7 Upgrades of ECX Amp Crush for Maximum Performance

The ECX Amp Crush is a scale Monster Truck capable of crashing, smashing, and bashing with the best of them.

Not even the weather, owing to watertight electronics – can get in the way of this well-equipped vehicle from the start. The ECX is recognized for its long-lasting toughness.

Heavy riding conditions are no match for the Amp Crush variants. Even yet, a few tweaks to projects that are being updated for the first time may have a major impact on overall performance.

Here are some quick and easy modifications to consider if you want to take your road trip to the next level. On your Amp Crush, you may put them to the test at any moment.

Upgrades and Costs At A glance

PartReason of UpgradeCost
Body Panel KitProtection from outer harm$40-$76
Skins & WrapsFor a unique look$10-$30
Motor & ESCMore speed and acceleration$70-$170
WheelsDurable tires$16-$29
Drivetrain & AxlesBetter and smoother steering$30-$55
Suspension & ChassisAbsorbs shocks from heavy off-roading$110-$175
Tires & FoamsImproved braking and turning$30-$50

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade?

The complete cost to upgrade and modify your ECX Amp Crush should be around $310-$580.

You’ll need about $40-$76 for body panel kits, $10-$30 for skins & wraps, $70-$170 for motor & esc, $16-$29 per wheel, $30-$55 for drivetrain & axles, $110-$175 for suspension & chassis, $30-$50 for tires & foams.

7 Upgrades for the ECX Amp Crush:

Your Amp Crush’s components may be modified and adjusted in a range of methods to meet your needs.

Let’s take a look at seven of those amazing upgrades that might keep you going out and keep up with the pace on the road.

1. Body Panel Kits

The body panel of the Amp Crush is constructed of nylon composite and is extremely robust. It also features a polycarbonate body with a 1.73″ ground clearance.

The ECX Amp Crush is a trail-conquering RC vehicle with ground-breaking technical characteristics and long-lasting endurance.

The chassis is included, but no electronics, battery, or charger are included. You may add your motor, electrical speed control, servo, and radio system to the chassis for complete DIY versatility.

The total cost of the package will be between $40 and $76.

1st Option: 1/10 Painted Body, Orange: AMP Crush ECX230045, $63

2nd Option: Body, Blue: AMP Crush ECX230044, $62

2. Skins & Wraps

The skin of the Amp Crush is of outstanding quality, with a smooth, scratch-resistant surface, and the body is painted in SCT. You may also choose between a luxurious glossy finish and a more comfortable matte finish.

If you want your rust sheet to be gap-free, you’ll require thin-profile rust sheet components. Because it’s self-installable, you can use it for nearly any part of your project.

They may cost anywhere from $10 to $30 depending on the type and paint used.

Option: Vinyl Sticker Fully Waterproof Printed, $24.

3. Motor & ESC

Dynamite brushed 540 20-turn motor powers the ECX Amp Crush. EC3 connections with high current are also employed. Also provides a 2-in-1 ESC/Receiver combo.

To boost the speed and acceleration of your ECX Amp Crush vehicle, you’ll need to replace the standard motor with a more powerful motor because normal motors wear out rapidly.

Power system motors for the ECX Amp Crush cost between $40 and $80, with an ESC costing between $30 and $90. Buying a combo will cost you less.

1st Option: SCT Waterproof 1:10TH 12V ESC and 1410-3800KV Motor, $140.

2nd Option: QuicRun Waterproof 1080 Brushed Crawling ESC (2-3S), $44.

4. Wheels

The ECX Amp Crush comes with aggressive off-road treaded wheels. The wheel hex size is 12 mm hex. The wheel is of monster truck type with a wheelbase of 12″.

The user may choose between weighted tires for greater grip and lightweight tires for increased agility and speed if he likes.

The cost of upgrading your wheels will range from $16 to $29. The user can opt for either lighter tires for faster speeds or heavier tires for more torque.

1st Option: Pro-line Racing 1/10 Slot Mag Drag Spec Rear 2.2″/3.0″, $22.

2nd Option: RC Station Wheels 1/10, $19.

5. Drivetrain and Axles

The ECX Amp Crush has a 2WD powertrain with differential gears. Aluminum should be used to enhance the front axle and center driveshaft, making them more robust and capable of withstanding the extreme driving experienced in Amp Crushes.

The axle will cost between $10 and $20 while the drivetrain will cost between $20 and $35. The user has the option of upgrading one or both of these.

1st Option: Rear Axle Carriers, Black RPM73572, $11.

2nd Option: CVD Drive Shaft Rear 1/10 ECX 2WD, $26.

6. Suspension and Chassis

The Amp Crush comes with a sturdy nylon composite chassis which is also injection molded. The oil-filled shocks provide independent suspension.

Adding aluminum to your ECX Amp’s present suspension components is one of the most successful upgrades.

Aluminum suspensions range in price from $30 to $55, while chassis kits range in price from $80 to $120.

1st Option: RCAWD Front Rear Lower Suspension A-Arms for 1/10, $48.

2nd Option: ECX 1/10 RC Monster Truck Slider Chassis, $110.

7. Tires and Foams

The tires of the ECX Amp Crush are severely off-road treaded. ECX MT Chevron is the tire tread.

The standard tires have a novel tread pattern and unique material compositions to provide incredible grip. You should also replace your ordinary tires and foams if you’re still using them.

The tread on these tires wears very soon. Inserts made of foam are likewise a possible choice.

Tires and foams range in price from $30 to $50.

1st Option: 1/10 Hyrax Tires Mounted 12mm Blk Raid (2), $48.

2nd Option: 1/10 Trencher Tires Mounted 12mm Blk Raid (2), $40.

ECX Amp Crush Accessories Upgrades:

Work Stand: This sturdy RC work stand will provide good support as you work on your model.

It’s made of high-impact polystyrene and has a rotating top plate for enhanced functionality. Rubber inserts secure the RC’s chassis and protect it.

Transmitter & Receiver: Upgrade your ECX Amp Crush’s transmitter with a Flysky GR3E for enhanced telematics.

RC Mod: The Duratrax Pit Tech, which has many trays for screws and nuts, is great for folks who work on their Amp Crush regularly.

Stainless Screw-Set: You’ll need a screw set to keep your Amp Crush running in the roughest environments. These stainless steel screws will set you back about $20.

Spektrum DX5 Transmitter: The Spektrum Transmitter will assist you in establishing a secure connection with your Amp Crush. One of those will set you back roughly $280.

Repair Kit: All you need now is a repair kit, such as the IFix-it Kit, which comes with a variety of different types and sizes of bits. A smaller screwdriver, a tire wrench, and other regular car maintenance equipment may also be required.


These modifications are sufficient to increase the overall speed, performance, control, and lifetime of your RC.

As a result of these improvements, it will undoubtedly outperform, last longer, and be significantly more durable.

To summarize, the ECX Amp Crush can be tweaked to its most powerful state if practically everything is changed.

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