8 Appealing Redcat Shredder Upgrades and Modifications

Redcat Shredder is a large scale brushless truck at an affordable price. Usually, large scale rc trucks are expensive. People who are looking for a large scale rc ownership within budget, this is for them.

However, to make it affordable, Redcat has traded off different component quality a bit. Many of the parts such as the gear are made with cheap plastic.

Besides, you can upgrade those parts with better ones to get more impressive performance from this truck.

This article explains all the possible upgrades of a Redcat shredder.

What Is The Cost For The Upgrades?

You will need around $80 to 100 for the motor, around $130 to 150 for the esc, around 20 to 25 for gears and mounts, and around 50 to 70 for tires.

The total cost will be around $300 to 400. Let’s check out the products and parts.

8 Awesome Upgrades of Redcat Shredder:

1. Shock Oil

Upgrade the default shock oil to ensure better performance. You can use shock oil of 75 wt to 90 wt.  One of the users got good result by using 80 wt shock oil. So we would recommend that.

TEAM LOSI RACING Silicone Shock Oil

2. Motor

The Redcat shredder comes with a 1300 kv brushless motor. You can replace the motor with a more powerful one to get more speed and efficacy. The one that we will suggest is a 2000 kv sensor less and brushless motor.

1st Option:  Leopard 2000 kv motor

2nd Option: Leopard 4082 1600kv motor

3. ESC

It has an 80 A brushless ESC which is fairly fast. But if you want to run it faster you can upgrade to a 120 A or even a 200 A one. 

1st Option: 120A MAMBA Monster ESC

2nd Option: 200 A  Trackstar Brushless ESC

3rd Option: Arrma BLX 185 (150a) ESC

The 120 A one is compatible with 2S LiPo to a maximum of 6S LiPo and the 200 A can be installed if you have a 6S or 8S LiPo. 

4. Gear

The spur gear of this rc truck is plastic made. So, if you want to make the truck more durable it’s better to get a metal spur gear. The pinion gears can be upgraded to 16T or 17T.

Spur gear: Redcat Steel Spur Gear

5. Motor Mount

When you upgrade the spur gear with a metal one, it can create problem in the adjustment of pinion gear.  The pinion gears can keep tearing up if the motor is not mounted. Hence, you’ll need to upgrade the motor mount too.

Suggestion: Redcat Aluminum Motor Mount

6. Servo Mount

The servo mount that this rc truck comes with get flexed under load which cause degradation in turning radius and slower response time with less power.

The slop in the steering system will be reduced greatly if you get a better servo mount. You can get the following mount as an upgrade.

Suggestion: 6061 Aluminium Servo Mount

7. Battery

This rc truck comes with 2S LiPo battery. LiPo batteries are quite good. But if you want more power, you can upgrade the 2S batteries to 4S.

I recommend not to upgrade the batteries to 6S. Because they are too fast and you won’t need them.  Rather you will face different problems with them.

8. Tires

One of the biggest cons of this shredder is its wheel.  They are balloon like and very cheaply made. They have an extra large turn radius. You can upgrade them with a bit wider tire that can provide better grip.

1st option: Proline Badland Tire

You can get Xxmax tires too.


If you have gone through the article, you now have a good idea about the redcat shredder upgrades. Apart from the aforementioned upgrades, you can add some others if you think that would help you. You’ll get more information and experience of other users from different forums. However, some of these upgrades may seem costly to you, but once you do them, you will really get impressed by the performance of your Redcat shredder.

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