7 Easy & Quick Everest 10 Upgrades for Maximum Performance

Everest 10 is an all-time favorite to RC fans. The Everest 10 upgrades shown in this article are proven in the tracks by Redcat Racing RC hobbyists.

I have listed the parts according to their importance for improving Everest 10’s overall performance.

Get the budget required for this task, order them one by one, install them, and test them on the field.

Everest 10 Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

You will have to spend around $35 for battery, $65 for motor and ESC, $63 for servo, $72 for 6-channel transmitter, $31 for wheels, $64 for transmission, and $23 for shock upgrades.

In total, one can have all the necessary Everest 10 upgrades spending only about $350 to $370.

But you must keep in mind that the cost is calculated excluding the accessories part. Because those are the optional parts, and you can buy things according to your needs and budget.

Everest 10 Upgrade Ideas:

Here are the 7 best ideas for replacing the stock parts. Let’s get started.

1. Battery

The pre-requisite of upgrading the motor is installing a LiPo battery with higher capacity.

In Everest 10 RC car, the stock part is a 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH battery. Here, I am proposing a GOLDBAT 5200mAh 80C 2S 7.4V RC LiPo Battery.

It will almost double the runtime even after replacing the stock motor with a more powerful one.

To make the LiPo battery pack compatible with the system, you have to use the conversion cable adapter mentioned below. It is required for charging.

Battery Packs: 29 GOLDBAT 5200mAh 2S

Adapter Wire: 6 Youme RC Lipo Battery Charger Conversion Cable

2. Motor and ESC

Now, let’s talk about the motor and ESC upgrade. You can always opt for a combo. But my research suggests buying the parts separately.

The factory part includes a 54T RC540 brushed motor, and a waterproof crawler 40A ESC.

Those who intend to race on rough tracks with lots of obstacles should get a 35T model.

It will give your Everest 10 an acceleration boost but the top speed will be reduced.

The ESC given with the RC is good enough. But you can go for an upgraded part from Hobbywing for better performance and more longevity.

The stock ESC is 40 amps whereas the QUICKRUN WP 1080 is 80 amps.

What I like are its 15 programmable categories that include PWM and drag brake performance. So, you can consider it.

Motor: 19 Axial AX31312 35T Electric Motor

ESC: 44 Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080 Waterproof ESC

3. Servo

While you are thinking about upgrading the motor, you should also inspect the performance of the stock servo.

With HEXFLY 15kg metal gear servo in your Everest 10, you won’t be able to upgrade the steering and wheels.

That is why replacing the old with a 25kg aftermarket part will be sufficient for heavy modifications. On the plus side, these servo motors are waterproof.

After that, upgrade the servo link and servo horn accordingly. Otherwise, you won’t get the expected result from the upgrades.

Servo Set: 43 Hexfly Servo 25KG (Qty 2) Metal Gear Waterproof Servo

Servo Link: 10 Redcat Racing 18021 Servo Linkage

Servo Horn: 10 ShareGoo 5PCS Aluminum 25T Servo Horn

4. Controller

Along the way of modifications, you may need a controller with more than 2 channels.

Because there are lots of accessories that you would want to control besides the motor and servo.

That is why I recommend a 6-channel RC Transmitter to control your RC car.

The biggest benefit of investing in Flysky FS-GT5 is that it has a 2-way transmission ability.

Transceiver: 72 Flysky FS-GT5 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter

5. Wheels and Tires

Despite showing separate parts (rims and tires), I have decided to suggest a complete package.

Almost all RC cars and trucks come with poor-quality tires with very low traction power.

That is why all RC hobbyists replace the tires and wheels the first chance they get. I am recommending a set from Miuezuth.

It has large and deep lugs to get the maximum grip on any surface.

Tire Rim Combo: 31 1.9″ 110mm 1/10 Rock Crawler Tires

6. Transmission

For upgrading the transmission system, you can buy RC SLL Transmission Gearbox Tranny with Straight Gear.

At the same time, get a set of Stainless-Steel Centre Transmission Shaft. Together, you will be able to get a reliable combination.

These metal parts resemble the real thing on a 1/10th scale. And, they support the modifications you are doing in other parts.

Drive Shaft: 22 REhobby 2PCS Stainless Steel Centre Transmission Shaft

Gearbox: 42 Full Metal Assembled Transmission Gearbox

7. Suspension

The last upgrade idea in the main section is replacing the old shocks with a better one.

Here, I like HobbyCrawler oil-adjustable alloy shocks because of their strength and performance.

You can fill front and rear shocks with oil to get the maximum absorbing effect. Thus, the RC car or truck will be stable and has better maneuverability.

Shocks: 23 Shock Absorber Damper 130mm

Everest 10 Accessories Upgrades

When I say accessories, you may think of lights, guards, etc. But I have included some other parts in this section too because they are not that important.

1. running 48DP 3.175mm Pinion Motor Gear

As the best thing to do is replace the plastic parts with metal ones, I think that installing metal pinion motor gears makes your RC trouble-free.

2. 304 Stainless Steel Fully Threaded Rods

I have seen lots of complaints about the bad quality of stock rods. Replace them with these 604 stainless steel fully threaded ones.

3. Hobbypark Aluminum Center Link Ball Mounts

Plastic ball mounts are durable but they are not that good to withstand heavy beatings. So, buy a set of aluminum center link ball mounts.

4. 12mm Wheel Hex Hub 20mm Extension Adaptor

Like the previous metal parts, it will be better to install these Hub 20mm Extension Adaptors. They will let you install bigger and better wheels.

5. Redcat Racing 18084 Side Linkage

The quality of the factory default side linkage is not good enough. Hence, replace the old ones with the metal linkage for better performance.

6. Apex RC Products Green 1/10 Large Bent RC Anodized Body Clips

I don’t have to tell you anything about the metal body clips because you will know their importance after installing them.

7. Kalevel Led Light for RC Car Trucks

Finally, I have got some LED lights to decorate your Everest 10. There are several other options besides this listing. Explore some more to get the right one.

8. Venom Low Voltage Monitor for 2S to 8S LiPo Batteries

Getting an audible alarm for low battery voltage is useful. It can protect the battery from being dead.


That is all about the Redcat Racing Everest 10 upgrades. I hope that the products have helped you get your desired results.

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