5 Best 1.9 RC Crawler Tires for Superior Grip and Stability

You may think that a few manufacturers produce premium tires in all segments. But that is not true.

After some research, I found that INJORA, GoolRC, Duratrax, Pit Bull, and AUSTAR make the best 1.9” RC crawler tires.

Read till the end to know about their characteristics and real-life performance. Let’s get started.

Our Recommendations On Best 1.9 RC Crawler Tires:

  1. Best Overall: INJORA Outer Diameter RC Crawler Tires
  2. Runner-up: GoolRC 4PCS 1.9 Inch RC Crawler Rubber Tires
  3. Best Budget: Duratrax Showdown 1.9 Inch RC Rock Crawler Tires
  4. Popular: Pit Bull RC PB9003NK
  5. Gets Cleaned Quickly: AUSTAR AX-5020 120mm Crawler RC Tires

5 Best 1.9 RC Crawler Tires Reviews:

In this part, I am going to talk about the products, and explain how to choose the right product later.

1. Best Overall: INJORA Outer Diameter RC Crawler Tires


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Outer Diameter: 120mm
  • Weight: 89.5g/pcs
  • Width: 45mm

Often, high-quality tires come with higher price tags. But I have found an exception. It is a set of the best 1.9 RC crawler tires from INJORA. The brand is known for offering durable and all-terrain tires within your budget.

According to one customer, it is unbelievable for the money. Let me tell you the features of the tires.

First of all, the tires are made of high-quality rubber so that your RC car can climb rocks, wear them slowly, and last longer than most of the competitors. With the aggressive lugs and a narrow design, it can run on most of the grounds.

For the price, you will be amazed by seeing how good its grip is. On top of that, they look good on the crawlers too. Even if you are new in the world of RCs, you can buy them with full confidence.


  • Good grip, wear-resistant, and durable construction
  • Fits most terrains
  • Wide range of compatibility


  • Quality of the foam insert is not good

2.  Runner-up: GoolRC 4PCS 1.9 Inch RC Crawler Rubber Tires


  • Material: Rubber, Titanium
  • Outer Diameter: 125mm
  • Weight: 169.5g/pcs
  • Width: 43mm

After seeing the price of GoolRC 1.9” tires, I was hesitating to recommend it. It is because other tires on the list offer almost the same quality and performance at a lower price point.

But I took a closer look and noticed that GoolRC provides a complete set that includes high-quality rims too. If you are about to upgrade the wheels on your crawler, you can seriously consider it.

Its unique design and excellent build quality offer good grip and reliable performance on almost any terrain. Whether you are running your car or truck on sand, roads, or grass, there won’t be an issue.

The width and construction of the tires perfectly fit and support 1/10 crawler models. You can easily install them. Having no instruction manual is a setback, but you can solve it by watching YouTube videos.


  • Comes with necessary parts
  • Supports heavy rigs
  • Reliable and durable for climbing rocks
  • Fits 1/10 models perfectly


  • A bit stiff and less grip compared to the top pick

3.  Best Budget: Duratrax Showdown 1.9 Inch RC Rock Crawler Tires


  • Material: Rubber (Super Soft C3)
  • Outer Diameter: 117mm
  • Weight: 56.7/pcs
  • Width: 42mm

Here, I have got the most affordable tire set for your RC crawler. Users love it so much that they rate it higher than some more expensive brands. Because of having the C3 Super Soft compound, it has a better grip.

That is why your RC car or truck can crawl or climb with more stability compared to the stock ones. Its aggressive treads provide exceptional traction for off-roading.

Whether it is dry, loamy, wet, or muddy, you won’t have to worry about anything. The credit goes to the tires’ deep lugs that are very tough to plow through rough grounds easily.

You will get the same performance on pavements and grass. The whole package includes CA-safe foam inserts so that you don’t have to find them separately on Amazon. For better handling, Duratrax gives the tires reinforcement rib which adds more support to the sidewall.


  • Value for money; can’t beat the price
  • Good quality and performance
  • Multiple rubbers compound perfect for climbing and crawling


  • A bit stiff and less grip compared to the top pick


  • Material: Rubber (Super Soft C3)
  • Outer Diameter: 113mm
  • Weight: 90/pcs
  • Width: 45mm

I have heard a lot about Pit Bill RC crawler tires in the community. They may not do well in the woods but you can get the expected performance on other terrains.

As the foam inserts are soft, you will notice twisted sidewall on the tires while gripping up. So, installing better foam inserts can solve this issue. Other than those things, you will love the stability and performance of the tires.

The inside ribbing provided by the manufacturer gives the necessary support to the sidewall for better stability. You will also love the stepped lugs that help in lateral traction.

Furthermore, the multi-varied tread blocks are very helpful in creating an alternating biting pattern. Therefore, the tires can grip well on off-camber situations.


  • Great traction on rocky and other surfaces
  • Supports heavier rigs
  • Durable and capable of providing stability
  • High-quality rubber and deep lugs


  • Foam inserts are too soft for crawlers

5.  Gets Cleaned Quickly: AUSTAR AX-5020 120mm Crawler RC Tires


  • Material: Rubber
  • Outer Diameter: 120mm
  • Weight: 89/pcs
  • Width: 42mm

Compared to the previous model, these 1.9” tires from RCapture come at a much lower price. But the features and build quality can beat a lot of its expensive counterparts.

Among the RC crawler owners with 1/10 models prefer it for its larger and wider design. For heavily modified rigs, you can rely on these tires. They give the necessary stability and support on rough terrains.

But make sure that the dimensions are a perfect fit for your car or truck. It requires slightly more clearance than the traditional ones. Because of having a wider design along with deeper lugs, it can provide supreme traction on rock, mud, and dirt.


  • Perfectly capable of supporting modified heavier rigs
  • Great traction on rocks
  • Taller and wider than the stock ones
  • More stable and reliable due to fine workmanship


  • Not as durable as the competitors; wear out quickly

What to Consider Before Buying the Best 1.9 Inch RC Crawler Tires

Watching any YouTube video or reading a blog article on RC crawler tires will give you the necessary insight here.

The only thing you have to consider is the dimension of the tire.

Your chosen tire’s inner diameter needs to fit around the rim and the body clearance has to have the ability to house it.

Finally, set a budget, and fix the requirements to choose the right product from my list.

Final Words

I hope that you have found you desired one from the best 1.9” RC crawler tires list.

And give me your feedback after using one of the tire sets from above so that I can stay updated about their performances.

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