5 Most Affordable Upgrades & Modifications for Miss Geico 36

Currently, the Miss GEICO Zelos 36 Pro Boat is known as one of the fastest RC boats available in the market.

But that does not mean there is not enough room for performing some effective mods or upgrades. There are quite a few modifications and upgrade options that will improve the styling, overall looks, and performance of this Pro boat.

In today’s article, I will be addressing those effective upgrades and will also explain the costing details of performing them-

ReasonsMods Or Upgrades
The stock Wire sleeves might wear off soonerUpgrade your wire mesh with the recommended options while the boat is still new.
To prevent overheating issues and keep your Motor as well as the ESC cool you need quality cooling tubesUpgrade the stock cooling lines or tubes with the recommended options
Several users have complained that the plastic stock props have a breaking-off tendency.Upgrade the stock Prop with a metal or stainless-steel option.
To add more torque, power, and durability you should upgrade the stock ESC and MotorUpgrade them with more powerful and durable options

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade Your Miss Geico 36? 

Approximately, the total cost of performing major upgrades on your Miss Geico 36 RC Boat will be around 500 up to 600 bucks.

You need to spend around $100-$150 for the Motor & ESC, $30-$50 for Wire Sleeves & Cooling Lines or Tubes, and $50-$60 for other body kits.

Remember, based on your RC Pro Boat’s current condition, performing quality modifications and upgrades can sometimes cost a few more bucks than what I mentioned earlier. 

5 Upgrades For Miss Geico 36:

Let’s have a look at the six most effective upgrades to perform on your Miss Geico 36 and also get an overall idea about how much they might cost-

1. Wire Sleeves Upgrade

In case you want to modify the styling and looks of your Geico 36 RC boat, the best way to start the job is by upgrading the wire sleeves and heat shrink tubing with better available market options.

Basically, all you need to do is to pick up the correct option that is suitable for your boat and upgrade the wire mesh.

Recommended options:

Techflex 1/2″ Expandable Sleeving 25 ft. Neon Blue

Electriduct 1/4″ PET Expandable Braided Sleeving

1/4″ Blue Heat Shrink Tubing 4′ Length

2. Silicone Cooling Tubing Upgrade

Several users have mentioned the cooling lines or tubes of the Geico 36 RC boat where they felt that these tubes and lines are pretty decent but not durable enough to prevent the overheating issue in the long run.

These cooling tubes are responsible for keeping the ESC and motor of your Pro boat cool, so you need to make sure you are upgrading them with quality options like the following ones.

Recommended options:

Quarter Inch Polyethylene PE Tubing

Pro Boat Geico Zelos 36 Silicone Cooling Lines

Oxidean Marine Super-flex Water Cooling/Nitro Line

Besides the cooling tube or line, you will also require the Zip tags such as the Utilitech 500-Pack 4-in Nylon Zip Ties Cable Ties .

3. Propeller Upgrade

The plastic prop on the Geico 36 RC boat is not durable enough. Even several users have mentioned their disappointment about the stock prop of the Geico 36 since it tends easily break off within a really short period of use.

The best way to get rid of this plastic propeller of your Geico Zelos 36 is to upgrade it with a metal or stainless-steel option.

Recommended Options:

Proboat Miss Geico Zelos Twin 36 Performance Prop

Pro Boat 1.7x 1.6 Propeller

Pro Boat 282027 Propeller

Besides the above options, there are other available options in https://www.offshoreelectrics.com/products so, visit and check in there too.

4. Brushless ESC Upgrade

Although the stock Motor and Electric Speed Controller of the Geico Zelos 36 RC boat is good enough to do their job without causing any big issues or troubles, some users might still feel less satisfied with the stock motor and ESC performance.

But one can easily make this RC boat like a real Pro with a simple ESC modification.

High-end Recommended Option:

2X Proboat Miss Geico Zelos 36 Twin Upgraded ESC

Affordable Recommended Options:

Hobbywing 30302181011 Seaking 180A V3 Brushless ESC

Besides that, you might go with one of the decently priced combo options, such as Castle Creations SW4 WP Sensorless ESC w/ 1415-2400kv Sensor Motor 3.17mm Combo.

5. Motor Upgrade

The Geico 36 Pro boat comes with a factory assembled Dynamite 3636/60 mm kV Sexpo motor, and this stock motor is good enough to deliver decent performance on the water.

However, many users are more interested in having a boat equipped with a more powerful and faster motor to enjoy the thrills.

In case you are also looking for such powerful options, consider any of the below recommendations.

High-end Recommendation:

ProBoat Miss Geico Zelos Twin 36 Upgraded Motor VXP Racing VXP4090 BL 6-8S LIPO

Recommended Motor Options:

Brushless Inrunner Motor 3674 2250KV

GoolRC 3674 4Poles 2250KV Brushless Motor

Miss Geico 36 Accessories Upgrades:

Besides the parts or components that I have already mentioned above, you will also need a standard toolbox, which consists of all the necessary repairing tools such as a millimeter hex driver, pilers, smaller Wrench, multi-bit screwdriver, nuts, bolts, connecting cables, or wires, and tape.

In case, you do not own or have a decent quality toolbox, visit https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Tools to purchase your required tools or even a complete toolbox.

You might also need the Pro Boat GEICO Zelos 36 Rudder & Mount Set during performing these upgrades on your RC boat.

If you are interested to check on other available modification options for your Geico 36 Pro boat, you should visit https://www.hobbytown.com/pro-boat-geico-zelos-36-parts/ or https://rcboatbitz.com/category/proboat-upgrades/miss-geico-36/ .

Also, you can get other accessories suggestions from https://oxideanmarine.com/collections/parts .


Although the Miss Geico 36 RC boat comes with some extraordinary features and characteristics, it still has potential room or scope for improvisations. These earlier upgrade options will surely modify the overall look capabilities and performance of your Geico Pro Boat.

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