7 Vaterra Ascender Upgrades for Maximum Performance

The Vaterra Ascender is a 1/10-scale replica of the 1972 Chevrolet Suburban that is ready to drive. The Vaterra Ascender chassis is at the heart of its scale off-road capability.

With features like stamped-steel ladder frames, an adjustable wheelbase, lockable differentials, and one of the most competent off-road suspensions available, this unique platform pushes scalar technology to new heights.

Here are some quick and easy modifications to consider if you want to take your road trip to the next level. On your Ascender, you may put them to the test at any moment.

Upgrades and Costs At A glance

PartReason of UpgradeCost
Body Panel KitProtects RC from outer harm$35-$70
Skins & WrapsFor a colorful look and decals$15-$40
Motor & ESCBetter speed and acceleration$100-$150
WheelsBetter performance on rough roads$15-$35
Drivetrain & AxlesImproves steering$110-$230
Suspension & ChassisMatches spring rate and damping force$80-$130
Tires & FoamsBetter handling and turns$15-$30

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade?

The complete cost to upgrade and modify your Vaterra Ascender should be around $370-$685.

You’ll need about $35-$70 for body panel kits, $15-$40 for skins & wraps, $100-$150 for motor & esc, $15-$35 per wheel, $110-$230 for drivetrain & axles, $80-$130 for suspension and chassis, $15-$30 for tires & foams.

7 Upgrades for the Vaterra Ascender:

Your Vaterra Ascender’s components may be updated and altered in some ways to suit your needs.

Let’s take a look at seven of those amazing upgrades that might help you stand out and remain ahead on the road.

1. Body Panel Kits

The stock kit is Ascender stamped-steel ladder-frame with licensed 1972 Chevy Suburban body and injection Molded Grille and Bumpers. Dimensions are 8.25″ x 19.50″ (1/10).

The Vaterra Ascender is a trail-conquering RC vehicle with ground-breaking technical characteristics and long-lasting durability.

The chassis is included, but no electronics, battery, or charger is included. You may add your motor, electrical speed control, servo, and radio system to the chassis for complete DIY versatility.

The total cost of the package will be between $35 and $70.

1st Option: Pro-Line Cliffhanger High Performance 12.3″ Comp Crawler Body

2nd Option: Vaterra 1972 Chevy Suburban Body Set (Clear) (314mm)

2. Skins & Wraps

The skin is of outstanding quality, with a smooth, scratch-resistant surface, and the body is painted in SCT. You may also choose between a luxurious glossy finish and a more comfortable matte finish.

If you want your rust sheet to be gap-free, you’ll require thin-profile rust sheet components. Because it’s self-installable, you can use it for nearly any part of your project.

They may cost anywhere from $15 to $40 depending on the type and paint used.

Option: Vaterra Ascender 1972 Primer Series Skin

3. Motor & ESC

A revised battery tray on the Vaterra Ascender takes “full size” battery packs. It includes a Dynamite Brushed 35T 540 Motor and a waterproof 60 Amp LiPo compatible ESC.

To boost the speed and acceleration of your Vaterra Ascender automobile, you’ll need to replace the standard motor with a more powerful motor because normal motors wear out rapidly.

The Vaterra Ascender’s power system motors cost between $50 and $70, with an ESC costing between $50 and $80.

1st Option: LiPo Battery (11.4V/4500mAh) Crawler Pack w/T-Style Plug

2nd Option: Gens Ace 3s LiHV LiPo Battery 60C w/XT-60 Connector

4. Wheels

At differentials, the Vaterra Ascender has a ground clearance of 1.06″ (37mm). The diameter of the wheel is 1.9″ and the hex size is 12mm. The wheel is an 8-spoke black wheel with a 1.1-inch width. 12.36″ / 11.9″ / 11.4″ / 10.95″ are the wheelbase.

The user may choose between weighted tires for greater grip and lightweight tires for increased agility and speed if he likes.

The cost of upgrading your wheels will range from $15 to $35. The user can opt for either lighter tires for faster speeds or heavier tires for more torque.

1st Option: Vaterra Ascender 8 Spoke 1.9″ Wheels Chrome VTR43047

2nd Option:  Vengeance – 1.9″ Vaterra Ascender 12mm Glue-On Wheel

5. Drivetrain and Axles

The rear link geometry of the Vaterra Ascender is revised. The drivetrain is 4WD with a 7.86:1 final drive ratio.

Aluminum should be used to enhance the front axle and center driveshaft, making them more durable and capable of withstanding the extreme driving common in Torment 1/10s.

The axle will cost between $60 and $130 and the driveshaft will cost between $50 and $100. The user has the option of upgrading one or both of these.

1st Option: Vaterra Front/Rear Axle Housing & Link Mount Set

2nd Option: Xtra Speed Complete Aluminum Hi-Lift Rear Portal Axle Set

6. Suspension and Chassis

The Vaterra Ascender chassis is a ladder frame chassis made of stamped steel. Oil-filled shocks with threaded molded injections are available. Multi-link solid axle suspension is used.

Adding aluminum to your Vaterra Torment’s present suspension components is one of the most successful upgrades.

Aluminum suspensions range in price from $30 to $50, while chassis kits range in price from $50 to $80.

1st Option: Vaterra Ascender Alloy Front and Rear Shock Set, Black by Atomik RC

2nd Option: Vaterra Ascender Chassis Frame Rail Set VTR231033

7. Tires and Foams

To produce tremendous grip, the standard tires feature revolutionary tread design and complex rubber compositions. If you’re still using regular tires and foams, you need to change those as well. These tires’ tread wears off quickly.

The massive blocks of the canyon trail tires will provide good traction on rocks, sand, and mud. Foam inserts are also a viable option.

The cost of tires and foams ranges from $15 to $30.

1st Option: HIRCQOO 5-Spoke 12mm Hex Hub Tires

2nd Option: Aimrock 1/10 Pre-Mounted 12mm Hex Short Tires

Vaterra Ascender Accessories Upgrades:

Heat sinks: You could opt to utilize these heat sinks to cool them off in cases where you need to keep your car on track, even if your motor is fully hot.

These heat sinks also safeguard your motor from harm caused by excessive heat. These goods are priced between $5 and $10.

2S Li-ion Battery 7.4V 2000mAh: This Li-ion Battery will offer your automobile a massive boost that will undoubtedly alter the game. It will set you back roughly $30 to get one of them.

Special Repair Tool & Screws Box: You’ll need a fixed tool and screw box to keep your automobile running and repair it in scenarios that need an endless amount of time. These screwdrivers and tool kit will set you back roughly $15.

Lighting System: LED light bars and lighting kits have become less expensive as LED technology has advanced. Although driving at night may improve performance, we often install light bars and lights in/on our RCs for aesthetic reasons.

LEDs allow you to plug in and play these lights straight from the power in your receiver.

Steering Servo: Steering servos in RTR cars are often weak, plastic geared, and slow. Installing a new servo is a simple and quick way to improve your RC’s handling and responsiveness.

Look for steel or titanium gears for your RC to have the best lifetime, torque, and reaction time.


These modifications are sufficient to increase the overall speed, performance, control, and lifetime of your RC.

As a result of these improvements, it will undoubtedly outperform, last longer, and be significantly more durable.

To summarize, the Vaterra Ascender may be tweaked to its most powerful state if practically everything is changed.

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