Axial Wraith Spawn Upgrades for Maximum Performance

The axial wraith spawn has a great shaft crawler with a nice wide stance. It also handles speed pretty well as a rock racer. The scale detail is good too.

But do you want better performance? Do you want to know the best axial wraith spawn Upgrades? Read this article to know both expensive and low-cost upgrade alternatives.

In each part, you will know the benefits of these upgrades, and what you are getting for the money.

For your convenience, I have gathered the upgrade suggestions from experts. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

One has to spend around $80 for motor, $20 for ESC, $60 for wheels, $196 for axles, and $32 for tires.

Axial wraith spawn is a very popular model with lots of different mods and upgrades. Spending almost 500 bucks, you will be able to get a decent upgrade.

Adding some accessories to your buying list will increase the estimated cost. Also, keep in mind that the prices of the parts can be changed anytime.

However, I will always suggest you increase the budget if possible because you will be missing out on a lot in this budget.

7 Upgrades Axial Wraith Spawn:

1. Gearbox

Since we are upgrading the motor from brushed to brush-less, you need a gearbox that is more durable than the stock one. So, you can go for the billet gearbox from Integy. It will be smoother, stronger, and more durable than the other.

Integy RC Model C26305ORANGE Billet Machined Gear Box

2. Servo

If you want to go for a dependable option, I have brought two options – The expensive one and the budget-friendly one. 

The high-end one offers super strong and precision-made titanium gears for high durability that will survive heavy use.

And the budget-friendly one is made of Copper & Aluminum or Stainless Steel & Aluminum.

Option one: Savox .11/486.1 7.4V HV Coreless Digital Servo

Option two: ZOSKAY 35kg high Torque Coreless Motor servo

Option three: Hitec 37954S HS-7954SH High Voltage Ultra Torque Dual BB Servo

3. Metal driveshafts

The stock one is plastic-made. However, this won’t be an issue. But you should upgrade the drive-train from plastic to heavier metal for better results.

Gmade Hardened Universal Shaft Axial Wraith

4. Axles

For the smoothest steering experience, you need to upgrade the stock axle in your axial wraith spawn.

The aftermarket parts I am going to suggest here are also very durable. Take the one from Universal for example.

This Universal Joint Axle increases the steering angle to 50 degrees. The metal axles should be at both front and rear. And it would be nice if everything is metal.

Axial AX30780 Universal Axle Set

For tubes: GoolRC Stainless Steel Axle Tubes

5. ESC

According to my opinion, the most bang for your ESC buck is the Traxxas Castle Creations Mamba Max. It’s tuneable via the Castle Link USB connector.

Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro 1/10 Brushless ESC

6. Motor

You should upgrade to a fully waterproofed sensor-ed brush-less setup from the brushed motor. The whole range is widened and seems better all-around with much higher speed.

I highly recommend Holmes Hobby 3300kv Puller Pro Stubby in Wraith Spawn. You couldn’t be happier with the setup and water proof-sens.


Option two: BETAFPV 1805 1550KV/2550KV Brushless Motor

If you want a brushless, it must be sensored. 

Again, you can also go for brushed stuff. If the brushed motor you choose doesn’t quite give you the speed you want, you can always change the spur and pinion gears to make up for it. 

7. Tires

One of the must-have upgrades for RC cars is replacing their tires. Stock tires are not suitable for going over large objects. According to my research, duratrax has the best tires for wraith spawn.

I particularly like its super aggressive tire tread pattern with incredible big lugs. It is taller and wider than the stock ones.

Option one: Showdown CR 1.9″ Crawler Tires

Option two: Hot Bodies 67772 Rover Tire

Axial Wraith Spawn Accessories Upgrades

The first and most important accessory upgrade according to the pro racers is to have Axial Universal 5 Bucket Light Bar Set.

Clicking on the link, you will find a durable and high-quality lighting system for your wraith.

You can upgrade with TopCad Aluminum Heavy Duty Steering Block, Topcad Aluminum Hex Wheel Hub 3mm Widener, GMP Racing Alloy Front/Rear Axle Housing, TopCad Aluminum Steering Linkage Gun Metal for Axial, Vanquish Products Axial Wraith Steering Knuckles Grey Anodized


Those are some of the best axial wraith spawn upgrades with the best prices. For your convenience, I have included both expensive and low-budget options. So, everyone gets to upgrade their axial wraith and beat the competition. Or, having more power and performance will only increase the fun.

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