5 Best Motor for Slash 2WD In 2023: Ultimate Reviews

I can understand if you are not satisfied with the stock motor’s performance. Not only Traxxas but also other popular RC car truck manufacturers are the same.

They don’t provide high-quality parts to increase the margin. That is why I decided to write a review on the best motor for Slash 2WD.

Read the article till the end to find out the right product for your favorite toy. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Size and Type of Motors Are Suitable for Slash 2WD?

The stock or factory default motor provided by Traxxas is a 12T 550 brushed motor.

There are lots of different brands that manufacture better-quality aftermarket parts with the same specs.

Or, you can also decide to buy something else with a different specification. Only remember, increasing the number of turns will result in increased torque.

It sounds good because more torque means more power and more speed. But it comes at a price. You will have to sacrifice acceleration.

And, brushless motor type wins over its counterpart.

As the factory default part is a brushed ESC, choosing a compatible motor will save on to cost of buying an ESC.

Finally, choose the size carefully according to the space your rig has. Keep an eye so that the motor itself doesn’t take all the spaces available.

Top 5 Motors for Slash 2wd Reviews:

You have got the basic idea. Now, read the reviews below, and you will see that the products are chosen based on those facts.

1. Best Overall: Traxxas 1/10 Slash 2WD TITAN 12T BRUSHED 550 MOTOR


  • Shaft Diameter: 3mm
  • Motor Gear: 12T
  • Wight: 9.3 ounces
  • Dimension: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Slash 2WD is a product from Traxxas but the stock motor in it has very poor quality. It gets burned easily. You can replace it with this 12T 550 motor. The package includes a 19T pinion which makes it a great deal under $50.

Indeed, this upgrade part is also from the same company. But you can rely on this as more than 95% of feedback from its users is positive. It serves more power and lasts longer.

But you have to keep in mind that the existing battery pack is not enough to power it for a long time. Also, the motor is not waterproof. So, upgrading ESC to a waterproof one won’t be sufficient.

The positive side is that you won’t have to worry about finding matching parts to install it. Furthermore, it is possible to run the motor in both ways. All you have to do is program the controller accordingly.


  • Reliable performance; no need to worry about burning
  • Package includes all the necessary components
  • Detailed and easily understandable instruction
  • Perfectly fits Slash 2WD


  • In some cases, the motor may overheat.

2. Runner-up: Globact RC Motor 550 12T Brushed Motor


  • Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm
  • Motor Gear: 12T
  • Wight: 8.1 ounces
  • Dimension: 3.27 x 2.91 x 1.77 inches

In the second position, I am recommending another very popular brushed motor from Globact. It has a massive 137W output ability which makes a Slash 2WD outrun the competitors.

Spending less than the top pick, you can get such a motor that has an integrated cooling fan. But you have to consider one thing here. The package doesn’t include any pinion like the previous motor.

That is why the difference between the top pick and runner-up models is not much in terms of price and performance. I keep Globact one step ahead because of its effective heat-resisting ability along with longer runtime.

Because of having a precisely balanced rotor, you will get reliable and smoother performance. Though it doesn’t have a water-proof feature, Globact has designed it to be splash-proof. So, you can run it on any ground.


  • Welded wires make it easier to install
  • Fits 1/10 model RC cars perfectly
  • Integrated cooling fan prevents overheating and improves performance
  • Good build quality makes it last longer


  • Not all units are equally reliable; an understandable compromise considering the price

3. Best Budget: Goolsky Surpass Hobby 550 35T Brushed Motor


  • Shaft Diameter: 3mm
  • Motor Gear: 35T
  • Wight: 8.22 ounces
  • Dimension: 4.37 x 3.58 x 1.65 inches

Here, I have a slightly less expensive motor recommendation compared to the runner-up product for your Slash 2WD. But I like this one more because it is a 550 35T unit that is more powerful than the previous two.

As it has a better design and cooling system, you can expect no overheating, faster speeds, longer runtime, and more durability. The precisely balanced motor is capable of providing smooth rides and maximum RPM.

Another good side of this brushed motor for Slash 2WD is the maintenance-free build quality and reliable performance. The length of its extended shaft is 16.5mm.

Before ordering it on Amazon, please check the body clearance of your RC car. Otherwise, it can be a total waste of money and time. You can read the user reviews to know that I am not making up things about Goolsky Surpass Hobby. While you are at it, you can also check out Globact RC car Motor 550 12T.


  • Most affordable motor with long-lasting performance
  • Good-quality rotor with high precision build
  • Reliable performance with more RPM


  • Some units turned out to be faulty


  • Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
  • Motor Gear: 12T
  • Wight: 8.01 ounces
  • Dimension: 8.11 x 5.91 x 1.5 inches

All of the motors above are not waterproof which can be a downer for a lot of Slash owners. That is why I researched some more to find out a suitable waterproof 12T 550 brushed motor for Slash 2WD from Traxxas.

Besides the mentioned benefit, you will love this motor for its excellent torque delivering ability. INJORA has precisely engineered it to maximize energy conversion and make the RC car faster.

Because of a quick cooling system, the motor can run faster, longer, and have an increased service life. Moreover, it has a ball-bearing system with a low-noise design. You can easily hook it up with different brushed ESCs.

According to the professionals, this motor is great for those who have just begun their journey with RC cars. Installing the waterproof supporting parts will allow you to run your Slash 2WD on any ground.


  • Waterproof feature at a reasonable price
  • Better heat-resistant system, faster speed, and longer runtime
  • Powerful, and reliable performer
  • Wide range of compatibility with ESCs and RC car models.


  • Not good enough to serve professionals in serious racing competitions

5. Best Performance: Tacon 3650-16T Brushless Motor


  • Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm
  • Motor Gear: 16T
  • Wight: 9.3 ounces
  • Dimension: Not Specified

You may have noticed that the Tacon 3650 is a 16T brushless motor that is considered more powerful. But higher turns mean that you will see less accelerating power and a higher top-speed limit.

So, if that kind of output is your requirement, you can confidently choose Tacon 3650-16T brushless motor. When it comes to reliability and zero-maintenance performance, very few brands can beat Tacon.

Those who can’t find the right ESC for the motor can check out the link I have given for the product. You will see a ‘Related Product’ section there, and choose a compatible part for it.


  • Durable and more powerful
  • Reliable performance; ready to race
  • Easy to install and configure


  • Not-so-impressive acceleration

What to Consider While Choosing the Right Motor for Your Slash 2WD?

The main thing to look for while buying the best motor for Slash 2WD is the dimension. Because all efforts will be pointless if you can’t fit it.

The length of the motor is also very important as no one wants to use up most of the room upgrading only one part.

In this article, I have included such brushed motors that will give you plenty of space after installing to play with.

After that, take a look at the specs and note the shaft diameter. Here, you have to make sure that the pinion gear fits the motor.

The next important factor is the compatibility with the existing battery system.

You can choose more powerful systems but the runtime will be significantly decreased.

When it comes to the turns of the motor, you have to choose a lower number to get higher RPMs.

For example, a 16T motor delivers less RPM than a 12T motor. Both have advantages and disadvantages. So, choose according to your requirements.

Here is a video explaining how to choose a motor for your RC car or truck. I have already covered the important aspects. Still, you can watch it for more clarity.

Final Words

That is all about my review on the best motor for the Slash 2WD RC truck. If you find even better motor models, please feel free to enlighten me.

And, don’t forget to leave feedback on how your upgrade has improved the truck’s performance.

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