6 Appealing Redcat Everest 10 Upgrades and Modifications

The Everest trucks from the Redcat brand have gathered quite good reviews compared to their other models. Redcat Everest 10 has also got many good features.

However, as they have an entry-level price, many parts of them including the locking mechanism, the plate on the bottom of the truck, etc, are plastic made which can be upgraded to metal for durability and stiffness.

Other parts can also be included to reduce the weight and increase the efficiency of the crawler. This article will explain all Redcat Everest 10 upgrades for you in detail. The upgrades will give a boost to the performance of the crawler. So let’s start.

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

One has to spend around $20 for the motor, $10 for the pinion gear, $50 for servo, $60 for wheels, $32 for tires, and $100 for the battery.

Redcat everest 10 is a very popular model with lots of different mods and upgrades. Spending almost 400 to 500 bucks, you will be able to get a decent upgrade. 

Adding some accessories to your buying list will increase the estimated cost. Also, keep in mind that the prices of the parts can be changed anytime.

However, I will always suggest you increase the budget if possible because you will be missing out on a lot in this budget.

6 Upgrades of Redcat everest 10:

1. Motor

This crawler initially comes with a 54T RC540 brushed motor which is slower. The crawler sometimes lifts up on one side and loses traction with the torque of this motor.

You can easily upgrade this motor and get better speed with better efficiency.

A brushless motor can also be installed. The speed will get increased by two times or even more if you use any of the following motors.

1st option: Axial 27T Brushed Motor

2nd Option:  Axial 35T Brushed Motor

3rd Option: Redcat 4400kv brushless motor

2. Pinion Gear

A better pinion gear upgrade will help increase the speed of this crawler. It will also give better efficiency to the motor. You can get either a 32P gear spur with 17T pinion gear or a 48P one. Any pinion gear ranging from 13t to 18T will be good for this crawler. So you can opt for any of the mentioned options.

1st Option: 32P gear spur pinion gear 17T

2nd Option: RCRunning pinion gear set 13T-18T

3. Servo 

The servo has enough power according to the size and weight of the crawler. In general, a heavier servo will be able to produce more torque. Hence, the stock servo can be upgraded for better torque and better power. 

1st Option: Hexfly Servo 25KG Metal Gear Waterproof Servo

2nd Option: Power HD 20kg metal- gear waterproof servo

4. Battery

It comes with 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH Battery and NiMH charger in default. Upgrading your battery to a LiPo one will give a noticeable change in the speed of your crawler.

The NiMH battery is heavy which makes your crawler heavier. But LiPo batteries like GOLDBAT 2S 7.4V 7200mAh 50C Hard Case RC LiPo Battery are light and efficient. 

5. Esc

This RC crawler comes with a 40 A Brushed Waterproof ESC. So if you want more power, you can easily replace the ESC with one that has more ampere.

There are different options available for this replacement. But the following two are the most favorite of many users.

1st Option: hobbywing max10 SCT RTR 80amp ESC-3s lipo

2nd Option: Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080 waterproof brushed ESC

3rd Option (Brushless): quicrun Hobbywing 60amp brushless esc

6. Tire

The crawler comes with Beadlock 2.2 tires which are extra wide and heavier. These tires can be replaced for better off-road traction and better grip. 

1st Option: 2.2″ 130mm Rubber RC Tires – Ultra Soft Beadlock Tires

2nd Option: Duratrax deep woods cr c3 mounted 2.2 black crome

The mentioned tires are softer and stickier than the stock ones. 

You can also upgrade the rims with RCLIONS Aluminum Alloy 2.2″ Beadlock Rims.  

Other Accessory Upgrades

Apart from the above-mentioned parts, some accessories will also need an upgrade. These upgrades will improve your experience with this crawler.

Shock Absorber: shock absorber helps to damp the bouncing motion of the crawler’s body after it encounters a bump. It keeps the motion under control. Upgrade the absorber for better control of the crawler.

Suggestion: Shock Absorber Damper 130mm Oil Adjustable Alloy Aluminum

Mounts: You can upgrade the mounts with the following one.

Suggestion: Hobbypark Aluminum Center Link Ball Mounts

Adaptor: Get the Adaptor upgraded with 12mm Wheel Hex Hub 20mm Extension Adaptor 


This article gives you an idea about the main upgrades of the Redcat Everest 10 crawler. Other than these, there are some other upgrades you can perform such as the connectors, servo linkage, and side linkage. The whole upgrade process may cost about $400. It may seem a bit costly for some users but these upgrades will help you get the best out of the crawler.

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