7 Appealing Wltoys K989 Upgrades for Maximum Performance

The very first step on your journey to the top of leading class performance is to obtain a Wltoys K989.

Even with no modifications, the K989 rig guarantees you first place with no challenge. That isn’t to say there isn’t room for improvement. You may completely overhaul this beast and bring it to its full potential.

Here are a few simple and quick tweaks that can pique your interest in bringing your trail journey to the next level. Please feel free to include them into your own configuration.

Wltoys K989 Upgrades

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade?

The total cost of upgrading and customizing your WLtoys K989 should be in the range of $352-$545.

Body panel kits will cost between $15 and $20, while skins and wraps will cost between $5 and $30. For the motor and esc, expect to pay $12-$30. $15-$35 per wheel, $145-$225 for the powertrain and axles, $10-$30 for shocks, and $20-$40 for tires and foams.

7 Upgrades for the WLtoys K989:

You can upgrade and moderate the components of your K989 in various manners and styles according to your preference.

Let’s look at seven of those amazing upgrades that can help you stand out from the crowd and keep you ahead on the road as well as the affect they’ll be having on your savings.

1. Body Panel Kits

Various body panel kits and components are available for rig, both as a whole package as well as individual packages for specific upgrades.

The K989 Kit is a rolling chassis with no electronics, battery, or charger included. Add your own motor, electronic speed control (ESC), servo, and radio system to the incredibly capable chassis for ultimate DIY versatility.

K989 kits frequently have a body with an outer hard cage to protect the rig while maintaining scale accuracy and performance. Installing a roll cage will offer the chassis an advantage on rocky terrain if you want to take it to the next level.

They cost somewhere between $15 and $20 depending on the type of material and quality you choose for your upgrade.

1st Option: Chassis Kit Upgrade Part WLtoys K989, $18

2nd Option: Carbon Fiber Chassis Upgrade for K989, $16

2. Skins & Wraps

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your K989 and want to make it look like a genuine predator of the track, you may choose from a variety of skins and wraps.

The designs are of exceptional quality and have a very scratch-resistant feel. You may choose between a relaxed matte finish and a more opulent glossy finish.

These skins, decals, and wraps can range in price from $5 to $30, depending on the style and extent of your personalization.

1st Option: Custom Body Unpainted with Stickers, $7.

2nd Option:DIY Sticker Decals Sheet, $29.

3. Motor & ESC

Because motors wear out rapidly after extended usage, you’ll need to replace them if you want to keep crawling without interruption.

The included ESC is pre-wired for EC3 battery connections and is programmed for use. The 35T motor provides an excellent torque-to-speed ratio that will get you through even the most tough scenarios.

In any case, if the user wishes to ramp up the built in pre-bundled motor, he can go for third party options very easily which will provide the rig with a significant amount of boost.

These ESC upgrades will cost the user from around $12 up to $30.

1st Option: Fancyes K989-58 Digital Servo, $14.

2nd Option: F540 3000KV Waterproof Brushless Motor, $20.

4. Wheels

The tires give excellent grip and add authenticity to the driving experience. Rock Claw tires offer a unique compound and the grip and traction to ascend even the most difficult terrain.

However, if the user has a preference, he can choose between weighted tires for better grip and lightweight tires for greater agility and speed.

Wheel improvements will cost you between $15 and $35. It is up to the customer to select whether if he wants lighter tires for the speed, or heavier tires for more torque.

1st Option: Newmind RC Wheel Rim Tires, $21.

2nd Option: NC 2 Set RC Wheel Rim Tires, $32.

5. Drivetrain and Axles

Aluminum is used for the front axle and center driveshaft, making them more robust and capable of withstanding the demanding driving conditions associated with rock crawling.

The axle will cost between $110 and $180, and the driveshaft will cost between $35 and 45. The user has the option of upgrading one or both of these.

1st Option: Remoking RC Accessories-Drive Shaft, $139.

2nd Option: Treal Aluminum 7075 Front Axle, $123.

6. Suspension and Chassis

A suspension system is used to assist eliminate rear axle swing. Throughout the suspension cycle, a faultless bend enables for smooth operation and precise handling.

As a result, going into beast mode on your K989 is one of the most critical adjustments you can do.

SVS Shock Absorbers, GTS Steering Sets, Gapped Sphere Sets, and Chassis Conversions are the most important upgrades among all the suspension system’s parts and components.

Even though aluminum shock absorbers will be more expensive, they’ll be more durable in the long run. But steel anodized shock absorbers will be less expensive if that’s what you’re going for. The consumer will pay between $10 and $30 for this upgrade.

1st Option: NC RC Car Shock Absorber, $14.

2nd Option: Yiju 4Pcs Metal Shock Absorber, $13.

7. Tires and Foams

If you’re still using the standard tires and foams, you should replace them as soon as possible. In comparison to the superior options available, the stock ones are of poor quality and durability.

The standard alternatives are of low quality and durability when compared to the improved options offered.

Approximately $20 to $40, you can get decent aftermarket tires and foams for the K989.

1st Option: Yiju Metal Full Set Upgrade, $38.

2nd Option: Remote Control Car Metal Upgrade, $32.

WLtoys K989 Accessories Upgrades

Heatsinks In order to keep your car going, even when your motor is heated to the full, you might choose to use these heatsinks to cool them off in situations to keep on the track.

These heatsinks also protect your motor from excessive heat damage. The prices of these products range from $5 to $10.

2S Li-ion Battery 7.4V 2000mAh: This Li-ion Battery will give your car a huge boost that will definitely be a game changer. It will cost you around $30 to get yourself one of these.

LoveinDIY RC Body Shell: If in any case, you damage your previous stock body, you may choose to change your body, or to change its look. Something like this body shell will do the trick easily. It costs about $10 for a replacement body.

Warning Lights and LEDs: A set of lights such as these LEDs will help you to make your car shine. You can install them if you want the illumination alongside the elegant clean look. They’ll cost about $70 to light up your vehicle.

Special Repair Tool & Screws Box: In order to keep your car going and repair it in situations for never ending runtime, you’ll definitely need a repair tool and screw box. These tool set of and screws will only cost around $15.


Even though the WLtoys K989 isn’t a top of the line rig, it can be upgraded so that it can stand it’s ground even with the best of the best.

The user can choose to either implement some, or all of these upgrades, depending on what he’s looking to achieve.

As a final conclusion, through the implementation of all of these upgrades, your K989 is sure to reach the peak of its performance and reach the top with new ranks.

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