5 Effective Modifications & Upgrades for Kraton 8s

The ARRMA Kraton 8S is widely popular as the RC Speed Monster Truck since it is fast, tough, and equipped with nearly everything you need. Also, it comes ready to run out of the box condition.

But based on several users’ and RC Experts’ opinions, it has some notable weak points too, where you should perform some effective Mods or upgrades to improve its overall speed, torque, and performance quality.

That’s why in today’s article, I have decided to address five major upgrades which one can perform on their Kraton 8s-

Mods Or UpgradesReasons
Short Wheelbase ChassisThe Stock Chassis setup is weaker and many users claimed that they had hard time using the Kraton 8s due to the Stock Chassis part.
Steering ServoThe stock steering gives pretty hard time and users have noticed that it does not provide enough crawling capacity.
BatteryMany users claimed that the stock battery of the Kraton 8s is pretty weak and does not provide enough runtime.
Wheels & TiresKraton 8s vehicle’s stock wheels and tires are not durable and reliable enough for long run.
Motor & ESCUpgrading the Stock motor along with the ESC will increase the torque, speed and overall performance of your Kraton 8s.

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade Your Kraton 8s? 

Approximately, the total cost of performing quality upgrades on your Kraton 8s RC vehicle’s will be around 500 – 600 bucks.

You need to spend around $100-$150 for the Motor or ESC, $50-$80 for Steering Servo, $80-$100 for Chassis upgrade, and $80-$100 for other body kits.

Remember, performing quality upgrades can sometimes cost some extra bucks, based on your Kraton 8s RC vehicle’s current status and your preferences. 

5 Upgrades Of Kraton 8s:

Let’s have a look at five most effective upgrades to perform on your Kraton 8s RC vehicle or truck and also get a clear idea of how much they will cost you-

1. Short Wheelbase Chassis Upgrade

Although the Kraton 8s RC vehicles perform like beasts, they also have a major weakness, and it’s the stock chassis of these RC vehicles.

Many users have already mentioned this particular issue on several forums, but it is a pretty easily fixable problem.

All you have to do is to change the stock parts with any available quality short Wheelbase Conversion kit and Chassis upgrade option.

Recommended Options:

Arrma Kraton 8s Conversion KIT

SLT V5 4WD Buggy Conversion Kit

M2C Aluminum MBX8 Chassis Kit

M2C Tekno ET48.3 Truggy Chassis

Mostly these kits come with all necessary accessories and supporting parts or connectors, but if your selected upgrade kit miss any required accessories visit https://customrcupgrades.com/arrma-8s/ or https://www.amainhobbies.com/ .

2. Steering Servo Upgrade

Although the stock or factory assembled steering Servo setup of the Kraton 8s vehicle is not bad and does the job decently, many users have mentioned that the stock Servo seems a little bit weaker than their expectations.

So, the best way to improve the Servo performance is to change it with a better performing and strong Servo Mod.

High-end Recommendation:

Servo – Savox SW-0241MG Waterproof

Affordable Recommendations:

Savox SC-1257TG Titanium Gear Servo

Savox Digital 20kg Coreless Titanium Gear Servo

Steering S905 Spektrum 15t Arrma BLX 1/5 AR110002

3. Battery Upgrade

Although the stock battery setup of the Kraton 8s RC beast provides a decent amount of runtime, many users often look for ways to increase the runtime capacity of their Kraton 8s vehicle, which brings our next modification option.

When you want more runtime capacity on your RC, you need to upgrade the stock battery setup with any better quality LiPo battery option.

Recommended Options:

Hard Case LiPo 5450 3S 11.1v Battery Pack

Stainless Steel Battery Tray

Cheaper Option:

ZOP Power 14.8V 5000mAh 60C 4S Lipo Battery

4. Wheels & Tires

Many Kraton users have claimed that the stock wheels and tire are not powerful enough so, you need an upgrade option to add more torque, power, and durability to your RC vehicle’s Wheels & Tires.

Recommended options:

1/5 Impulse Pro-Loc Front/Rear 24mm X-MAXX Wheels

1/5 Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc F/R X-MAXX MTD 24mm Tires

Duratrax Lockup X Belted Mounted Tires

24MM Alloy Wheel Adapter Hex Wheel Nuts

5. Motor & ESC Upgrade

Although the factory assembled Motor and ESC of the Kraton 8s perform pretty decently, several Kraton users have complained about the overall performance level of these stock parts.

According to those users, the stock motor and ESC are not bad entirely, but they seem quite weaker to reach out to this RC truck’s 100% potentiality.

Recommended Options:

Leopard 5898 4-pole Brushless Inrunner Motor

HobbyStar 5692 Brushless, Sensorless 1/5 Scale 4-Pole Motor

Hobbywing EZRun MAX5 V3 1/5 Scale Waterproof Brushless ESC

Combo Recommendation:

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X 8S 1/6 ESC/Motor Combo

Kraton 8s Accessories Upgrades:

Besides the above discussed upgrading options or parts, you will also need a standard toolbox, which contains all the necessary repairing tools such as a millimeter hex driver, pilers, smaller Wrench, multi-bit screwdriver, wrapping tape, cables or connectors, nuts, and bolts.

You might also require accessories such as the Arrma 8S BLX Receiver Box , 32 pitch pinion gear 5mm , Arrma Kraton 1/5 8s BLX Front or Rear Steel CVD Axle Driveshaft Set and FRONT & REAR STEEL CVD & AXLE SET to complete performing necessary modifications and upgrades on your Kraton 8s.

Besides the mentioned replacements parts and supporting accessories, you might need some other components so you can visit the following links to see other available options-


https://m2cracing.net/16-cars-and-trucks .


Although the ARRMA Kraton 8S monster truck comes with nearly everything one needs to use their RC out of the box, that does not mean it does not come with potential rooms for performing some Must-Do modifications and upgrades. Besides, these earlier discussed modifications and upgrade options are pretty cost-effective and easy to perform.

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