8 Appealing Kraton 6s Upgrades for Maximum Performance

Arrma Kraton has some issues with the stock parts. That is why I have decided to inform you about the necessary Kraton 6s upgrades in this article.

The first upgrade you have to do is change the stock battery pack to a better one.

After that, replace the A-arms, chassis, tires, servo, motor-ESC combo gradually depending on your budget. Let’s get started.

Kraton 6s Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

After finalizing the necessary upgrades, I found that you have to spend $138 for the battery pack, $22 for A-arms, $60 for the controller, $184 for the chassis, $79 for servo, $108 for motor & ESC combo, $79 for the wheels and tires, and $68 for the suspension system.

The final calculation gives me the estimation of around $740 for a decent Kraton 6s upgrade. But it doesn’t include the cost of the accessories.

Also, keep in mind that the cost will vary based on the types of upgrades and parts you choose. Below, I have broken down the cost and explained the reason for the upgrades.

Arrma Kraton 6s Upgrade Ideas:

In this part, I have listed the upgrade ideas best for Arrma Kraton 6s. Check them out and decide which one is more important for your project.

1. Battery Pack

The first upgrade you have to do is replace the factory default batteries with new ones.

Lots of users will suggest you get a NiMH pack but I won’t recommend it for certain reasons.

It won’t be able to provide the necessary power, speed, or runtime as a LiPo pack will do.

You can either go for a 6S LiPo or two 3S packs for the best results. But you will need some supporting accessories.

A tray for secure mounting and a compatible charger will make your life easier.

Tray: Arrma Battery Tray Set

LiPo Battery Charger: Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger 1S-6S

Battery Pack: HOOVO 22.2V 6000mAh 60C 6S LiPo Battery

2. Front & Rear A-arm

Those who have spent some time with RC cars and trucks must know that RPM makes some of the most durable parts.

That is why they are my first choice for upgrading Kraton’s A-arm upgrade. The arms are important because they take lots of shock during an impact.

Don’t doubt their ability because of plastic material. These arms are designed and manufactured for the best performance-absorbing impact energy.

Replacing Arrma inferior A-arms with RPM manufactured ones is a wise decision.

Front A-arms: RPM 81482 Front Upper and Lower A-Arms

Rear A-arms: RPM Rear A-Arms ARRMA Kraton Talion and Outcast

3. Transmitter and Receiver

Inside the box of your Kraton 6s, you will find a basic 2.4 GHz radio system which is not the best thing to rely on.

In the long run, you will have to have a computer radio system manufactured by Radiolink or Futaba.

Their 4-channel control system is perfect for controlling different accessories.

Built-in Gyro, anti-interference, and lots of useful features make it a very popular upgrade in the Arrma community.

Remote Controller: Radiolink RC4GS V2 4 Channels RC Transmitter

4. Chassis

For a chassis upgrade, choose no other material than aluminum because it is strong, durable, and lightweight.

I have listed 3 different options. The first one is the complete kit which is better for beginners.

On the second and third options, you will see different grades of aluminum chassis.

Getting 7075 will be the best option. What I like about them is that they are machined from single-piece metal.

For sure, the upgraded chassis will not bend easily like the stock one.

Chassis Stage 1: Arrma Kraton 6s Basher Upgrade Kit Stage 1

High-end Option: Solid Aluminum 7075-T651 Chassis

Low-cost Option: Solid Aluminum 6061-T651 Chassis

5. Servo

Lots of Kraton users have complained about the performance of the servo motor.

That is why I like to recommend a 15kg waterproof Kraton 6s compatible servo.

Those who like to drive the RC crawler on rough and wet terrains should buy it. Also, I don’t like the stock servo mount which is made of plastic.

As the listing doesn’t include metal horns, I have suggested one in the third position of the list here.

Buy all three parts for a complete steering upgrade of your Arrma Kraton 6s.

Servo: Arrma INFRACTION 6s

Servo Mount: Aluminum Steering Servo Mount Set

Servo Horn: ARRMA AR340102 Servo Horn Metal 25T Aluminum

6. Motor & ESC

If you read the discussions on stock BLX 180 ESC used in your Kraton 6s, you will know that its performance is not satisfactory.

Reports of damaged electronics or burned coil are common in Kraton. That is why you should buy a good-quality aftermarket ESC.

I am recommending you to buy one either from Hobbywing, Castle Creation, or Tekin. Or, getting their motor-ESC combo option is also a very good idea.


Motor: SURPASS HOBBY Rocket 540 V3 Sensored Brushless Motor

Combo: Castle Creations Sv3 Waterproof

7. Wheels & Tires

For all RC enthusiasts, it is clear that there are very few options when it comes to the tire upgrade.

Pro-line makes one of the best RC tires and wheels in the market. You can always go for the Arrma manufactured ones.

But they are not as good as the racing wheel and tire set from Pro-line. What I don’t like about the stock option is its thinner profile with very little traction.

High-end Option: Pro-line Racing 3.8″ MT Tires

Economical Option: ARRMA KRATON 6S V5 BLX – TIRES & WHEELS

8. Suspension

Lastly, I want to mention one of the best aftermarket shocks for Arrma Kraton 6s.

Here, GPM is the first choice of Kraton users. It is because of their durability, shock-absorbing ability which is far better than the stock ones.

Silicone oil and two-section spring design take the credit for these shocks’ reliable performance.

Front Shocks: GPM Arrma 6S BLX Aluminum Front

Rear Shocks: GPM Arrma 6S BLX Aluminum Rear

Kraton 6s Accessories Upgrades

The first and most important accessory you must buy is the aftermarket bumper from T-Bone.

The stock one does the job but you can’t rely on it for harder objects or impacts.

After that, consider changing some stock plastic parts with metal ones. For example, you can upgrade the lower suspension mount.

Also, change the bearings with the sealed bearing kit. For LED lights, you can check out this 105mm aluminum light bar.

Lastly, check out this website which has lots of accessories and upgrade parts for your Kraton 6s.


Those are all about Kraton 6s upgrades. Now, it is your task to prioritize the parts and replace them accordingly.

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