6 Awesome Nitro Rustler 2WD Nitro Stadium Trucks Upgrades

The first name in 2WD Nitro stadium trucks is the Nitro Rustler. Those who want a top speed with proven high performance always go for this beast! 

These trucks are designed to go 50MPH? But racers frequently go faster than this. How? What upgrades help you reach that speed with these trucks?

In this article, I will be explaining exactly that! By the end, you will have a faster, more durable truck. Warning! You may have some new parts when you’re done!

Nitro Rustler 2WD Nitro Stadium Trucks Upgrades

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

The entire upgrade will cost you about $200-500.

You can upgrade the chassis at $5-20, $10-40 on the servo, up to $16-40 on the servo motor, $20-70 on gearing, $20-80 on each of the tires, around $70-100 on batteries and $20-50 on clutch bells.

You can get the accessory upgrades for $50.

6 Nitro Rustler Upgrades:

Why do you need these 8 upgrades? Because the stock form of Nitro rustler is, in its entirety (and I’m not exaggerating), RUBBISH! Yes, it goes 50mph.

But that is if you want to go in a straight line. This is impossible. Any slight change of direction and your Nitro is as good as a dead cockroach.

1. Chassis

The biggest upgrade in a Nitro Rustler is the Chassis. Get an aluminum chassis. The stock one is prone to damage and breaking easily.

Also, you will be getting a stronger motor upgrade. You must get a chassis that supports the engine.

Chassis is the part to endure the most. So if you are looking for a durable chassis, I have a budget-friendly option too!

I suggest you get the Traxxas TRA4430 Lower Chassis Alum NITRO Rustler. This sleek blue color chassis will be perfect for your Nitro no matter the upgrades you make.

2. Steering Servo

So the Traxxas Nitro Rustler comes with plastic gear Traxxas 2055 steering servos. This is used for steering and throttle.

The problem is what you’re thinking. It’s plastic and brittle. Users reported that the tabs will snap pretty often.

I think you should opt for a good metal steering servo. A durable, budget-friendly steering servo is this one.

3. Gearing

A lot of people will tell you that changing gear on a Nitro vehicle does not make much difference. However, the lack of gearing on high-benchmark upgrades doesn’t support the vehicle.

Too much load on the gears will blow them right off the diff. Bad gearing makes your truck streaming hot. Careful to not let it go above 160 degrees.

Now for the pinion-spur gear combo, I suggest you go for 16/86. This is suitable for running 2S on a 3900KV. But changing the Spur gear is what I am intending to discuss today.

But if you’re doing 17/54, you are getting the truck ready to withstand higher speeds. According to my research, the best dimension for spur and pinion gears is 83 teeth and 28 teeth respectively.

High-End Option: Hard Steel 72T TOOTH SPUR GEAR, Hard Steel 70T TOOTH SPUR GEAR.

Cost-Effective Option: Traxxas 4472r Spur Gear 72t NITRO Rustler, Hot Racing Traxxas NITRO Rustler Stampede 72t

4. Tires

Looking for some tires to bash with your rustler? Look no more! No, it’s not the monster truck-size tires.

Those look beefier, sturdier, and cooler. However, they are not ideal for faster speeds in a Nitro Rustler.

It is because Rustlers move and perform better with smaller stadium trucks. These tires enable the rustlers to accelerate better and also deliver optimum throttle performance.

Look for a less rotating mass of the tire. This is easy if you look for a tire with a smaller diameter. From my research, I have found that the Pro Line gladiator 2.8 rear tires perform really well. Yes, they are a bit on the expensive side.

For those of you who don’t want to spend 50 bucks on a tire, here is a more cost-friendly option: Traxxas NITRO Rustler Stampede Sport 5574r.

5. Battery & Charger

Remember the gearing I suggested? In this gearing setup, you can run a 2S 25C LiPo with 5000+ mAh.

The stock battery for the Nitro Rustler is the Traxxas Nitro Rustler 2.5 7.2V NiMH 1800 mAh Battery. This comes with a 2 AMP car charger 6C.

For a fast performance on even terrains, you need an upgrade. My research suggests that a 3-cell 4000 mAh LiPo will provide the most power with high speeds. This battery can be charged with a LiPo charger. I suggest the one from EZ Peak Live. You may want to buy the battery from Traxxas.

A 2-cell 5800 mAh LiPo will give you a good general drive and long run times.

For your benefit, here is a battery/charger completer pack.

6. Clutch Bell

For more speed, a clutch bell upgrade is a must. If you get a smaller clutch bell, you will see a drastic increase in low-end torque.

The stock clutch bell, along with the clutches get destroyed pretty soon. So it is a must to change the parts anyway!

Keep in mind that gearing ratios are important for the clutch bell upgrade.

High-End Option: Traxxas Nitro Rustler 2.5 * 20T CLUTCH BELL Set.

Cost-Effective Option: Traxxas 1/10 Nitro Sport * 22T STEEL CLUTCH BELL.

Nitro Rustler Accessories Upgrades

To increase the durability and make the truck more race-ready, I suggest installing washers in the front and rear ends. It helps in taking some of the slop out. It will also make the hub assembly much more snugger. Maybe something like this helps?

Another associated upgrade is the low-associated suspension cups. These are a must in case of upgrading the suspensions. Specifically the one I suggest. You may want to get a fuel filter with these. This one might do.

Now while you’re here, how about an external BEC? It does make a difference trust me!


So you see, upgrading a Nitro Rustler is essential. Relief is that you don’t have to spend a lot on a Nitro Rustler upgrade. Nor do you have to look for parts that are extremely hard to find.

All parts come off eBay and can be gotten at a discount too! However, do not get parts from unreliable sources. Bad parts that come cheap are actually bad economy. Preach this as much as you can!

Moreover, it will all be worth it once you are done upgrading. You can take my word for it!

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