on a nitro truck. It helps keep the dirt and grime off the engine. Well, at least most of the dirt and grime! This also helps increase the lifetime of your engine.

Here is an air filter you might want to try: Cleaner 5266 Revo Traxxas 59076-3

6. Suspension

The suspension upgrade largely depends on the type of driving you will be doing. There are a few variations in upgrades you can incorporate for more driving performance.

The stock springs with 50w oil in the front and rear are okay. But that’s not appropriate for racing.

You would need a good handling capacity of your truck for racing. And for that, get the center differential kit and the rear brake kit

7. Radio System

The stock radio system is the TQi 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver. If you know nitros, then you know that they need a string radio system.

You can replace the stock radio system with one from Spektrum. In this case, I suggest the Spektrum DX3 3-Channel Transmitter with SR315 Receiver. This is a bit expensive as it is about 110 bucks on Amazon.

8. Battery (Rechargeable)

You can get a rechargeable receiver battery pack. Why? Because the Slayer Pro is a unique car. There is a charging cable in the receiver box.

So instead of removing the two screws when recharging the battery pack every time, you can just charge it through this cable. There’s an on-off switch that will help you control it.

Powerhobby 6V 1600mAh NiMH Flat Receiver Battery Pack comes to mind! So does the one from Reedy.

Aside from this, you can also get a 4S or 6S which will support a wide range of motor-ESC combos. However, you might need to change your drivetrain for that.

Traxxas Slayer PRO Accessories Upgrades

With all these upgrades, the structure holding parts should be upgraded. This includes the spare A-arms, front turnbuckles, and drive shafts.

Now remember while upgrading the servo, you should get strong skid plates. I figured that the ones from the Revo 3.3 are strong and durable. They also fit the Slayer Pro perfectly.

More things to upgrade are 17mm hex hubs, aluminum steering and camber links front and rear, front and rear sway bars, slipper clutch, etc.


As you can see from this blog, the Slayer Pro from Traxxas has a versatile range of upgrades. Each part adds to the other and affects each other’s efficiency.

For the fastest and most durable nitro experience, you should definitely get these upgrades!

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