5 Most Effective Upgrades and Modifications for Axial Wraith

According to most RC lovers and enthusiasts, the Axial Wraith is one of the best platforms since it makes a great Shaft II crawler with pretty good speed capacity and has a nice wide stance.

There are some easy modifications and upgrades available to perform on the Axial Wraith that ensure top speed, higher torque, increased runtime, and better reliability.

In today’s article, I will address the five most effective modifications or upgrades that one can perform on the Axial Wraith vehicle-

Mods Or UpgradesReasons
Suspension & Aluminum PartsInstead of the stock plastic suspension and other major internal parts, opting into Aluminum or Steel will make your vehicle sturdier and more durable.
Steering ModificationTo improve crawling capacity and even the Steering radius.
ServoThe Stock Servo set up is not powerful enough or might not work well in the long run.
Wheels & TiresAdding more weight on your RC wheels will keep the front end on the ground.
Motor & ESCUpgrading the Stock ones will increase the torque, speed and overall performance level.

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade Your Axial Wraith? 

Approximately, the total cost of your Axial Wraith vehicle’s modifications and upgrades will be around 500 up to 600 bucks.

You need to spend around $100-$150 for the Motor & ESC, $40-$50 for Suspension parts, $50-$100 for Servo & Wheels, and $50-$60 for other body kits.

Remember, based on your Axial Wraith vehicle’s current condition and your preferences, performing quality major upgrades can sometimes cost few extra bucks. 

5 Upgrades Of Axial Wraith:

Let’s have a look at five effective upgrades to perform on your Axial Wraith RC Crawler and also get an overall idea about how much they might cost you-

1. Suspension & Aluminum Parts Upgrade

The first modification option that one should consider is upgrading or replacing the plastic parts of your Axial Wraith Crawler with Aluminum parts.

Experts recommend not only upgrading the Suspension system’s major parts such as Shock sets, Link sets, gears, but they also suggest replacing other plastic internal parts with Metal or Aluminum options to increase durability.

Shock Absorber Recommendations:

G-Made 21007 XD Piggyback Shock

HoBao 11046 Front Shock Absorber Set

Front Rear Shock Absorber

Axial Wraith Tube Frame Shock Mount (Rear)

Link Kit Recommendations:

Axial Racing Wraith/RR10/AX10 Aluminum Upper Linkage Links

Hot Racing WRA8000X01 Aluminum Black Link Set

Vanquish Products Incision 1/4 Stainless Steel Link Kit

Other Parts Recommendations:

Hot Racing Aluminum C-Hub Carriers

Aluminum Front HD Bull Bar Set Gun Metal

Gmade JunFac GS02 BOM Hardened Steel Universal Shaft Set

Integy Heavy-Duty Gear Set

2. Steering Upgrade

Many Axial Wraith users have encountered issues with the Stock Chassis links and steering set up where they have noticed weak crawling capacity and even the Steering radius is not strong enough to handle tight obstacles on the way of driving.

That’s why my next recommendation will be to change the Chassis Links and Steering set up to improvise the crawling and steering radius of your Axial Wraith.

Recommended Options:

Vanquish Products Axial Wraith Steering Knuckles

Axle V2, Clear Anodized

Axial AX30780 Universal Axle Set

GoolRC Stainless Steel Axle Tubes

Jazrider Aluminum Steering Link Linkage (Gun Metal)

Alloy Steering Linkage for Axial Wraith Ridgecrest 1:10 RC Crawler

3. Servo Upgrade

According to most Axial Wraith users, these RC Rock Racers come with a decently powerful Servo setup. But if you are looking for a super powerful option, you should change the Stock Servo set up with one of the following suggested options.

Servo Recommendations:

Savox SV-1270TG Digital “Monster Torque” Titanium Gear Servo (High Voltage)

Hitec 37955S HS-7955TG Ultra Torque Titanium Gear Digital Servo

Savox .11/486.1 7.4V HV Coreless Digital Servo

4. Wheels & Tires Upgrade

If you are looking for ways to put some extra weight on your Axial Wraith Crawler’s Wheels to keep the front end on the ground, the following modification recommendations will definitely help you out.

Even the stock tires of your Axial Rock Racer might not perform well in the long run.

So, I am also including my tire recommendation so that you can get more durable and reliable tires set to replace the current stock ones.

Recommended Options:

AX30545 Axial 2.2 Internal Wheel Weight Ring

HPI Racing – Rover Tire

HB Racing Rover 2.2″ Rock Crawler Tires (2)

ST Racing Concepts STA80070DGM2 Aluminum Heavy Duty Differential Cover

(Price $16.49)

5. Motor & ESC Upgrade

Although the stock Motor and ESC of the Axial Wraith do their job decently and accordingly, overtimes, they might not perform up to the expectation level.

In that case, to increase the speed and performance quality of your Axial Wraith, you will need to change them with better upgrade options.

Recommended Options:

Castle Creations Replacement ESC Case (Mamba Max Pro)

Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro 1/10 Sensored/Sensorless ESC

Castle Creations BEC 10A 6S Switching Regulator Battery Eliminator

Axial Wraith Accessories Upgrades:

Besides the upgrading parts that I have already mentioned earlier, you will also need a standard toolbox containing all the necessary repairing or servicing tools like a millimeter hex driver, pilers, smaller Wrench, multi-bit screwdriver, wrapping tape, cables or connectors, nuts, and bolts.

Also, you will require accessories such as Aluminum Hex. Wheel Hub / 3mm wider and Integy Aluminum Hex Wheel Hub Set.

Besides that, you can also visit the following links to see more available replacement parts and accessories-





No matter how powerful and reliable the Axial Wraith RC vehicle is, performing some necessary modifications or upgrades here and there will always help to improve its overall performance, durability, and reliability. The best part of those earlier discussed Mods and upgrades is that they are easy to perform and do not cost much.

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