7 Appealing Upgrades for Redcat Gen 8 (Accessories Included)

Heavy-duty axles and portal gears, as well as freshly designed heavy-duty axle housings, a flat skid plate, a 25kg metal gear servo, and revised body colors with clear windows, are all included in the Redcat Gen8.

Due to its upgradability and great performance, the Gen8 has become a popular choice among scale R/C enthusiasts.

If you’ve decided to add this machine to your collection, there are a few options for customizing it beyond its initial setup.

Upgrades and Costs At A glance

PartReason of UpgradeCost
Body Panel KitDurable and hard case$25-$150
Skins & WrapsProtection from dirt$5-$40
Motor & ESCTo get faster speed$45-$175
WheelsStronger brakes$10-$25
Drivetrain & AxlesBetter steering$85-$135
Suspension & ChassisAbsorbing shocks$150-$270
Tires & FoamsBetter turn rate$20-$60

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade?

The total cost to upgrade your Redcat Gen 8 should be around $340-$800.

You need to spend $25-$150 for body panel kits, $5-$40 for skins & wraps, $45-$175 for motor and/or ESC, $10-$25 per wheel, $85-$135 for drivetrain & axles, $150-$270 suspension & chassis, $20-$60 for foams & tires.

7 Upgrades of Redcat Gen 8:

Many components of your Gen 8 may be upgraded. Let’s take a look at the seven most crucial Redcat Gen 8 upgrades and how much they’ll cost you.

1. Body Panel Kits

A highly detailed completely approved International exterior, rigid plastic grill, plastic foldable mirrors, sculpted medial and lateral fenders are all included on the Gen8 V2.

It also provides shackle mounted frontal bumper, receiving hitch-prepared rear bumper, and plastic rock sliders. LED lights may be fitted in the Gen8’s body and bumpers.

The whole body panel package will set you back somewhere between $25 and $95.

1st Option: Redcat Racing RER11397 Orange Body, $30.

2nd Option: Redcat Racing RER12083 Gen8 AXE Painted Body, $87.

2. Skins & Wraps

If you’re unhappy with the way your Gen 8 looks, consider changing the skin or adding wraps.

The artworks are high-resolution prints. The buyer can choose between a matte or high-gloss finish.

Please use Genuine Redcat Racing replacement parts to get the most out of your Redcat Racing vehicles.

Depending on the design and color, they might cost anywhere from $5 to $40.

Option: Redcat Gen8 RC Crawler Custom Stripe Decal Set, $15

3. Motor & ESC

A front-mounted 17T 550 brushed motor, waterproof crawler ESC, and Hexfly waterproof steering servo are all included in the Redcat Racing GEN8. With the easy attachment of 9T to 23T pinion gear, gear ratios of 28.12 to 71.85 may be adjusted to accommodate most motors and driving methods.

You may alternatively go with a high-quality servo power system that includes a motor and an ESC. It’s even feasible to use the motor in conjunction with the ESC.

The Redcat Gen 8’s power system motors range in price from $15 to $80, with an ESC costing between $30 and $95.

1st Option: Redcat Racing RER11419 ESC with T-Plug, $41

2nd Option: Redcat Racing RER11399 550 Brushed Motor, $16.

4. Wheels

The Gen8 V2 is pulled through the hardest terrains by true-to-scale and functional 1.9 bead lock wheels, CNC machined spools, and metal wheel hexes. For optimal strength and tire-gripping capacity, each wheel has inner and outer deadlock rings.

Lighter tires are better for faster speeds, whereas heavier tires are better for greater torque.

If you prefer, you may pick between weighted tires for more grip and lightweight tires for more agility and speed.

Upgrading your wheels will set you back anywhere between $10 and $25.

1st Option: Redcat Racing RER11341 Bead lock Wheels No Rings, $12.

2nd Option: Redcat Racing RER11341 Wheels Silver, $14.

5. Drivetrain & Axles

The Redcat Gen 8 portal axles offer more ground clearance without the need for larger tires. The GEN8’s portal axles provide most of the gear reduction, resulting in less chassis torque twist than standard axle shaft-powered rock crawlers.

A reinforced axle set might be expensive, but it goes a long way toward minimizing track issues. Depending on the type of steel you buy from a retrofit axle, the strength of the axle can be enhanced by 50-100 percent.

A drivetrain improvement will set you back between $45 and $60. The axle modification will set you back somewhere between $40 and $75.

1st Option: Redcat Racing Rer11802 Gen8 Chromoly Front L/R Axle Shaft, $50

2nd Option: Aluminum Alloy Front and Rear Portal Axle, $34.

6. Suspension & Chassis

High-quality 1.5mm C-Channel chassis rails with 4-Link adjustable suspension make up the Redcat Gen 8 chassis. The Redcat Racing Gen8 includes 9 mounting holes on each corner to allow you to fine-tune the suspension to your specific needs.

Upgraded suspension allows for more suspension travel and unrestricted wheel movement, as well as additional body clearance to borders for the installation of bigger off-road orientated tires.

A better car requires a revised chassis, which affects several crucial characteristics such as ride comfort, handling, engine displacement, ground clearance, and more.

Suspensions cost between $30 and $70, while chassis cost between $120 and $200.

1st Option: Redcat Racing RER11386 Gen8 Chassis, $180

2nd Option: AIMROCK 6mm Stainless Steel M4 RC Suspension Links Linkage Turnbuckles Kit, $40.

7. Tires & Foams

Interco IROK Super Swamper tires and functioning Beadlock wheels power the Gen8 across the most difficult terrains in true size.

You should replace your old tires and foam if you’re still using them. These tires soon degrade.

The practice of performance-oriented drivers changing their original wheels with wider, better ones are known as tire upgrades or pluses.

The cost of tires and foams ranges from $20 to $60.

1st Option: Redcat Racing 13811 Interco Tires Soft Foam (2pcs), $24

2nd Option: Stage Soft Rubber Redcat Gen8, $40.

Redcat Gen 8 Accessories Upgrades

If you decide to keep these settings, there are a few things you can do to further personalize your automobile beyond the basic settings.

Tube Door Kits: One of the best features of owning a Redcat is the ability to remove the door. This liberates the vehicle but diminishes its overall safety.

A tube door kit is one approach to boost safety while preserving an open feel without using a door drive. Tubular doors are metal tubular doors that are also known as Safari door kits.

Exhaust Snorkel: If you’re an off-road enthusiast who frequently drives in rainy conditions, you’ll need to invest in an exhaust pipe. This shifts the GEN8’s exhaust pipe from the bottom to the top.

As a result, when driving on water, the exhaust system is not blocked.

LEDs: As LED technology has progressed, LED light bars and lighting kits have become much less costly. While driving at night may boost performance, we usually put lightbars and lights in/on our RCs for cosmetic reasons.

You can plug in and play these lights directly from the power in your receiver thanks to LEDs.

Steering Servo: RTR cars generally come with steering servos that are underpowered, plastic geared, and sluggish. Installing a new servo is a simple and quick approach to improve the handling and reactivity of your RC.

To increase the longevity and response time of your RC, look for steel or titanium gears.


When it comes to Redcat Gen 8, there’s always space for improvement.

These modifications are more than enough to improve the vehicle’s overall speed, performance, handling, and lifespan.

To summarize, practically anything can be replaced to enhance the Redcat Gen 8 to its most powerful condition.

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