7 Upgrades and Modifications for ProBoat Sonicwake 36

The Pro Boat Sonicwake 36 with a 4-pole 1900KV Brushless motor is one of the best self-righting deep-V out there. Whether it’s choppy waters or still waves, go full throttle with this   

But what are the upgrades that make a Sonicwake more desirable? How much does it cost?

Whatever it is you’re looking for, I have it for you in this blog! Fix up your ProBoat Sonicwake 36 to get the best boating performance out of it!

ProBoat Sonicwake 36 Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

The entire upgrade will cost you about $410-910.

You can upgrade the Flex Shaft at $40-80, $50-150 on Motor & ESC, up to $20-100 on speed prop, $60-120 on the cooling system, $160-200 on the Hull and Transom, and $50-80 on batteries.

you can upgrade other accessories for $30-80 dollars.

7 ProBoat Sonicwake 36 Rustler Upgrades:

There is a lot of potential for an upgrade in this boat. Moreover, there is a lot of option for each part as well. I am going to keep this blog limited to absolute essentials and the most exciting ones!

1. Flex Shaft

Usually what happens in second-hand Sonicwake purchases is that the flex shaft is damaged. The flex shaft is way out and needs replacement.

Moreover, the shafts get bent or twisted due to weed getting stuck or just due to full throttle speed in choppy waters. 

While replacing a little research can give you an idea about the better, more durable, and sturdy flex shafts. It is necessary because they endure a lot.

I am saving you the time of that research as I suggest you the OSE Upgraded Heavy Duty Flex Shaft With Bullet Tip.

Moreover, you can get a flex shaft from any of these brands: Proboat Veles 29, Volantex Vector Pro, FT009 With Rescue Rigging, Traxxas Spartan, Hobbyking/Tfl Pursuit.

Additional Option: Dremel Flex Shaft

2. Motor & ESC

The most sought-after set up for a ProBoat Sonicwake is a 6S setup. Not likely to increase speed, but to increase the runtime. And an additional speed would just be a lucky bonus.

But if your motor and ESC do not support the setup, overheating happens. Most of the time it is difficult to find a proper combination of motor and ESC for this setup.

For example, a lower KV motor won’t likely support 6S. Again a higher KV motor with a low support ESC will not hold up and will be overkill. Again 1900KV, although low, may be hard on your prop.

So if you are not looking for a 6S upgrade, go for a 1900 KV motor (maybe the stock Dynamite stays?). With that get a SeaKing 180a ESC.

Note: (you might need a dual rudder to pick up installation for the cooling system! More one that is below)

For a good economic option, go with a 4074 motor 1400-1600KV motor with a OSE Raider 150.

Flycolor or Turnigy would do too! Here are a few more options:

Separate Option: Leopard 3674 1050KV 4-Pole Brushless motor, Hobbywing Seaking 180A V3.

3. Speed Prop

Are you getting 59mph+ speed with your prop? If not, it’s time to reconsider your prop options. Moreover, props frequently get wasted by hitting something in the water. Overheating occurs too when you don’t have the right prop for the power you have.

The goal is to get a smooth oval run in the water with super control, even in 6S. For that, you would need to opt for a lower pitch prop. A Grim Racer 42×55 1.3 pitch prop is a suitable option here. This is the best option for 6S too!

I know many of you have heard about Dasboata props. But trust me they overheat a lot with stock cooling. These props hitting 70.8 mph is alluring I know. But the props from Doctorprops would probably be a better option.

Octura M445 1.4 pitch is another option for a 4074 2150Kv on 4S.

4. Pickup Rudder

A cooling system is very important for the Sonicwake. The stock cooling system doesn’t support the high mod upgrades.

A pickup rudder is a part of the cooling system. Shifting to a dual pickup rudder system would be best for high-power modification on the boat. This will cut off the overheating.

Combo Cooling Option: BoatBitz – Proboat Sonicwake complete upgrade cooling kit, OSE Dual Water Pickup up Rudder

5. Turn Fins

Turn fins are also a part of the cooling system. As discussed before, the stock turn fins are not as effective. Replace these with OSE ones. Or here are more options:

Combo Option: Pro Boat PRB281070 Trim Tab & Turn Fins : Sonicwake 36

Cost-Effective Option: Proboat Sonicwake 36in upgrade turn fins PB70,

6. Hull and Transom

Hull is a part that is prone to breaking or twisting frequently. This happens in the case of hard crashes. But hard crashes also damage the transom. The stock hull is plastic. The stock transom is pretty basic too.

If you have a second-hand boat, you need to change the hull. Because there might be a change in shape that you are not aware of. This can reduce the performance of your boat.

The Pro Boat Hull Sonicwake 36 PRB281067 is a top choice.

7. Battery

Selecting the type of battery is crucial. It affects so much in the performance of the motor, the ESC, the props and even the cooling system.

If you are running a 2200 KV on a 6S, the boat will be uncontrollable. In this case, you need to opt for a 4S. Just because it was a lower KV motor.

A 5000 mAh LiPo is alluring if you have the necessary mods like high-end motor and ESC. 

ProBoat Sonicwake 36 Accessories Upgrades

One interesting accessory is getting a flood diffuser at the rear of the boat. The Hot Racing flood diffuser is a good choice.

You can also install a GPS, which is not necessary but interesting addition.

Moreover, you can upgrade the water outlet such as this one, the bulkhead fitting for the water outlet, and a ¼” clear sized tubing. I am suggesting a lot of OSE parts but they are really good!

Moreover, you may want to upgrade the trim tabs too. Something strong off eBay.

And lastly, you can upgrade the servo if you are not getting optimum output. The Fan Model – FS-20W 20KG/0.14S Waterproof High Torque Metal Gear Standard Digital Servo is a good choice.


As you can see from this blog, there are a lot of exciting things to upgrade in a Sonicwake. Yes, it costs a bit much but it will be worth it! Moreover, for the fastest ride on the water, your Sonicwake is there for you! So why not go for the best possible optimization you can find?

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