6 Must Do Affordable Upgrades For Hosim 9125 Monster Truck

Although most users claim that the Hosim 9125 RC Monster is fast and fun, they also claim that there is still potential room for improvisations.

With some simple yet significantly effective Mods and upgrades, one can bring out the 100% potentiality of this RC truck. The best part of this upgrading task is that performing each upgrade is pretty affordable.

In today’s article, I will address the six most effective yet affordable upgrades that one should know and try-

ReasonsMods Or Upgrades
Over times the stock Shoch Absorbers tend to make creaking or groaning noises while compressing.Upgrade the stock ones with oil filled quality Shock Absorbers
The stock battery option only provides a decent amount of runtime.For more Runtime capacity upgrade the battery set up with LiPo batteries and compatible charger.
It comes with a Brushed systemUpgrade the Brushed Motor & ESC with the Brushless system
The Stock Servo Sever contains plastic gears or components, which are prone to strip.Upgrade the Servo Sever
The stock tires are bigger and deliver little bit harder compoundsUpgrade them with smaller Mods
The Stock Radio set up or Transmitter might not deliver standard performance for the long runUpgrade the Transmitter or Radio Receiver.

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade Your Hosim 9125? 

The total cost of performing quality modifications and upgrades your Hosim 9125 RC vehicle’s will be around 500 up to 600 bucks.

You need to spend around $30-$50 for the Brushless System, $20-$30 for Suspension parts, $30-$50 for Battery & Charger, and $50-$60 for other required body kits.

Remember, performing quality modifications and upgrades on your Hosim 9125 RC can cost few extra bucks, based on your vehicle’s current condition and your preferences. 

6 Upgrades Of Hosim 9125:

Let’s have a look at the six most effective upgrades to perform on your Hosim 9125 and also get an overall idea about the total costing details-

1. Suspension Upgrade

The Hosim 9125 RC Monster truck comes equipped with the reading analyzed cap friction damped Shock Absorbers, and these are very springy, spongy, as well as very bouncy out of the box.

Although these stock suspension parts are pretty decent and initially do the job correctly, overtimes they tend to make creaking or groaning sounds while compressing.

This kind of occurrence or encounter is definitely annoying for the users. So, you should upgrade the stock suspension system or, more precisely, the stock Shock Absorbers to get a performance boost on your vehicle.

Recommended options:

(4-Pack) HobbyPark Aluminum Shocks Absorber

Shock Absorber Damper For 1/10 RC Crawler

TEAM LOSI RACING Silicone Shock Oil

2. Battery & Charger Upgrade

Although the stock battery option of the Hosim RC monster is quite countable and does pretty good, over time, you might feel the need to upgrade the stock battery set up with a better option.

In that case, the following recommendations will help you to get a better Mod on your Hosim RC truck without spending much money.

Recommended Options:

ZOP POWER 14.8V 1500mAH 100C 4S Lipo Battery

SKYRC e450 50W 4A Multi Chemistry Battery Charger

SUPULSE 2pcs 14.8V 4S 2200mAh 50C Lipo Battery

EcoPower “Electron” 4S LiPo 20C Battery Pack

3. Servo & Lighting Kit Upgrade

Several users have mentioned that at some point the gears tend to strip without any particular reason.

It most probably happens because the original stock gear of the Hosim truck contains plastic components, which are prone to strip like that.

It’s a pretty common issue for the Servo servers that contain plastic gears.

So, the best way to prevent any future occurrence is to upgrade the Server with a metal key containing Servo Mod.

Besides that, you might also require to upgrade the lighting set up with a cheap but decent quality LED light kit.

Recommended Option:

Binhyx Upgrade Parts 5 Wire Metal Gear Servo

Goolsky 4 LED Lights Kit

4. Brushless System Upgrade

If you are already familiar with how to improve the RC vehicle’s runtime capacity, you might also understand the difference between having a Brushed or Brushless motor on your RC vehicle.

If you are not aware, let me inform you that the Brushless motor or combo provides high torque to weight ratio, increases reliability, reduces extra noise, and also eliminates brush and commutator erosion to ensure the vehicle’s long lifetime.

Therefore, the best way to improve your RC monster truck’s torque, speed and overall performance is to choose any of the following suggested upgrade options.

Recommended Options:

Surpass Hobby 2845 2S Brushless Motor 5000kV w/ 3.17mm Shaft

Surpass Hobby 2845 3930KV Sensorless Brushless Motor ESC Combo

5. Wheels Or Tires Upgrade

The Stock tires of the Hosim 9125 RC vehicle are quite a bit bigger, and although these types of giant tires are not bad, the actual problem is that you will get a little bit harder compound due to these stock tires.

That’s why most RC users and enthusiasts prefer the smaller diameter tires instead of this giant factory assembled tires to get softer compound.

Smaller tires do not only provide softer compound and enhance the overall look of the RC truck, but they also ensure better cornering ability of the vehicle.

Recommended Options:

Buggy Rubber Tires + 5 Spoke Wheel Rim

Duratrax Six-Pack MT 2.8″ 2WD Mounted 1/2″ Offset Tires

6. RC Radio Or Transmitter Upgrade

Besides the above modifications and upgrades, overtimes you might also feel replacing the stock radio or transmitter set up of this RC vehicle with one of the following suggested recommendations.

Recommended Options:

Hobby Porter HP007 7 Channel Remote Control Transmitter With Receiver

Hobby Porter HP007-R 7 Channel RC Car Receiver With Built-in Gyro

Second Generation Cool Gas Linkage Groups Engine Static Simulator With 1/2 Speakers

Hosim 9125 Accessories Upgrades:

Besides the upgrading parts or components that I have already mentioned earlier, you will also need a standard toolbox containing all the necessary repairing tools like a millimeter hex driver, pilers, smaller Wrench, multi-bit screwdriver, wrapping tape, nuts, bolts, and quality JST connectors.

For more replacement parts options and suggestions, you should also visit https://www.ebay.com/b/HOSIM-RC-Car-Truck-Motorcycle-Body-Parts-Interior , https://www.hosim.com/collections/parts-for-9125 or https://www.amazon.com/hosim-9125-parts/s?k=hosim+9125+all+parts .


Just like any other quality RC truck or vehicle, the Hosim 9125 monster truck also has the potential scope to perform some cheap but effective modifications and upgrades.

The earlier discussed each upgrade option improves the overall, torque, look, speed, and performance of the vehicle.

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