5 Awesome Upgrades for Kyosho Rage 2.0 SUV Racing Truck

The second-generation Range 2.0 SUV racing truck by Kyosho is the new RC dream! It has been redesigned to give the best performance at the old cost!

If you’ve been eyeing this truck and wondering about upgrades, very little is found on the internet. Despite that, are there chances of making the truck better? Can you upgrade the performance further? Does it cost a lot?

It’s your lucky day! I will be discussing the Rage 2.0 upgrades in this blog along with the costs. If YouTube and other blogs haven’t helped you much, then give this blog a read! I have done all the necessary research for you.

Kyosho Rage 2.0 SUV Racing Truck Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

The entire upgrade will cost you about $220-560.

You can upgrade the motor at $50-130, $80-120 on ESC, up to $40-100 on battery, $20-60 on pinion and spur gears, $20-70 on the metal chassis.

you can upgrade other accessories for $10-80 dollars.

5 Kyosho Rage 2.0 Upgrades:

Many people find the appearance of the Kyosho Rage 2.0 unflattering. Others aren’t attracted by the brushed power system of the truck.

Kyosho Rage 2.0, although remodeled, uses a heck of a lot of plastic parts! Especially on withstanding parts like the Chassis.

Here are the things that must be upgraded in a Kyosho Rage 2.0.

1. Motor and ESC

The motor and ESC upgrade is pretty basic. I don’t really need to bargain for it. Want to speed up? Upgrade the motor and ESC.

For the Kyosho Rage 2.0, I would suggest you get a 4250KV motor. Add a Hobbywing ESC to that. BOOM! Fast SUV truck!

Another option is to put a 1900 KV 1/8 scale motor from HobbyKing or Turingy.

Now if you don’t want to change the stock 2400 KV motor, I would suggest a Hobbywing EZRUN SC8 120amp ESC. It should handle 4S pretty perfectly.

Finally, if you allow me, I would like to suggest a pretty high-end motor. The Hobbywing XERUN V10 G3r 13.5 T. Should cost around 100 bucks. With this motor, get a Trackstar 150A GenII 1/8th Scale Sensored Brushless Car ESC.

Read on further and you will find a battery suggestion perfect for this motor-ESC combo.

2. Chassis

The overall speed of an RC car depends greatly on the motor. And, its ESC plays the role of controlling the speed.

Without the ESC, you won’t have a racing car anymore. So, you can realize the importance of buying the best one.

In the product suggestion part below, I have included both the expensive and cost-effective options for your consideration.

If I were you, I would not think about saving money on this upgrade. Also, getting a combo will save you a lot of trouble finding a matching ESC or motor.

Separate Option: Tenshock RC906 1250KV 6 Pole Brushless Motor, Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080

Combo Options: HOBBYWING Ezrun Max10 (Expensive), Jrelecs 540 55T 4 Poles Brushed Motor and WP-1060-RTR 60A Waterproof Brushed ESC

2. Pinion and Spur Gear

Your spur and pinion gear ratio will depend on the motor you are using. For example, if you are using a 1900KV 1/8 scale motor, you should go for the 18 tooth pinion.

Here’s the deal, spur gears are shit in this buggy. Why? Let me give you an example. When you mash the throttle to WOT, the car would make a loud pitch screeching noise. It will also not get enough speed even if the slipper clutch is tightened all the way in.

This just means that your spur gear has been toasted. Make sure the mesh between the spur and pinion gear is set properly.

High-End Option: 1/8 RC Car Pinion Gear Set Mod1, Spur Gear 75T

Cost-Effective Option: KYOSHO PINION GEAR (20T)

3. Battery

A change in battery will also bring you a fast racing experience. Besides that, a motor-ESC upgrade will require more power. Therefore, it is necessary to get a battery upgrade.

For example, with a Xerun v10 13.5T motor, Trackstar 1/8 Scale 150A ESC, how about a Graphene 3S 45C LiPO?

If you spend a few more bucks, you can get a Gens Ace battery like this one.

In case you don’t want 3S LiPO, you can switch to 2S LiPO. These buggies run smoothly on both. You might notice a few differences in speed though. But that’s it.

4. Chassis

Along with the body panel and frame, the most injured part often is the chassis. It houses everything, therefore, it has to be one of the strongest parts!

As I said before, the stock chassis is plastic. And therefore, rubbish. It is always better to get an aluminum upgrade for the chassis.  

High-End Option: CNC Aluminum Lightened Chassis

Cost-Effective Option: Kyosho Main Chassis Set

5. Tires & Foams

If it hasn’t come to your attention already, the stock towers are TERRIBLE. There is no foam in them. And on brushed power as well they balloon up badly.

Any tire would be better than these. You can swap them with some cheap but sturdy tires from amazon.

Make sure that the new tires are more firm, larger, and include foams. Why firm tires? Because when you’ll upgrade to a brushless system, those are going to be banging perfect!

A simple affordable option for tires would be this one. Or you can get one from Pro-Line.

Kyosho Rage 2.0 Accessories Upgrades

The first and most important accessory upgrade would be changing the body of the racer. As it is plastic, you can get a more durable and better-looking body part.

The second thing would be getting metal shock absorbers. Something off eBay that’s sturdy and budget-friendly. I would go for the Pro-Line shocks. Although they’re a bit costly.

If you have the budget, you can get a cool change of body screws as well. This increases durability. These parts are easily available on eBay.

Lastly, you could upgrade the shock oil. Start with the 35wt shock oil.

Moreover, the buggy is prone to flipping. The more metal parts you replace the plastic with, the heavier the truck, the less the flipping.


Lastly, I would say, upgrade and option parts are not frequently available for this one! Because it is a brand new truck in the market. And as a company, Kyosho is struggling. Most of their customers have been disappointed. So if you are still getting one of the Rage 2.0s in an impulsive fit, make sure to upgrade. Otherwise, it won’t be of much use. If you upgrade the parts mentioned in this blog, you’ll be able to get optimum performance out of the truck!

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