6 Losi 22S SCT Upgrades and Accessories for Best Performance

For the new RC enthusiasts, Losi 22S SCT is a perfect choice! This RTR blazes not only in your backyard but also any entry level race!

But is the race-proven suspension geometry really enough? Can you make the entry-level RC into a race-level short course truck? Will it cost you a fortune?

YES you can upgrade your RC and no it won’t cost you a fortune! By adding simple upgrades you can amp up the speed and performance any day! Don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry I got you covered in this blog!

Losi 22S SCT Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

The entire upgrade will cost you about $570-1000.

You can upgrade the motor at $75-150, $120-150 on ESC, up to $20-50 on the servo, $85-120 on battery, $24-60 on each tire, around $20 on pinion gears, and $100-200 on Transmitter Receiver.

6 Losi 22S SCT Upgrades:

A few components are incredibly weak in this crawler. Some of these rigs are incredibly basic. Upgrading them should be a priority.

Here’s what you should upgrade in your Temper Gen 2 and the cost associated with them.

1. Motor & ESC

Losi 22 SCT usually comes with Dynamite’s 60A 2S ESC and Dynamite’s 12T 550 brushed motor. Although the motor-ESC duo provides great power.

However, you can gain a new class to race truck and gain some power.

My research says, switching to a 13.5T,17.5 or a 25.5T can get you enough power and torque. 17.5T may be a little too small. But it depends on what modifications you go for later. If you go buggy later then get 13.5T.

That being said, I believe a Surpass Hobby V4S, V5R, R1 could be a good choice. You can combine any of these with a HobbyWing XR10 pro stock ESC.

Note that an XR8 may not fit a 1/10 buggy. Because it is larger than the XR10 and can run with a 4S.

Want to know about another insane suggestion? Get the Pro Performance RC XSC150P. It is the perfect example of a power-packed ESC that is smooth as butter!

2. Servo/Steering

Losi 22S comes with a servo from Spektrum. It is a heavy 6kg waterproof servo. Although it claims to course the truck through all terrains, it hardly delivers the promise.

The inadequate steering servo needs to be upgraded. Another issue is the steering linkage popping off the balls frequently.

In the case of choosing servo steering, you need to know about torque requirements. My suggestion would be to go with high torque, low speed, or a mid-range for both.

Here’s a little detail: if the motor size is 540/550, the scale will be 1/10. Similarly, 550 is for 1/8 scale. A 4 pole motor has more torque than a 2 pole. For spec class racing go for a 17.5T. And for an open class, it’s usually a 10.5T.

1st Option: Traxxas Arrma Losi

2nd Option: Universal 1/10 Rc

3. Battery

Losi 22S SCT comes with a pretty strong battery. But you may want to save some weight or some money. I would suggest a 4500mAh-5500mAh in the 40C range. A lower mAh is lighter and lower C-rates are less expensive.

If you ditch the glitch buster, it will save you some weight. If you run a 6500mAh at 70C. But I’ll be honest, 2WDs don’t need higher mAh batteries. A 25C or 35C works fine. 

For a 4-pole or 550 cans, a higher C is a must for a 4WD. The 5000’s and the 6500’s don’t have a big weight difference. But the 6500s go faster with a 3300kv motor. There’s also much more torque. Not to mention 45+mins run time.

Let me tell you about an amazing battery which might be a bit expensive. But it is worth the money. Try the one by Gens ace.

4. Tires

The truck comes with MAXXIS Razr MT Tires. These scaled-down Razr MT tires have a macho tread pattern.

But you could always go with a bigger and sturdier tire. Strong durable tires make the trucks long-lasting. Moreover, the tires should back up the huge power upgrade you are getting.

Expensive Option: Badlands SC 2.2″/3.0″ Tires

Cost-effective Option: Street Fighter SC 2.2″/3.0″ Tires

5. Pinion Gear

When it comes to gears, usually the spur gears don’t need a change. But the pinion gears, however small, are important. You will find this especially important in the case of upgrading to a brushless version.

Now gear selection is based on a few conditions. The type of track the RC runs on. And then temperatures, to avoid motor or ESC overheating. Your track-type could belong straights/ tight or technical.

The 22SCT by default comes with an 84T spur. You can run moderate capacity trucks on 18T pinion. The motor temperature may increase up to 120 degrees.

You can use gears with more teeth though. But it is not a necessity. Companies make pinions with 3 and 5-millimeter bores that are mod 1 pitched.

Tekno makes good pinions. Mod 1 15T pinions from Novak are a fresh pick as well.

More suggestions are:

25T Pinion Gears of 5mm bore.

Steel Pinion Gears of 17T, 21T, 23T.

6. Transmitter-Receiver

The Losi truck comes with a Spektrum™ STX2 Transmitter. It has a three-position throttle-limiting switch. This makes driving the 22S easier.

But for a much smoother reverse, especially in rough terrains, go for a better transmitter. In this case, choose a transmitter that gives a faster and smoother response.

I have heard good reviews about the DX5C Transmitter. Along with this one, you can go for an SR6110AT DSMR Telemetry Receiver.

Losi 22S SCT Accessories Upgrades

Upgrade some aluminum camber from Amazon or eBay. For example, this one.

While we’re at it, you may as well get some turnbuckles from eBay. Preferably aluminum ones. Get some shock towers and shock tower mounts as well.

Here are some aluminum parts you can get: Front Caster Block, Bearing Steering Mount, Servo Mount, Front Pivot, Pivot, Bulkhead, Hex Wheels, Front Knuckle Spindle Set, Rear Hub.

I would also suggest some Steel Spur Gear, Kevlar NBR Slipper Pad, Chassis Dirt Guard.


I know this blog must have got you worried because of all the expensive upgrades. But my research tells me these were the upgrades that worked the best for most people.

Replacing cheaper parts again and again? It amounts the same if you buy a quality part one time. Save yourself the hassle. Get your buggy ready for the most optimum performance of its life!

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